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NEW HALLOWEEN AWARD today...on my sidebar!!

The Jazz Festival was stupendous. They all were telling us patrons of the event that this year [the 49th annual] was a record breaking event of attendees!! And the weather? It couldn't have been more beautiful! I guess maybe we should thank the Chamber of Commerce for that?!![kidding] But, it came to a close last night for another year, and I will have just a FEW pictures for my Outdoor Wednesday post. Stay tuned...

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The F*rt C*llins Colorado authorities have said...the Ball**n saga was a HOAX...and some of the most serious charges that may qualify in this case could carry up to 6 years in prison AND $500K in fines....each!!! And there may be pending FEDERAL charges also, along with charging the couple with the costs of helicopter searches, etc. The charge for the use of two helicopters would total $14K+. Read more.

A quote from the subject: ""It certainly got big and whether anybody realized it that it would get the type of international media attention, I suspect this is probably beyond what they thought," Alderden said. [Alderden is part of the Sheriff's office I believe] And I say:

Lordy...this was too much.
I feel sorry for the boys tho...what a duo for parents. I do hope they'll be safe tho with the dad's 'temper history' according to the police reports I've read.

...and it just keeps getting better and better! ---CONSPIRACY CHARGES pending.

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As I've begun saving my "Monday Morsels" [this is what I'm going to title it from now on] posts to be personal, eclectic thoughts and 'revelations', today I post a Christian Music Video [speaking of revelation], Books, an award, and a Poll Question---

Yesterday, my daughter sent me the link to this Christian video [The Revelation Song]. Y'all know, those who frequent my blog, that Irene is going back to college and working on getting a doctorate in Christian Counseling ---she has the desire to become a minister and a counselor for abused women. She told me it's one of her favorite videos from You Tube...I had not seen it before. [obviously, it's religious ---the video itself is done from many movie clips such as The Passion of Christ, The Gospel of John --that, I really like and have the DVD!, Apocalypse, and Nativity's a little over 6 minutes long]

- - -<><><>- - -

Keeping the theme of "Halloween" going for today as the whole month, I learned of a new book that has been published and supposedly it should now be on America's bookshelves in the bookstores. I need to go get it soon. To be honest, I've never read Stoker's novel from centuries ago, but have seen many, many movies on the subject of Dracula. From the old ones, to the newest. And reading about this new publication, I think it may be quite interesting to read. It's proclaimed to be written by Stoker's descendant also. Another Stoker. Nifty!!! And, to be sure it'll be on our bookshelves here in our home soon, I imagine. I like to have first editions always. If the book I buy isn't worth keeping, we trade it in. But if they ARE...then the shelf has a 'first edition'. LOL Book Reviews state:
    "Energetically paced and packed with outrageously entertaining action, this supernatural thriller is a well-needed shot of fresh blood for the Dracula mythos."
    --Publisher's Weekly
    "The authors (Stoker is a descendant of Bram, and Holt is a noted Dracula historian) skillfully explore the nature of evil while weaving together several complex plotlines throughout this mesmerizing story. Readers who enjoy dark fantasy with fast-paced action will plow through this book, not wanting to stop."
    --Library Journal

- - -

Also on the subject of books, ...Dan Brown's books have been known to be quite controversial with the Christians and their beliefs. But, I want to learn more after reading I read this new book of his, I've come upon some subjects that I knew nothing of and needed to get into my favorite online site....GOOGLE. I'm always ready and willing to learn of other subjects be they mathematical, newsworthy, religions, sciences, name it. I came upon this---"Zohar" and had to look it up the very next day 'cause, frankly, I'd never heard of it.
    The Zohar (Hebrew: זֹהַר‎, lit. Splendor or Radiance) is widely considered the most important work of Kabbalah. It is a mystical commentary on the Torah (the five books of Moses), written in medieval Aramaic. It contains a mystical discussion of the nature of God, the origin and structure of the universe, the nature of souls, redemption, describes relationship of Ego to Darkness and true self to The light of God, and the relationship between the universal energy and man.
Okay, so now after reading this explanation [it helps in my reading the book, and understanding more of what I'm reading] I come upon another Kabbalah. Kabbalah (Hebrew: קַבָּלָה‎, lit. "receiving") is a discipline and school of thought concerned with the mystical aspect of Judaism. It is a set of esoteric teachings that is meant to explain the relationship between an infinite, eternal and essentially unknowable Creator with the finite and mortal universe of creation.

