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"Henceforth, this'll be called the POOPdeck"
[winning caption here]

1. Thursday Thunks is written by 2 insane women (Berleen & Kimber) that have never met face to face yet are best friends. One lives in Minnesota and the other in Arizona. They keep trying to convince each other to move to their state. What color house will Berleen have here in Arizona? Well, I've lived in Arizona...there it's a common color to have a home in the natural desert color...SAND!! So, being that you both have BER in your name [is that a co-inky-dink, or what?] I'd say a BERl-ly sand color!

2. Do you dream in black & white or color, and how do you know your brain isn't just playing games with you? Color...always, I dream in Techni-color!!! But...now that you mention brain....I'm wandering, is the grass REALLY green? Or are we just going along with society? And then...why is the sky blue?

3. Does bubble gum lose it's flavor on the bedpost? I don't know...wait a sec....okay, I'm back. I found this gum on MY bedpost from way back, when the 2009 Baseball Season began....hold on...:::chewing::: Well, it doesn't taste at all like Double Bubble anymore!!! More like Lemon Pledge!!!

4. We're buying Underoos. Which superhero do you pick? Depends on which side the superhero is printed...in front, it'd have to be CATwoman [get it? Not gonna explain it if that's what you're thinking!!!! Use your thunker!!!] And if the superhero is on the back...it'd have to be SCOOPY doo!!!!....no, not SCOOBY...scoopy as in...well, you figure THAT out too!!

5. Do you think if you yell loud enough while watching your favorite sporting event, it makes a difference in the outcome of the event? What event? The yelling or the sporting? Yelling makes me feel good when the umpire miscalls!!! But, the umpire never hears me. So, you can take it either way. And THAT makes a different outcome!!

6. Is the word gullible in the dictionary? HA!!!! You think I'm gonna go look it up don't you?....you're gullible!

7. If you could pick any currancy to be the face on which currancy would it be? CurrENCY....Whichever country's currency is worth more!!! Can it be a gold brick?!!!!

8. What was your imaginary friend's name as a kid, and did they ever annoy you or just us? I don't think I had one!!! Guess it annoys YOU then...nah, nah, NAH, nah!!!

9. Do you think it's ironic that the poop deck is in the rear of the ship? POOP Deck...REAR...makes a HOLE lotta sense to me!!

- - -<><><>- - -

Let's talk turkey THURSDAY 13

1] There are a number of possibilities on why turkeys are called turkeys. Some say Columbus thought the land he discovered was connected to India which had a large population of peacocks. Columbus thought turkeys were part of the peacock family. He decided to call them tuka, which is the word for peacock in the language of India. Others say that the name turkey came from Native Americans who called the birds firkee, which sounds like turkey.Some say that turkey name came from the sound turkeys make when they are afraid - "turk, turk, turk."

2] "Turkey Day" Sara Hale, a magazine editor, wrote editorials pushing for a day of Thanksgiving. Finally after 40 years of writing editorials and letters to politicians, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday in November as a national day of Thanksgiving.

3] Although wild turkeys like to rest in trees at night, they build crude nests of dry leaves on the ground. Turkey eggs are almost twice as large as ordinary chicken eggs. They have a pale creamy-tan color, with dark brown speckles. The huge yolk is golden-orange in color. Fertile turkey eggs take 28 days to hatch.

4] Biologists know of two kinds of wild turkey. One is called the ocellated turkey, which is native to Yucatan and Guatemala. It is a brilliantly colored bird with eyelet spots on its tail similar to that of a peacock. The other is the wild turkey common to Mexico and the United States. At one time this wild turkey migrated as far north as Maine and southern Ontario, Canada.

5] Several varieties of turkeys live in America. The largest is the Bronze turkey. The adult male or tom weighs up to 50 pounds while the female or hen can weigh up to 16 pounds. These larger turkeys are still popular for use in restaurants but are too large for even the most well attended family gathering.

6] Turkeys will peck at just about anything, including each other.

7] The head and neck of turkeys have no feathers; rather it is covered with red, fleshy skin. A soft floppy growth on the front of the head, which dangles downward over the beak, is called the snood or dewbill. The turkey also has a pouchlike area at the front of his throat which is called a wattle. The head, neck, snood and wattle are all reddish colored until the male turkey begins to do his "strut" or mating dance at which time the entire area turns brilliantly bright red.

8] Only the adult male turkey makes the gobbler, gobble sound. The adult male is called the "tom" turkey. The female or hen turkey makes a gentle clucking or clicking sound. The hen never gobbles.

9] Wild turkeys can fly for short distances up to 55 miles per hour. Wild turkeys can run 20 miles per hour.

10] Baby turkeys are called poults and are tan and brown.

11] Turkeys lived almost ten million years ago.

12] Turkeys can see movement almost a hundred yards away.

13] Some people associate and surmise that turkeys are related to peacocks because of the plumage spread of both bird breeds. BUT! Turkeys are related to pheasants

- - -

According to Turkey Facts letter from smilespedia.com

POSTED: Thursday, November 12th, 2009
12:01 A.M.


