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Sunday Stealing:

The ABC's of Meme
tho, in my day "Y" came AFTER "X"!!

A- Advocate for: SAVE ANIMALS NOW [the link has a very disturbing video near the top left! So disturbing it got me to donate and continue donating over the last few years...wishing I had known about it long ago.] AND....purchasing things that are NOT SOLD online...what I mean is, I want to support OUR community by buying in STORES to keep the economy ---or rebuild the economy.

B- Best Feature:
[again?] I've been told many times I have shapely legs....even with swollen ankles at times.

C- Could do without: City Traffic [and the noises that go with it]

D- Dreams and desires:
Dream - winning the LoTTo....DESIRES....winning the LoTTo

E- Essential items:
Well, I can't very well say that family is an 'item'....huh? Items that are essential...heart meds, toothbrush, car keys now that I can't crawl under the dash to hot wire. [too old]

F- Favorite past time: Reading. Crocheting

G- Good at: Crocheting, math skills, drawing, designing web pages

H- Have never tried: Sushi....and I won't either!!

I- If I had a million dollars: I'd hoard it in a bank and draw interest on it....living off the interest only.
    So, to answer the question, how much interest would I earn on One Million Dollars (assuming a 4% interest rate, compounded monthly)?
    One Day – $109.59
    One Month – $3,333.33
    One Year – $40,741.54

J- Junkie for:
REAL butter. [on my popcorn...don't like the fake oils]

K- Kindred spirit: Teri, a long time friend [99% of the time, my daughter, Irene --and 99% of the time, my son, Erik]. Don't want to fail to mention my sweet cheeks... Bud.

L- Little known fact: The Duck's Quack doesn't echo and no one knows why

M- Memorable moment: Graduation, marriage, honeymoon, concerts, birthing, becoming a grandma...deaths too, 'cause they ARE memories, good with the bad.

N- Never again will I: swim [I tried it twice, nearly drowned both times....won't even attempt it now]

O- Occasional indulgence:
Candy. Pepperoni Pizza

P- Profession: Retired Patient Coordinator for a Psychiatric firm

Q- Quote: ...and I have miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep [Robert Frost]

R- Reason to smile: Something funny...and believe it or not, I usually wake up and smile to start the day.

S- Sorry about: Nothing, really. I'm pretty level headed. But, don't tick me off....it takes a long time for it to build...then, you'll be sorry. [kidding!] Seriously tho, at my age, being sorry isn't something to be concerned over....life goes on...take it all in stride....chalk it up to experience...you know the drill!! In other words, there is plenty to be sorry about, but why lose sleep over it. [it actually goes with "M"...memories]

T- Things you are worrying about right now: Again, nothing, really. I've been a worry-wart a lot when my kids were young...now I try NOT to worry. It just makes it worse to pile worry on top of something of which I have no control.

U- Uninterested in: TV

V- Very scared of: Snakes...and not just poisonous ones either...ALL of 'em.

W- Worst habits: All bad habits are not good -- take/do everything with moderation, even moderation!!

Y- Yummiest dessert: Fruit pies --[homemade, mine!]

X- X marks my ideal vacation spot: NYC ---I'm all for keeping our money in OUR country these days.

Z- Zodiac sign: Aquarius [one that y'all can't live without!! --I'm the water, essential to the other 11 signs.]

- - -<><><>- - -

Bud and I will be gone most of the day and into the early hours of the evening. We usually stay around until 9 PM, each year, for one day of the three day event. Sundays, it seems to us, are the best. We both prefer the "Swing Era" bands of the olden, golden days of the 40s and 50s, and I guess they save the best for last...which is Sunday. And the bands, tho all are amateur, are very good. All of them, hail from around the entire state of Texas. There are craft booths, three bandstands going at one time....singers, [blues, jazz & modern], food vendors, and lots and lots of great stuff! Both of us really enjoy the day's time spent there. And the weather? It promises to be perfect...in the 70s and sunny! All at Heritage Park...a great 'old town' atmosphere. --oh, and a popular place for us too, is the biergarden! LOL [beer garden...just like in the old days---like in the movie "Picnic" where there are outdoor tables and banners....dance floor...fun, fun!] Each year, we look forward to it, as do many many others in and around the Coastal Bend...the place is packed like sardines all three days and nights.

- - -<><><>- - -


1. Werewolf :: Teenage
2. Jim :: -my Stewart [Jimmy Stewart]
3. 2x4 :: 4x4 [both measures of wood]
4. Unruly :: Obnoxious
5. Component :: Gear
6. Prolific :: Astounding
7. Wrestler :: Dumb sport!!!
8. Huh? :: Whatchoo talkin' 'bout?
9. Dolls :: Guys
10. Super! :: Mario

POSTED: Sunday, October 18th, 2009
4:45 A.M.