Then....the scientific stuff I've read about so far. Now, THIS...Science is more my forté. I love the fact that science is just more or less a learning process to us all ---at least that's my opinion. Life itself to me is a science...learning by mistakes and growing from what we've learned. And now, because of this book, I'm learning about a science subject, Neural Science, which I surmised it had to deal with nerves being "neuro' in closeness to the prefix. VERY interesting!! It deals with researching about the more or less interactions with the brain and the environment. Oh so very complex and so very interesting! Wow.

And, Ancient Mysticism...mystics, Christian, Egyptian, Mayan, Chinese; they all have so much in common but mystic...they possessed knowledge, perhaps even science, of which we today are not familiar. Consider their superior building and road work. Or the pyramids... development skills, far advanced for their time. Yet, when our own modern scientific revelations seem new, the book ---Lost Symbol, says otherwise, we can find that back, in ancient civilizations, they too knew what we 'moderns' are just now learning. The Mystics. Very VERY interesting. And I really want to now delve into more research of this....just like when I was reading his other books of fiction. I'm learning there could possibly be many truths in them also if I keep an open mind. By this, I mean, knowing that there are other beliefs [be they general subjects or specific] besides my own. I don't ever want to become stagnant and stop learning. I just don't want to be one who closes their mind and stop learning.

So far, I don't want to put this book down and do other work around the house, I'd much rather be reading.

- - -<><><>- - -

Lastly, I'm curious as to what others' thoughts are on this particular following subject. I'm 'talking' driving laws in the USA. And cellphone use.
I would heartily be a happy camper if a national law would prohibit cellphone use while the vehicle you're driving is in motion!!! I found this link on Yah** News the other day after Gov. Schwarzenegger's wife, Maria Shriver, was cited for the use of a cellphone [in California]...and her husband passed a law against it. LOL ---Anyway, what is your opinion. I have a poll:

Do you think that cellphones should be used while driving a vehicle?

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I received this award from Heidi!! I thank you for thinking of me and my blog as you made your list of recipients!!! I feel honored!! Thanks!!!

POSTED: Monday, October 19th, 2009
6:40 A.M.


  1. i'm certainly glad the 'big guy' played along with the weather. maybe the committee DID send a fax, heee heee heee. and me-thinks you and i are reading the same dan brown book RIGHT NOW. i also cannot put it down. btw, here is sa it is against the law to talk on a cellphone while the vehicle is moving. not that it deters people much i must say... but a good idea it is. way too distracting!

  2. yip, the lost symbol... pod5 just blew up...

  3. Hi Anni,
    this is what you call a coincidence... I had seen a comments of yours on some other blog and had in mind to check out your blog and send a comment too!!! Great, you came first.
    Like your blog, so interesting and "eclectic" as you said!! I've enjoyed your todau's Monday Morsel and wure will enjoy all the verymany yet to come.
    BTW Thanks for stopping by Rita's Shabby Chic Rose.
    I'll come and visit your blog often to see what you're up to.
    Have a great day!

  4. Wow, that's wonderful to hear about Irene. She has picked a tough field, but good! I will come back to see the video when I have some more time.

    As for the balloon fiasco - I haven't heard the conspiracy theory yet, but did hear a hint on the teaser to the news that they wouldn't be charged. I wish they would. DIA even had to halt flights for awhile. Outrageous. Methinks they're free spirit has been clipped a bit!!

    I wondered if anyone would be curious about the red thing - and of course it is you, dear Anni. It's the bird feeder. I had another picture that didn't have it in it, but it wasn't quite as much of the yard showing.

    And yes, the blue sky was what amazed me when I viewed that shot. Beautiful!

    Another warm day here - got to 80 yesterday. People were pouring into the recycling center this week-end to take advantage of the warm weather to dump their millions of leaves that dropped prematurely.

    Have a great week!

  5. Good Morning Anni... Great post today... I am glad you shared all the info on books today and seems we like the same style of reading. I will be sure to look up these books. I have never read Dan Brown but I will be looking him up. As far as cell phone use, I say they should not be allowed in a moving cars or restaurants (LOL)...

    Have a Spooktacular day!

  6. H. Anni, HOWDY! A "phase" I'm experiencing is to become as little aware of news as possible--without being a *complete* idiot!! Anyway, I had not heard of the "balloon gang" business until I say dAAve's post this morning, and now on yours. Thanks.

    In truth, I can find all the "news that's fit to print"--and more--right here in blog-land. And I LOVE getting it this way.