  1. Anonymous11/12/2009

    OMG...you wild crazy woman. #4 is just too funny. I love it. Great answers on TT. :) Thanks for sharing the info on Turkeys. But the only turkey I would be is the one the President pardons...regardless of his/her political affiliation :) Have a great Thursday :)

  2. as usual your tt's made me smile...i was good this week, i not only got in this week's but last week's as well! have a look and i hope mine give the same pleasure as did yours for me!

  3. What a laugh first thing! Thank you for making me feel better about the few hours sleep I had!

  4. turkeys in trees??? i'd love to see how they climb up. but certainly wouldn't like to be under it when nature calls, heee heee heeee

  5. Good one! I especially like the "Poop Deck"!

  6. Everything I ever wanted to know about turkeys but was afraid to ask LOL Fun facts and I love the turkey note :)

  7. MMmmm... turkey...

    Now I know what I'm having for lunch! LOL!

    Happy TT!
    Ciao for now!

  8. Oh Annie,
    You are a HOOT. I love ya. This was so fun to read and get me going this morning. You know I had to come over and get my pocket of Annie for the day.

    The underoos is precious, and I love the Scooby-doos. Oh and by the way I dream in technicolor too. Is there anything else?

    Love my turkey education for the day. As always I learn something new everyday. Today that a turkey can run pretty **** fast, so look out if you piss him off, and that they can fly as fast as I can drive. Imagine that.

    Thanks for sharing sweetie. Please stop by and read my story today. You will love it.

    Country hugs, Sherry

  9. Techni-color... love it! Have a great Thursday!

  10. Your answers to the Thunks are hysterical.

    Very interesting turkey facts. I have to get my turkey images ready for Thanksgiving week.

    Thursday Thirteen - Me & Music

  11. Soon we will have Lemon Pledge flavored gum in stores. I also liked your underoos answer.

    I never eat turkey. I don't believe in cannibalism.

  12. Anonymous11/12/2009

    Enjoyed reading your Turkey Facts.....but wondering about #5, Tom Turkey is 50lbs and Miss Turkey is only 16lbs. Hmmm?

  13. Who knew so much about turkeys ? Got a chuckle out of your Thursday Thunks too. Happy T13!

  14. Hi Anni!
    I was worried about you a few days ago. Hope everything is dried out.
    Loved your TT undies and your Thanksgiving list.

    Have a good one :)

  15. got me thinking sandy

  16. I think your image would look great on gold! Too much! Enjoy your day...

  17. Great list....I never think of turkeys flying, and I certainly never envisioned them sleeping in trees....Happy TT!

  18. I laughed my way through your thunks as usual. I love all the turkey facts, and that cartoon is too cute.

    Calico Contemplations

  19. Anonymous11/12/2009

    Love #4! I'm still laughing about it. The Thursday Thunks #4...not the turkeys...lol

  20. Nice ENTRY FOR TODAY Anni...tc

  21. Love that cartoon. Can't believe turkeys have been around that long!!

  22. I pour my coffee and come here to get my day off to a proper start :-) This was a great post.

  23. You'd think after ten million years they'd get smarter.

  24. Love it. There is a large population of wild turkeys around my home that I enjoy watching. Its news to me that they can fly that fast.

  25. hahaha u are really funny Anni! oh that rhyme! Funny Anni heheh love your answer on #6 :)

    u may view mine if u have time

  26. Phascinating Pheasant Phacts!!! I didn't know turkeys like to sleep in trees. Happy T-13. :~D

    e-Mom @ Susannah's Aprons

  27. Wonderful post on all counts as usual! Love the 'poopdeck' name for the ark ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  28. I came by for the Thunk and learned more about turkeys than I ever thought I'd need! ;-)

  29. Great thunks! love #4! I really enjoyed the dear god letter from the turkey.

  30. Hi Anni, been away for a while. Love your Thanksgiving look and enjoyed reading your entries for Thursday Thunks & Thursday Thirteen. How's the book? My hubby is looking forward to reading it.

  31. I'm a newbie here but Wow, I enjoyed those thunks and I dream in color and think about things like a crazy, I mean, normal person...

    Terrific facts about turkeys. It's the mascot for my daughter's university.

  32. Very interesting turkey facts. We used to have lots of turkeys out on the farm when I was a child. You don't see them as much these days in NZ.

  33. I'm trying really hard to block out Thanksgiving this year. Too much stress about whose house to go to. Not enough gratitude.

  34. Hahahah I love the turkey's love letter lol.. Thanks for always making me laugh with your witty posts ms. anni.

  35. Omigoddddd Anni....I actually SNORTED, I was laughing so much at your Thursday Thunks! lol Scoopy Doo indeed! lololol

    That was quite interesting facts about turkeys. Poor things, it's no wonder they're writing letters to God like that! LOL I can add one more fact, though...some people are real turkeys!!! hehe xoxo

  36. I'm so sorry for my late TT comment, but I love your answer for Thunk's #4!! LOL! And I've never celebrated Thanksgiving but the turkey facts are really interesting! =)


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