  1. Have fun at the festival, I know you will!

  2. I would never try Sushi either!

  3. 'even moderation'... that's right. about worrying - - I remember my mother came home one day from a seminar and this is what she shared about worrying: WORRY + HURRY = BURY. You're right about not worrying anymore. I see a lot of wisdom in your answers. Thanks and til next week.

  4. Like you I struggled with just one memorable moment!! Banofee Pie - combination of bananas and sweet, creamy caramel flavours - very heavy in calories but delicious, email me if you'd like my recipe (via my profile!) Enjoy the jazz!!

  5. I ate Sushis for the first time in Amsterdam and didn't like it then I ate them in a Japonese restaurant in Waterloo as a starter of the menu and they were delicious ! Apparently it depends where you eat them. I am not scared of snakes but of spiders !!
    Have fun at your festival !

  6. I can't swim either. I thought I was the only one! You are a NYC lover, too? Love you fact.

  7. Your music fest sounds like lots of fun. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    Come Get Your Sunshine

  8. 2x4 and 4x4 are also both gears in a truck, or jeep. Love the Super Mario answer, that's right from my childhood.
    Great mutterings this week!
    If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

  9. I am so with you with your A. B is quite intriguing:) Your S is very wise. Have a happy Sunday!

  10. Real butter on popcorn...oh Anni that's heaven!

    Have a great Sunday

  11. Your answer for S about being slow to anger but then watch out,(not your words)had me thinking you were a Taurus but I see you're not. See that is the way we are.
    I decided not to steal this one. I hope you have a wonderful day.
    Mama Bear

  12. I wish I had your attitude when it comes to worrying. I worry about everything all the time.

  13. okay, so I just went and watched that video and that is just so sad. People who mistreat animals just blow my mind. Our animals are like our children and we love them. It breaks my heart to see crap like that. :(

  14. Great mutterings, as always!!!

  15. I have to follow you, 1. I love your blog and the background is fabu! 2. You left me a great comment about the ovaries that even I didn't get until you left it!!

  16. Anonymous10/18/2009

    I love sushi :) mmm mmm good :) Worrying is like stress...pffft...it's all what you make it. And I'm so glad that someone else noticed where the X was placed LOL I see you like Willis also (mutterings) LOL. Well maybe not like but ... Have a great time at the festival :) There's something for you on my blog :)

  17. and now i find myself sitting here in the dusk on a sunday night, dreaming of pepperoni pizza! bad anni!

  18. The festival sounds wonderful. I you and Bud have/had a good time.

  19. Hi there! LOVE your Halloween look! We're pretty into it this year, too. Have my pumpkins on the porch, etc. Am expecting kids this year. Never had any trick-or-treaters in my old neighborhood, but there are youngsters here, so I'm looking forward to seeing all their costumes.

    Enjoyed your responses. Learned a lot more about you. Very interesting!

  20. Ha ha ha. You are great maths woman. I love the dream and i can't believe you cannot swim! And you haven't tried Sushi!? Both swimming and sushi you should never deny having a go!
    I didn't know that about ducks... funny! Some thing new to learn everyday.Btw Have you tried duck? (Nice poultry) Never tried snakes, though!! :)
    Sweet Hug my dear friend.

  21. We must stick together on the Sushi thing - NEVER to cross my mouth, unless it is fishless.

    mmmm, real butter rocks on popcorn!

    Love your site and thanks for stopping by!

    MJ of Dirty Little Confessions

  22. Anonymous10/18/2009

    They tested the duck's quack on Mythbusters once. It was interesting.

  23. The concert sounds great - hope it was a good day.

    I can't swim either - nearly drowned at age 10 and have no desire to even get my nose wet any more. Just give me the sand and a good book - and a shady spot!

  24. I love your little-known fact and will somehow work it into conversation this week. Quack!

  25. Wrestling as dumb sport? LOL!

    Have a great week, Anni :)

  26. I just knew it would be festive here. My eyes are on visual overload...love it !

  27. Not a great fan of sushi either, found it to be pretty chewy. Pies, yummmm, may have to make one this weekend :)

  28. What fun I had reading your likes, dislikes [snakes--me too!] and inspiration. You are truly an inspiration and thanks for putting a smile on my face on a Monday morning, no less!
    Happy week, Anni.

  29. I am so trying to not worry anymore. You totally hit the nail right on the head with that one!


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