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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I'll begin today with my most recent way of blogging on Monday's...just 'general talking' and stuff without any meme work...

First!---During the Bronco-Cowboys Football game [and what a game!!! I think I'm the only Texan who doesn't back the Cowboys...I dislike them from way back in time---way, way back!! "My Broncos" won] - I worked on and finished my crocheted camera bag!!!!'s done. I sewed the lining of it yesterday before the game began. And hand stitched it all into the bag when the the kick off put the clock in motion. Finished by adding yellow pom poms at the drawstring....

As you can see, the main part of the bag is white, trimmed in purple. It's all done in hdc [half double crochet] and post stitches. The purple trim is dc and sc [double crochet and single crochet] stitches. The shoulder strap, I made extra wide so it won't cut into my neck when I do a lot of walking with it, and with the weight of the camera. It's trimmed in black picot stitch, and the white is hdc stitches. When I went to add the shoulder strap to the camera bag, I made four blue/purple/yellow pansy blossoms all trimmed in black. There are combination stitches for this: sc/dc/tr/dbltr [tr=treble and dbltr is double treble stitches]...the black is sc and ch [chain] stitches. All was done with a large hook...size K. I had made a white drawstring with sc and hdc for added strength. And it will be a lot easier to store when not in use since it's so very 'bendable'!! I really think I'm gonna like it a lot.

It's all lined with purple broadcloth, where I added two pockets to hold all the accessories like extra batteries, a 2nd camera chip, camera strap, etc. etc. etc. I tried it all on 'for size' with everything inside the bag, and it's VERY comfortable!! Soft, doesn't cut...and the strap wide enough so it won't be uncomfortable on the shoulder and neck.

- - -<><><>- - -

Yesterday morning, well....let me back up a bit. For years, almost since Bud and I retired, we made a point of going out for Sunday Brunches. And we continued after we relocated here in Texas. But the usual place we frequented musta changed head chefs in the recent months 'cause all their foods are so greasy it is close to nauseating. Now, people must like grease, 'cause the place is packed and there is a wait list for tables....but for us? We stopped going there. Okay, to begin again then with my original thought of this post----yesterday morning we decided to go out for breakfast. Neither one of us wanted fast food...nor did we want a Mexican Breakfast [the Taquerias in Texas are places with great food!]. So, we drove to Cracker Barrel. Normally when we do decide on Cracker Barrel it's usually for lunch or an early dinner when we've been out shopping in the late afternoons. Besides, I wanted to see what their little stores had for Halloween. [there is always a catch!]. I was just a shade over hungry...I was starving. Looking through the menu, I just couldn't decide what sounded better. It was a toss up between the "Old Timer's" or the "Southwestern". I opted for the Old Timer's! I was quite pleased with my choice too!! With this, now I'll let you in on a secret, comes a bowl of Grits! I'm just past the age of mom used to cook Grits ever so often [not a lot, but she did cook it]. I thought it looked hideous and never tried it even with mom and dad raving over it. When a kid, hominy just doesn't sound good...nor does it smell good. I did grow in time to like steamed and buttered hominy tho! Still, I never got the 'courage' to try Hominy Grits. Until yesterday!! And I say, here and now.......boy, I have missed something extraordinarily good. And next time...I'll be sure to have MORE GRITS!!! And I need to make a point of looking up the nutritional value of Grits. I just know deep down if it's something I really like, it's not healthy! This just HAS to BE Healthy!!! Right? It's vegetable after all. With the two of us we each got two buttermilk biscuits and I only ate one of mine...asking the waitress to bring me a 'to go' box so I could take home their ever-so-tasty biscuits for a snack. She obliged me...and came back with an extra biscuit for Bud PLUS a double serving of the gravy!! We had it with our stuffed peppers last night for dinner. Just as good re-heated as fresh from the Cracker Barrel Bakers!!!

By the way, there wasn't anything really earth shaking to buy for Halloween. A cute witch to match the witch's boot stocking I got there last year, but hey....I really didn't NEED it, so passed up on buying anything.

- - -<><><>- - -

And then I'll close my blog post today with a little bit of Halloween. A slide show....

Miscellaneous Tricks n Treats all around the house....

PS....A New Halloween Treat is on my sidebar for you today!!!====
"Sweet As Candy" Award.

POSTED: Monday, October 6th, 2009
1:00 A.M.


  1. Anonymous10/05/2009

    I so love hominy grits and have ever since I can remember. I'm glad you liked them. They are excellent and being here in Hawai'i well I'll leave it up to you as to how often I get to eat it. I'm glad Dallas lost as well. Living in Houston I became an Oilers fan and liked them always better. Even now that they are the Texans. Slide show is awesome my friend and so is the knitting thing-a-ma-jig...ooops bag Sorry. :) Have a great week :)

  2. That camera bag is adoreable, you are so talented. I love cracker barrel, yummy. I enjoyed your slide show sweetie.

  3. what is grits??? i've heard about it often enough, but i'm not really sure. and now you say it's made of vegetables?? now i'm really confused... nice slideshow btw, but the spider on the lampshade made me JUMP!

  4. Anni,

    Your camera bag is pretty and looks like it will do the job. I knew you could do it. Like the colours you chose and so easy to store.

    I absolutely LOVE Cracker Barrel and can't even slip across the border now to visit, as we don't have our passports. Couldn't take the chance right now anyway with hubby having just been in hospital, but their biscuits are to die for.

    Where did you get those ghost candy dishes. I've never seen anything like them. So cute. All of your decorations are awesome.

    Wishing you and Bud a wonderful day.

  5. Mary I think [not sure tho, 'cause I've had it for several years now] I found this at Big Lots ---it's a chain closeout shop. A lot of times this store franchise has good bargains. And for cheap. LOL

  6. As always, it was a pleasure stopping by Anni! Loved your Autumn poem, and your camera bag is beautiful!!!.. Your breakfast is REALLY making me hungry!!.. and I thank you for the "treat" I get to bring home! (0; ~tina

  7. Oops!! LOVED your slideshow too!!! ~tina

  8. Bwwaaaahhhhhh, the giant spider makes me shiver.....!!!

  9. Annie I just have to say that every time I hit your blog I enjoy it. From the lay out to the post I truly enjoy.

    Now I do have to mention that I do disagree with the comment about the Cowboys lol. I live in New York and our team happens to be Dallas. So I was hooting away for them but bad luck on their part. :o( We say they have to get rid of the coach. Anywhooo enjoy your week and I will be back again to visit.

  10. What a great job you did on crocheting your camera bag, it's beautiful! You better watch out or you'll get many requests to make some for others! hehe

    I've never had grits, it's not something usually served around here. I remember my mom mentioning them when she'd travel to Florida every winter, they'd always stop at a Cracker Barrel and would have some with their meal.

    I just love all your Halloween decorations! I'm looking forward to getting mine out but I always wait until after our Thanksgiving which is on Oct. 12th this year. xoxo

  11. Your bag is lovely and your description of your breakfast has made me hungry :-). Have a great evening, Anni.