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Sunday Stealing: The Starrlight Meme

1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth? Bottle of water. Well, not the WHOLE bottle, but the opening of the bottle. I drank water from it in other words.

2. Where was your profile picture taken? Living Room right here in River City.

3. Can you play Guitar Hero? Huh? I can play the guitar...but never heard of this Guitar Hero.

4. Name someone who made you laugh today. What was it about? I just got up from a night's sleep. Haven't taken my laughing pills yet.

5. How late did you stay up last night and why? Most always I go to bed at 10...then at 10:30, lights out...I always read before my eyelids get heavy. Almost done with my book. I need to find something else to read at night soon.

6. If you could move somewhere else where would you and why? I AM happy where I'm living. But a privately owned island would be good. Where the temps are consistantly warm and lots of gentle tropical breezes...a Mediterranean style home with a courtyard and fountain to listen to and lull the days away in leisure.

7. Ever been kissed under fireworks? Ummmmm, yep. I've actually EXPERIENCED fireworks while being kissed.

8. Which of your friends lives closest to you? Just in the other room....sleeps my best friend...Bud.

9. Do you believe ex's can be friends? With benefits? N/A

10. Do you like Dr. Pepper? Confession: I am NOT a Pepper, nor do I want to BE a Pepper...I wouldn't LIKE to be a Pepper. [tastes like carbonated cough syrup too me.]

11. When was the last time you cried really hard? Really hard as opposed to just sniveling? At my dad's funeral.

12. Who took your profile picture? Bud

13. Who was the last person you took a picture of? Ditto [that means Bud again, not anyone nicknamed "Ditto"]

14. Was yesterday better than today? Why? Dunno...and the 'why' would mean 'cause it's hardly begun as I type the answers to this question.

15. Can you live a day without TV? OH YES-s-s-s-s. TV is okay, but there are a lot more, better things to do besides sitting in front of the tube.

16. Are you upset about anything now? Like I said, the day has just begun...come back later, maybe I will be another time, but not now.

17. Do you think relationships are ever really worth it? Every ounce of effort to make a relationship and keep it's worth is worth the EFFORT.

18. Are you a bad influence? Depends on who you talk with...some of my teenaged friends from long ago; well let's just say we had fun ---but, as far as I know no one is jailed because of me. We just did teen aged things. I raised my two kids with strict discipline to become individuals and independent. My dear man is still with me after 40+ years...I guess I've been a GOOD influence to those who know me or have known me over the years. Why do you ask?....................... Am I on Candid Camera?

19. Night out or night in? It depends on what's planned...if the night out is a movie or a play or just going out to watch the moon rising over the sea...I would LOVE that. If it's a huge bowl of popcorn and a couple of much wanted to see DVDs...I would love that also. It just depends.

20. What items could you not go without during the day? I guess you'd have to get the report from the Coroner's Office after the autopsy was performed! I'm thinking the item would be a beating heart.

21. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital? Golly...that was long ago...it'd be my dad. After his by-pass surgery.

22. What does the last text message in your inbox say?

"PG for some sensuality, language, thematic elements and smoking
Since when is smoking one of the parameters for rating a movie. Another I have forgot to tell ya... Terminator 2 on regular TV... They cut out the part where the skinny one (the terminator that can form knives and spears with itself) kills the security guard at the mental hospital, but they leave the part where Sara Connor beats the nurse (blood and everything). Is Hollywood trying to tell us that women to men volience is politically correct and machine to human violence is evil and we should not see it? The strong woman taking charge is good the machine ... who happened to have the appearance of a man ... taking charge is no good. Any one ready to move to the Gulch?" [He's referring to a subject from the book "Atlas Shrugged" which we both read at the same time....it's a "Gulch" where everyone there is on strike with the corporate world. Love it!!]

23. How do you feel about your life right now? Life is Good.

24. Do you hate anyone? Doctors who take kickbacks on prescription drug issuance from companies who actually pay out because the doctors prescribe the medication...then the company gets sued...and the drug is no longer manufactured. It makes me very angry that the physicians would be so greedy as to consider profit and monetary gains over the issue of health for their patients. The Hippocratic oath means NOTHING! [this just happened to ME over the weekend.]

