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President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize!!!


I've been working on a political rant to hopefully have ready for Monday's blogging. I'm trying to explain my ever growing dislike of our own people and their lack of respect for our president... all within our own country. Our country-folk are so bitter towards one another these days, that it just makes me want to sit down and rant!! Of course, I'll get that done over the weekend; but this!----this just made my day! And the reasoning behind awarding him the Nobel Prize made me smile but still it's probably going to stir up a lot of controversy. [And yes, I will post my feelings; more ranting, on his campaign promises and lack there of and all the bickering I've seen in the past nine months of his heading our government.... This is a tremendous blow to all of those who are so quickly cynical and distrusting of Obama.] The man and his office has made a lot of promises in his no avail yet....this may hurt him? Time will tell.

Posted: Friday, October 9th, 2009
11:30 A.M.

[image used was part of the Y*h** News bylines.]


  1. Anni, be prepared for how negative the response to this has been from conservatives. I know I was.

  2. Mary Oh, I'm looking forward to hearing other views. And, I'm sure there'll be MORE negative than positive.

  3. All I'm going to say is, how could they make such a decision only 10 days into his presidency - I heard the vote was taken Feb. 1!

  4. I can't understand the whining and attacks that are being directed toward President Obama either. Besides those expected from the right-wing wackos, others, including my own son, are literally afraid of him. Or, maybe it isn't President Obama they fear but change. Many folks become frightened when the status quo is threatened.

    As for President Obama become a Nobel Peace Laurette, I awakened this morning to the news on the BBC and immediately wrote a blog post congratulating him!

  5. Nick I ♥ your post!!! Excellent.

  6. Dawn No, I think it was the nomination not the vote. And no doubt the ones who nominate have all taken into consideration what he has done so far before they voted...and perhaps took into consideration what he has done in the past before his presidency.

  7. Anonymous10/09/2009

    Well from one conservative...I just don't know what he has done to earn this so soon. And let's not forget that when Bush was in office how the liberals dug at him at every chance. People tend to forget about respecting the man and the office when he was our President. You take that office be prepared for the good and the bad. I respect the man a great deal, I just don't care for his politics. Congrats to him.

  8. Thom You said it loud and boils down to respecting!!! That's what my rant is all about...for'll be, I'm afraid, a long post. I'm trying to condense it.

  9. Hello sweet Anni
    Congratulations to your President Obama for being the winner of the Nobel Prize this year !!!
    It was not the vote , but the nomination ten days into his Presidensie. We followed it closely here in Scandinavia, and most of the Scandinavians think he deserves the prize big time..I sertanly do.
    He has just been on a visit here in Denmark
    and he is in my book a clever,sicere wise and very modern man you should be very proud of, but that, of course, is just my oppinion.
    Wishing you a nice weekend---letter is on its way to you:-)

  10. Am not American but must say never had I cried before when a US president won the elections... After all the damage we (the world) suffered'thank' that bush man...
    This has been like an angel sent by God... That's surely his aim... What I doubt and fear is how far the really-powerful-behind-him will let him get to.
    God bless that Man and his will, however soon he got that Prize.

  11. you know he has accomplished some goals, he closed Guantanamo bay, he signed a bill for equal pay for women, he regulated the credit card companies, and he is trying to get this health care passed along with everything else, if the critics would open their hearts and get their egos out of the way and let the man do his job we would be in a better place right now.
    i was so very proud, he not only raised hope in this country, but in the rest of the world as well. this is a good thing. great post annie!!

  12. I just heard about it on our 6 o'clock news and my first thought was "good for him"! Like you, though, it sickens me all the negative things that have been said about President respect there whatsoever. People just don't seem to understand that things have to change and I really do think he's headed in the right direction. Do people really want to stay the way it was when Bush was in??? Looking forward to your rant...I mean post on Monday! hehe xoxo

  13. Mutti Yes....I knew the nomination was back then...and the vote was just within the last few days.

    I'm proud also!!!
    It's nice to see you visit with me again...How are you doing?

  14. Dulce I know just what you mean, and how you felt!!!

  15. clean & crazy Exactly...their egos...their huge egos!!! You got that right!!!!!

  16. Pea I too think that the direction is good so far...there is a lot to be done to fix things...he inherited a huge mess!!!