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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Besides the fun of Halloween...there are TWO holidays that I love. Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For me, being traditional in holiday celebrations has come a long way from my childhood. By this, I mean, I still continue tho it's just the two of us now at home...I still do the rituals that have been 'handed down' from my parents, as I'm sure their traditions for holidays were from their parents and so on...

I continue to decorate the home for each occasion. I love it. It makes a house a home!! I don't like the attitude that "I'm too old for such nonsense, I don't have time, why should I do it -the kids are gone now". That's not good enough excuse for me!!! Being that I put my own personal touches in a corner here or a corner there...or perhaps decorate the fireplace mantel or just a table centerpiece for the holiday/occasion. I even enjoyed doing the decorating when I was a child!! And if the holiday calls for it...baking!! I also love to cook. Even tho it's quite a challenge to cook just for two now, on Thanksgiving and Christmas I go all out! [Most of my cooking becomes leftovers that I freeze after the big meals now, tho.] And Easter, it becomes a big meal for us most always. Turkey and all the fixin's for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Baked ham on Easter. During the Christmas month, I tend to over-bake on the sweet things! Y'know, like cookies, fudge, candy, rice krispie treats, pies and the like. As for other family customs that I remember but don't do now because of the fact that I'm a stickler for chopping down trees....when I was a kid in Colorado [and when we had two small kids of our own], we'd make a special day set aside to go to the area in the Rocky Mountains --where they had a special area set aside for those that would want to choose their OWN PINE TREE. Once we arrived at the designated part of the park, there'd usually be a horse drawn huge open sleigh or sometimes a hay wagon pulled by horses with jingle bells...when the transport was filled with visitors, the owner would then take us through the pines and drop us off with our chain saws. We'd then pick the bestest - what we thought would be the perfect one!! And, chop it down [we'd all help dragging it back down the slope 'cause of course, you couldn't take the tree on the sleigh/'d have to tote it back to your vehicle] and then transport it home in our truck---Dad sometimes would take us kids in the car and when it was cut down after hours of traipsing around the forest for that 'special' one...he'd tie the tree to the roof of the car and we'd be off to get back home and make a day of decorating it with all the lovely, sparkly, tinsel and ornaments!! Bud and I have an artificial evergreen now, but it still is 'the most beautiful tree we've ever had'....each and every year!!! As for Turkey Day. It was always centered around the meal!! My mom would get up at 3 a.m. and stuff the turkey and roast it nearly all day long! The house would smell divine!! Her pies were the hit always. She'd make two of each, three kinds. Apple, Pumpkin and Minced Meat pies. Along with cookies....sugar cookies, decorated, for the young kids. Speaking of kids....for both Thanksgiving and Christmas my parents' house would be wall to wall kids. Well, almost. It sure seemed that way some years. My brothers had six kids, Bud and I had two. Eventually those kids had kids of their own and the house would be filled with 'em. Wives, friends, family....they'd all gather 'round the several tables set up around the house in the kitchen, the dining room and on some occasions when there'd be house guests of friends of the family members also invited ---we'd move the cars out of the garage and set up two picnic tables from the back the garage!!! So, now it's just the two of us. Erik said he'd come for Christmas this year and bring his girlfriend. I'm looking forward to the cooking and decorating. Irene and the boys have been with us on several occasions.

In some instances while living in Colorado and raising our kids there, there were a few times the celebrations were postponed....why? Because of the lousy weather...blizzards. Yep, everything would be stored in the freezer, already cooked, until the following weekend or sometime'd be reheated, but it'd still be a special occasion with family!!! Our practices are now a quiet celebration. For Valentine's Day, you can't find a room around here without something red and hearts! St. Patrick's day it's all about Leprechauns and green...carnations & BEER!! Along with a yearly pot of gold. Easter? I still color hard boiled eggs, and we still [weather permitting] hide them for each other. Yep, even in our 60s...we do it with loads of fun. Just this past Summer, I was out cleaning and thinning out a hibiscus and what did I find? ----An Easter Egg long forgotten. ROFL!!! But, don't go 'ewwwwww, sick!' was one of my plastic ones filled with hard candies! Then, there are seasons...I do Autumn, Spring, Summer special wreaths, decorations and trinkets around the house. But they're all mine -for the joy of it, for myself and my dear man. If the occasion calls for it, I can sit back with Bud after a great holiday meal and reminisce of the times before with my parents alive and all the hoopla and gaiety of the seasons. I continue to decorate the house! I continue to overcook. I continue to play music during the month...I continue to love the holiday specials that we used to watch with our kids. They are memories unfolding before my eyes. Why, even Bud told me just yesterday when I was taking down Halloween decorations and bringing out the few Thanksgiving decorations that "You'd decorate if you were here alone, a widow." Well, ya...come to think of it...I probably WILL!!!

POSTED: Monday, November 2nd, 2009
12:20 A.M.


  1. Christmas and Thanksgiving are my favorite holidays too. They really are memory building times. I enjoyed reading some of your memories.

