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Being from Colorado, living there for over four decades...I know the area of F*rt C*llins, Colorado like the back of my hand. The other day, with world news giving exclusive coverage of the so called hot air ball**n that became loose from its tethering in a family's backyard, at first...I was concerned about the 6 year old's well being. Listening to CNN and watching the video, I began to think it was some kind of prank. First of all, when the videos would show us a close up of the 'empty' ball**n...there was absolutely no sign of any door or 'hole' in the ball**n itself!!! [for the helium adjusting] Not to mention it wasn't registered to fly. Nor was it ever inspected for safety!! Hmmmmm. Then, still listening to the commentators and the experts and viewing another photo exclusive from passerby with the object falling, I again became more skeptic of a real incident. There are so many pranksters these days, it's sad. I was still aware, tho not so much so now after hours of the story unfolding, that being their home was in the southeast area of the city---I was relieved in a way. The wind currents coming off the Rocky Mountains, if they had lived to the west, along the foothills of the mountain range, it could've been disastrous for the boy. Bud and I had a champagne breakfast on our anniversary one a hot air ball**n, and it was along the takes a lot of skill and know-how to keep the thing up...not to mention the fortitude of keeping the helium adjustments keep the wind stream from making it crash in the hilly terrain!!! Then, days later, we all find out that the parents were actually out there in their back yard, experimenting?!!!! Father being quite perturbed at his boys!!! That is when the so called mishap initially happened, the father called 911 - LAST?!! And his son was supposedly in danger...IN a basket attached to the ball**n? More things that make me go "hmmmmm." After calling others like the FAA and the TV stations; he then calls 911? I can't fathom that scenario at all. Ummmmmm, that doesn't sound normal to me. Now the news tells us that there have been Social Services called before with deep concerns for the boys safety and that they've all been [the family] on TV's Wife Swap program?!! And so many other heady things...including the wife/mother of the boy having a bloody eye one time...some time ago?!! I know we're supposed to think "Innocent until proven guilty"....but this scenario as it stands now seems eerie!! [My son, as we were discussing it over the phone the other night, thinks that since the Army, TV helicopters and diverting traffic at the Denver International Airport...we have a right to be angry as the whole shebang unfolds.] If it's proven to have been a hoax, I'm saddened for the fact that these two adults [the parents] would even consider involving their own flesh and blood children. Not to mention the lives at stake in passenger planes and traffic on highways and interstates! Something just doesn't sit right with me on this. After CNN's Wolf interviewed the 6 yr old he turned to his dad and said "But, I thought this was for the show"........what the heck does that mean, I wonder?

Posted: Saturday, October 17th, 2009
9:15 A.M.
[photo courtesy of News]


  1. I agree with you, it all seems really strange to me.

  2. even us in darkest africa got this story on the news... what a story! something's off....

  3. Anni,

    I wondered from the beginning when I first saw footage of the balloon. It didn't look like the basket could hold anyone nor, like you, could I see an opening. If this was indeed a publicity stunt/haox, the parents should be jailed for a lengthy bit of time. They endangered many lives by setting that balloon free.

    Hope you have a wonderful day. Sun is shining and it's 37F here. Nice autumn day.

  4. If it is proven a hoax, I hope they charge those parents the entire cost of the rescue expenses. And that their futures earnings from whatever sources are garnished until the bills are paid in full. And I pray for the mental (and physical health of the children.) Friggin' a$$h*les.

    Come Visit Silly Saturday

  5. This was quite a tale. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. The big city gal in me can't get over the sheriff giving these folks time to rest before he questions them. The story will be memorized by the time does that.

  6. We were discussing this last night with the "grands". Thanks for this post. I'll be interested in any further developments.
    Mama Bear

  7. Wow, I hadn't heard the whole story. That is incredible. Here I thought that it was just some poor kid that had hid up in the attic. I was thinking bloodshed by the parents. Not staging free publicity.
    Anyway I just wanted to tell you that I have an award for you at
    I couldn't find an email contact for you so I hope that its alright that I give it to you here.
    I really enjoy your blog, and I appreciate you coming to visit me so often!

  8. Very strange indeed, and sad too!

  9. I think a lot of people are feeling quite put out by this have been so worried about a little 6 year old boy, to finding out he was never in the balloon basket and now it may end up having been all a publicity stunt. It just saddens me so much how so called parents will use their children for things like that...that boy wouldn't have said "I thought it was all for the show" if it hadn't all been planned. xoxo

  10. Pea -and others But, according to the 'press & media' ---they were/are making a video for the father's scientific experiments. Right? I just don't know WHAT to think.

    Then, on second thought, what was he doing in the attic for nearly 3 1/2 hours....just too scared to come back down because of his dad?

    So many questions.

  11. My husband has been watching this closely! I just wanted to stop by and say Have a Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, I will be off to surgery and not able to blog for a while. Hope to be better by Christmas! lol

  12. I agree. This all sounds fishy to me too.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post about having Scripture around my home. It helps me keep my mind on the things above and not on the things of this world (Col. 3:1-3). Blessings.

  13. Yep, I've had my doubts and now more than doubts. I think they are weird, irresponsible, pitiful parents. And it appears the sheriff is finally catching up with the rest of us.