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As always, I save my Monday posting for nothing of memes, or any blog games...it's just 'my day' of things in general. A little bit of historical, today, for my eclectic Monday Morsels. It's about a little community that once was. It was a few miles northwest of the city, Corpus Christi, in the 1800s. Now, today, it's actually part of the city limits of Corpus...of course, still in the northwestern boundaries. At one time, in its beginnings, it was called The MOTTS, named after the English/German settlement. But, then changed to Nuecestown, naming it after the close-by river, the Nueces River [pronounced new AY seas -meaning pecan/nut]. The settlement eventually had a permanent Post Office, making it 'on the map'...a legal and official community. In 1875, it was raided by Mexican Bandits [banditos -pronounced ban DEE toes] now called the Neucestown Raid in local history. The community also had a little red school house, with 32 students at its peak...making it one of the 'largest schools' in the county at the time. Nuecestown saw a decline when the railroad bypassed it ---eventually, closing in the early 1920s with the then population of fifty. Today, only the school house [moved to a preserve location - which we didn't go to see 'cause it was too hot and humid the day we walked], and outside the Constable's Office, just a few city blocks from the Interstate Highway to the north....remains the Nuecestown Cemetery.

Located in the Annaville Community of Northwest Corpus Christi, the cemetery actually has three distinct cemeteries within this 5.39 acre tract. They are Nuecestown Cemetery, Nuecestown Catholic Cemtery, and the Nueces County Cemetery. The land for the Nuecestown Cemetery was deeded in 1875 by the H.L. Kinney estate to James H. Walker and William Rhew. Records for the Nuecestown Catholic Cemetery have not been located. However, the cemetery is mentioned in 1934 deed for the Nueces County Cemetery from C. C. Hart to Nueces County, so it seems to have been in existence at that time. Approximately 1250 people in this cemetery were identified and recorded. Buried here are William Ball and George Franks who were kidnapped by bandits in 1875, but managed to escape and return to Nuecestown. Other graves include six Confederate veterans, one World War I veteran, and one victim of the 1919 hurricane. The oldest birth date found was for 1818, and the earliest death date recorded in this cemetery is for 1854. In 1980 a Texas Historical Society marker was placed in the Nuecestown Cemetery.

Since Bud and I enjoy walking through old cemeteries, we both love the ambiance and the serenity and quietness of these, and learning and knowing the history of such a place. The names, the questions of what life was like for this one or that one --why did they die, who is there family, do they have family still around the area, the intricacies of the headstones...and yet, their simplicity...it's still a sad viewing when you come upon those headstones that are vandalized and or the plots are so neglected. But, it's Halloween Season, and the two of us have ventured through many-a-graveyards this time o' year. And of course, I TOOK PICTURES....

In the News: Our Prez's so called Thesis backfires with Limbaugh

POSTED: Monday, October 26th, 2009
12:01 A.M.


  1. Very, very awesome.

  2. Very nice backgrounds Anni, Today I was trying to work out how to make my blog stretch like this and came to show my boys how lovely your blog always looks....let me say, they are most impressed with the Halloween theme! Halloween is quite new to them and they are just loving it! While I may no be so technically advanced I am learning slowly and sure one day I can manage to use the "whole page" LOL

    Now that little boy, all 11 years of him has just written a programme for his mama to catalogue all our books. Now why can't he fix mamas blog? LOL

  3. I like history too and enjoyed my tour of the cemetery.

  4. of course you gotta take pictures!

  5. kind of sad when one dies and all the relatives are gone too. Nobody around to take care of the headstones or cut the grass around the edges. I was updating my template this evening and noticed you left another comment on my tie theme. Thanks for stopping bye I appreciate your comments!


  6. I have posted before of how much I enjoy perusing old grave sites and speculating on what happened to whole families who are together.

    Have a great week!

  7. Me too, I like to walk through old cemeteries in old little village around Europe while on our summer vacations. Most of the time they are surrounding old churches so it's very easy to walk a little more among the graves.....my husband call me crazy for this!
    Thank you for the history lesson.
    Gracie at http://mylittleplace.blog.com

  8. I love history, and old cemeteries -- very interesting about Nuecestown! (thank you for the pronunciation of that!)

  9. Really nice place and story and the pictures.. awesome!
    Thanks for this so nice post

  10. We are cemetery visitors also. A ritual from my mother's Austrian heritage. My daughter likes to do it, too.

    Book Review #4 - Drood

  11. very interesting story about your town !
    The cimetaries in the States look so different from the once here in the different European countries. In Germany the graveyards are like a park with a lot of flowers, banks and even playgrounds for children. It's a place to walk and look at the different graves. In Belgium graveyards are horrible. All graves are covered with different stones from marble till ciment with a vase on it as if they were afraid that somebody could come out of the grave. And only once a year on 1st of November all Belgians go to the different cimetaries where they have family (a kind of tour) to put some flowers and then they forget again for a whole year. I have a friend who has to go to 4 different cimetaries in 4 different towns. They will be busy the whole day, lol !

  12. Anni,

    I love the history of this area and enjoyed viewing all of your photos. I can see why that marker is your favourite. It does indeed tell a story.

    I always enjoy your Monday Morsels and this one is no exception. GREAT POST, my friend.

    Wishing you and Bud a wonderful week.

  13. Wonderful reflections and a great history lesson today, Anni. Have a great day.

  14. I enjoyed reading your story and your cemetery shots, I never go to them...and pictures are not allowed in Spanish cemeteries, I learned that!!

    Thanks so much for your link and info about my unknown subject :)

  15. Anonymous10/26/2009

    Why thank you for the tour of the cemetary. Love it. Have a great week :)

  16. Hi Anni, Loved this post... We too love cenetaries and visit them all over this country. Your pictures were great and I enjoyed it alot... Thanks for the great story about Nuecestown. Just wonderful! Have a super day my friend...


  17. My mother also has a fascination for old grave yards. I remember her dragging me around them when I was a kid, I of course was not so impressed but got used to it. I love the photo of the praying girl statue.

    Thank you for the blog link. Much appreciated. I have been having a look around and plan to have a practice later on. Hugs xxxoxoxox

  18. yep..we do the same thing.. I have always loved old cemetery 's.

    It keeps those folks alive, even if we did not know them..

  19. I love old cemeteries. The history behind each one buried fascinates me....Christine

  20. YUM! I would love to have a cupcake RIGHT NOW!!!


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