  2. Oohh Good Morning Annie!
    I so love your Turkey header. It is just precious.

    I am so happy to hear that someone else loves the holidays as much as I do. I too, decorate for each and every holiday. I have lights for almost every occasion, and I so enjoy putting them up. I have little touches in each of the corners and the grandkids love to come, just to see what I have put out each week. It has became such a fun game with us. Figure out what the new thing is that Gram has put out. I love it!!

    Decorating became a big thing for me when we moved to Phoenix. Moma had always made the holidays a BIG deal for our family when we lived in Oklahoma. Moving to Phoenix, there is no family out here, we only have each other, so I started my own traditions, my own happy decorations and thus it grew. I love putting my own little touches to each holiday. I am so thrilled to know someone else does too.

    To keep each family in our traditional dinners, I have one item from each family that adorns our table. Something from each family makes them here with us. (Visably)

    Yea for Annie. I hope you will be posting a few of your decorations soon. I love seeing what everyone else does too.

    Have a wonderful blessed day sweetie. As always I so enjoyed reading your post. Country hugs and love, Sherry

  3. Anonymous11/02/2009

    My favorite holiday of all time is Thanksgiving and it all gets the shaft from Halloween and even more sore Christmas...which I LOATHE!!!

    Thanksgiving is smelling the food cooking all day long, football and being with family and friends. No gift giving nothing...just being thankful for family and friends. It's the best holiday out.

    On the other hand Christmas...pfffft. I walked into Ala Moana Center the other day, Sears to be exact, and the Christmas crap was already out and on display and we hadn't even hit Halloween yet. Don't get me wrong, I love to see a house decorated all up inside and out, but it's become so commercialized I can't stand it. All you hear is about the stores making their money during this time of the year. People running around saying oh Jane got me something I HAVE to get her something. And as I say, it has become a 2 month event.

    Now you know I'm not the religious type, but people have so forgotten what Christmas is all about. If it was like it should be I don't think I would despise it so much. But I would try and learn more about it and celebrate it in the spirit it is intended. Hold on doorbell..*here's my gift for you for I have to buy you one. LOL

  4. Thom..... You're definitely a BAH HUMBUG o' geezer. [LOL, just kidding of course]

  5. Thanksgiving is a nice family gathering time. Christmas is a big deal (actually Christmas Eve is the big day) but we also do St. Nicholas Day and Advent Calendars all month.

    Book Review #5 - Merle's Door

  6. your life is rich with tradition. i love that.

  7. I love the holidays too. Love your new page design. I just finished The Lost Symbol. I really liked it--I'd love to here what you think of it when you're done.

  8. Hej Anni
    I'm like you, decorating at every event, putting up, taking down, it dosn't matter, its handed down from my grandmother to me, and my grandchildren cant wait to come and see, and taste, and have a jolly good time finding things around the house that is maybe new this year. Also like you, I bake til I drop.
    If I can say it mysef, I make glazed red apples on a stick,better than anybody, :-)
    But you take home the prize, I do not put up so much as you do, how on earth do you have time and stamina, and it is all so beautiful and carefully prepared, please do never stop sharing it with us all.I like to go to your blog just to see what you have come up with today?
    Love to you

  9. I'm not surprised you are into the holidays. Anni. We, too, pull out all stops for them - whether it's two or twenty there will be a feast.

  10. Anonymous11/02/2009

    Now see if everyone could be like that Christmas would be awesome :) Bah Hum Bug...ROFLMAO...

  11. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving here for obvious reasons... but fortunately I teach English , which means I also teach English speaking countries culture... so I have deep look at the tradition with my students... And for Xmas! Well that's definitely the best!!
    Blessings and hugs dear Anni!!

  12. Anni,

    Love your Thanksgiving decor. That turky is delightful..and what a great job you did on my blog. Adorable and perfect.

    I really enjoyed reading your post today. It brought back many memories of Christmas and Thanksgiving. Many in my family have passed now, but I'm thankful to still have Mom and all my siblings. At one time we all had Christmas dinner at Grandma's...over 40 people the last year.

    Looking forward to the upcoming season. I know you will have some great pics.


  13. Anonymous11/02/2009

    We've never decorated for the holidays, but I do keep up our cooking traditions. As a child family never decorated for any holidays except Christmas. I would deck the halls now but we're gone for two weeks every December.

  14. You really made me hungry, lol

  15. i am happy to celebrate Christmas in my home country! thanks for sharing this nice post!

  16. It's no wonder I love ya so much, you're my type of gal:-) Like you, I love decorating for whatever season and holiday. I don't care that I'm getting older, that my boys have moved out, that I'm sometimes the only one to enjoy it...I will keep on decorating until I die. Hmmmm...think I can decorate my casket?? lol I loved reading about your holiday memories and you and I had very similar upbringings. My mom always went all out for the holidays as well, with decorating AND cooking/baking. Not having a daughter to continue the tradition, I was hoping for a daughter in law that loved doing things like that as well but the one I have has never cooked a turkey in her life and only puts up a tree and no other decorations in the house!! Sigh. xoxo