25. If we were to look in your Facebook inbox, what would we find? N/A

26. Say you were given a drug test right now, would you pass? I really can't say...if they're looking for illegal drugs then, I'd pass with flying colors...all the drug residue in my blood is for blood pressure.

27. Has anyone ever called you perfect before? Yep, a perfect nuisance, a perfect pain in the posterior, a perfect know it all, a perfect.....need I go on?

28. What song is stuck in your head? Nothing right now...if you would have asked me yesterday, the song I heard on the piped in music at Tuesday Morning while there...it was an oldie..."Beat It".

29. Someone knocks on your window at 2 a.m., whom do you want it to be? Easy peezy....I've always fantasized about this dude...Michael Anthony!! Okay, you ask: "Who the heck is Michael Anthony?" Well, I'll tell'ya.....

At the beginning of the fantasy, there is a voice over. The guy's voice is by none other than John Beresford Tipton. He is always the benefactor, but never seen. Then, there is a knock knocking on my door [But today, it's a tapping on my window. Probably 'cause I didn't hear him knocking!]. When I open the window Michael Anthony says to me "My name is Michael Anthony. And until his death just a few years ago, I was the executive secretary to the late John Beresford Tipton. John Beresford Tipton, a fabulously wealthy and fascinating man, whose many hobbies included his habit of giving away one million dollars, tax free, each week...to a total stranger. Or, ...one million dollars...tax free...to a person who had never met him; indeed, had never even heard of him...." And that certain someone on Mr. Tipton's list this week would be none other than the wild and crazy Hootin' Anni!! To read more about him...click here

30. Do you (or did you) want to have grandkids before you’re 50? I really never thought about grandkids. All I wanted to accomplish in my life was a happy marriage [done!], two kids - a boy and a girl [done!]....whatever lay in store for me beyond that was up to fate. I have two grandsons. And they came along in my life at 40 and 46.

31. Tell us your Saturday night. We watched Disturbia!! Excellent thriller [I could watch this over and over]. Then, baseball highlights, and a bit of Jackie Chan's movie with Chris Rock. Read a little from my book I'm reading, and crocheted some.

32. Do you think too much or too little? Actually, I'm thinking TOO much right now, on how to answer this question #32.

33. Do you smile a lot? Look at my face....see the deep, deep crows feet around my eyes? Does that answer your question. I hardly have frown wrinkles on the forehead...

- - -<><><>- - -

1. Yacht :: Club
2. Paula :: Prentiss
3. Delete :: Erase
4. Auto :: bahn
5. Obsolete :: Passé
6. Dedicated :: Loyal
7. Old :: Fart
8. Convince :: Brainwash
9. Poster :: Child
10. Erase :: Delete

- - -<><><>- - -

What is it with government anyway? I read this article and was just downright flabbergasted. It seems to me that one 'nosy neighbor' might have been P O'd because of some such thing by reporting this woman in a Michigan neighborhood. But the fact is, she is doing a neighborly favor each day. And from the article I pick up the sense she is a very trusted woman...not some serial killer or such nonsense. But.....point is, is the state trying to get "Mo Money?" with this? I'm happy to state that Michigan is trying to fix the law which implies that anyone who watches kids for more than a certain amount of hours in a year's time...needs a day care license!! I say, 'well la-di-da'! In today's times, with the economy, BOTH parents need income to just make ends meet. What are the young parents supposed to do? Shell out mega bucks each month just to have their kids in a day care for an hour a day before the school bus picks 'em up? When a kind, generous neighbor lends a helping hand? I don't get it...the logic of some people astounds me.

READ it HERE folks.