    Love you blog postings, also.


  7. Congrats on the award, and, um... come on over for another one. :)

  8. I found much to ponder in your post, today.

    Isn't it hilarious how something like the balloon hoax can become the subject of everyone's conversation and completely wipe out more important things.

    I enjoyed the video. A graphic reminder of what He did for us. Should be watching it each day with our morning coffee.

    I am the same way when reading. Always looking up subjects and words I don't know and learning, always learning. Keeping an open mind, sifting through ideas. When the children were growing up, we talked about many things with them. Whenever a word or subject came up in conversation and they asked what it was or what it meant, we would tell them to look it up. They have thanked me for this.

    I don't think cell phones should be used while driving a vehicle. It worries me when I think that Honey Bear might be doing this. I bought him a Bluetooth but he forgets to use it. But even that isn't safe because ones mind wonders from the task at hand.

    Thanks for the treat.
    Mama Bear

  9. Hi Anni! What a video!.. very powerful. I saw Gibson's movie Passion of The Christ, and thought it was well done; but to this day I can't get my daughter to watch it, and I don't push it. She'll watch it someday, if and when she's ready to, I guess. Just this past year, I saw the "Left Behind" movies with Kirk Cameron, and I did really like those! I remember hoping they would make a Part 4 too, but don't know what they're saying about THAT yet... ~tina

  10. Beansieleigh I read all the "Left Behind" series. Quite good, and in some very powerful.

  11. Me again - here's hoping the Broncos do well in front of the nation tonight!!

  12. Anni,

    The idea of Monday Morsels is intriguing. You should get others to join in. I think that would be a LOT of fun.

    If you haven't read Bram Stoker's "Dracula" you have missed out. I read it many years ago. You would certainly enjoy it.

    Glad you and Bud got away to the Jazz Festival. It sounds like you had a great time. Don't know how I missed that post.

    The ball**n hoax disgusts me. How could they do that and bring their children into it. I am waiting to see what charges are laid and if they actually get jail time.

    The video that Irene sent to you is awesome. I throughly enjoyed it. I can see why it's her favourite.

    As for cellphones and will be against the law here as of October 27th and there are stiff penalties if you're caught. You can use a cellphone while driving if you have a hands-free device. Brandon and I were stopped at a stoplight yesterday and the woman next to us was applying mascara. I blasted the horn and almost scared her to death. Do ya think she learned a lesson. I hope so.

    Enjoy your week, my friend.

  13. Howdy sweety. I think the Jazz festival sounded like a blast. Hope this day finds you well.


  14. Anonymous10/19/2009

    The Jazz Festival sounds fun. I look forward to your pictures. Congrats on the award. As for cell phones. It is against the law now here in Hawai'i to use them while driving. I can understand that, but why isn't putting on makeup or eating also against the law? What's good for the goose is good for the gander no? Have a great week ahead :)

  15. Glad you had fun at the jazz festival. Yes - the balloon thing is quite something, isn't it? That was an expensive hoax!
    I love the Revelation song.

  16. Anni, You're very welcom. You were one of the first that I thought of with the thought of a Lovely blog.
    I think I may have to check out Bram Stoker's Dracula. It sounds like its right up my ally. I have to admit that I have watched and read a lot of vampire literature, but have so far missed this one.
    I still can't believe the balloon hoax! Thanks for the update!

  17. Oops! I forgot that I was on my mom's computer this is really Heidi and Cake Crumbs!

  18. I'm so glad you enjoyed the jazz festival. I'm looking forward to your Monday morsels. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

  19. Glad you were able to go to the jazz festival and it sounds like you & Bud had a great time:-) Looking forward to seeing pictures.

    As Mary mentioned in her comment, it will be against the law here in Ontario on Oct. 27th to drive and use a cell phone at the same time...unless it's a hands free phone. I'm glad they're putting that law into place, too many people don't watch how they're driving when they're busy dialing or texting!!

    As for the balloon fiasco, I hope the parents get the book thrown at them! After seeing video clips of the father's temper tantrums, it made me sick to think he's a father!!!!

    Hope you get that new book, sounds pretty good. I've never read any books on Dracula but I have watched all the movies of him, from old to new:-) xoxo

  20. I would have loved to attend a Jazz festival ! I like Jazz. I admire your daughter ! it must be very hard to deal with battered women !
    You know that now that the borders of Rumania are open there are tourist visits to the castle of Dracula !!

  21. I'm gonna go find that Dracula book.