Right now as it stands, anyone who watches children for more than four weeks a year they need to be licensed with the state. But if the lady wants to fight this, she could win I think. Technically speaking, most school districts have a 180 day limit of a school year [give or take]. And she's watching them for 'an hour before the bus arrives'. 1 hour a day! That's 180 hours...why just considering a licensed 'day care' from 8 to 5, five days a week...that's 40 hours...times one month that's 160 hours just in one month....her '180' hours covers a whole YEAR. Actually, when you read the article, come to think of it all, a babysitter of teen-age who watches friends' children while the parents go out one night each week, just to get away for say four hours a night---that's over 200 hours a year per family unit....do they too need a license now to babysit several families then? And hired babysitters are getting paid...the good Samaritan lady isn't taking in any monetary payments for her friendship/good deed!!

POSTED: Sunday, October 5th, 2009
5:30 A.M.


  1. Hi

    Thanks for the scary voice - LOL

    Why Passe'? never mind looked it up - you learn something everyfaday!

  2. Cool mutterings!!!
    And yep, that's our dear Michigan for you.

  3. Best witches! Too funny! I would like a private island too, and I agree about the Dr Pepper - yech!

  4. I first came across the word ditto from my mother's writing. "Experienced fireworks while being kissed" is the answer!

    P.S. Your halloween template is very nice.

  5. Great answers Anni and I am crazy about your new Halloween blog decorations... Thanks for sharing the award with us... That is so kind of you to hand out such a wonderful treat... Have a fun filled day...


  6. I always love reading your Sunday post. I'm going to do the meme.
    When I was a foster parent, we were not allowed to baby sit for any child who was unrelated to us, per our license.
    I provided child care for my daughter's children for 3 years. She paid me and we claimed it on our income tax. I wasn't licensed. Maybe they are doing it to regulate and inspect the home but if the parents are satisfied, why should the gov get into it.

    The guitar thing is a game on Wii, I think.
    Mama Bear

  7. Love your answers, especially #13 and #27

    Happy Sunday :)

  8. Bud? Too funny. You area Hoot Anni :)

    Have a great Sunday!

  9. Anonymous10/04/2009

    You sure that wasn't Alan Funt knocking at your window at 2 am? LOL Maybe he had Mr. Tipton in tow ya think? I'm so with you on #10. Your mutterings are excellent as well. The best is #8 I love that one. :) Let's hear it for Michigan. Maybe they should just Beat It. LOL Have a great Sunday and week ahead :)

  10. Love the Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker movies. Rush Hour is awesome!

  11. Jodi You're right....it IS Chris Tucker. I stand corrected. Thank you.

  12. not a fan of Dr Pepper, too :-); private island sound good to me, too; thanks for the visit and have a nice weekend, Anni!

  13. I love the autumnal flair you've given your site, Anni. I always love to read your answers to the questions posed to you. Have a great day....and best witches to you as well.

  14. Anni,

    Enjoyed your Sunday Stealing and was flabbergasted that any neighbour would complain about someone ensuring that her neighbour's kids were safely off to school. If that were the law in Ontario, I would need a day care license because I look after the boys all the time...but might not because I'm related. It certainly doesn't make sense. It's all about money, which is the root of all evil.

    Hope you and Bud are having a fantastic Sunday.

  15. PS. Rock Band is a music game on Wii. Brandon and Jordan are masters. I have never tried playing it.

    Loved watching "The Millionaire" when I was a kid. Great memories.

  16. Love the old fart! Great mutterings. I'll come back in a few hours and check out the rest of your post!
    If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

  17. You have your blog looking neat!!! You and Nancy really love Halloween!! She has her cards to send out, the stickers to put on them. Hugs Grams

  18. Love your answers!

  19. Wow! What a post. Lovely
    interesting questions and answers... funny answers as well!

  20. Anonymous10/04/2009

    A private island would be great!
    Love your layout!

  21. That last article really made me mad when I read it yesterday.

  22. Enjoyed this post sweetie.

  23. laughing pills? i think i need some in the morning. i don't like thinking, talking, laughing, not much of anything really, when i wake up. i need time to catch up with the day...

  24. I enjoyed your answers!


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