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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

A little something I composed just now...

The damp cold morning lingers as I walk the path
often frequented by townsmen; my neighbors.
Most all the Summer season's flora has vanished
The glories of, the blossoms, the sweet fragrances,
the viridian forest, have all but disappeared,
nature's prolific labors...

Still, the artist's paint brush remains,
with colors momentarily mismatched
in its hushed stance, contrasting and exalted; grand.
A bouquet,
an essence of dried leaves and kindled fires,
brings with it all a smoky haze that forever fills the air
as I linger in the copse.
Surrounded, I stop to listen.
For a while, motionless, I stand.

The warm hues,
the stains of red, orange, mahogany, and chartreuse
penetrate my vision as I glance around...
Tiny acorns fall before me.
Auburn -a bushy tailed, tufted eared squirrel
hoards his new found prize...
and scampers up the alligator skinned oak
scrimping and saving; his cold weather cache!
Return he does...collects more,
and runs off in the distance,
to his second or third storehouse;
-Chocolate brown,
down, into his winter's cavern...
his subterranean compound.

A thick silver fog rolls in,
mixing with the murk of morningtime
The soupy brume interweaves
with the barren motionless gray dappled branch
as a variegated leaf plummets to the earth;
the Autumn vapors swirl...
I walk on, swilling,
devouring the sounds, the sights with awe.
In the distance
a blue jay calls his delight, awakening the silence with song.
Setting in the west
the tangerine harvest moon stages its last hurrah
lighting the mist with a hint of that like a coral reef.
Above an opening in the billowing overcast
brings a liquid, aqua shade to begin a new dawn.
As I reach a gape, a clear field,
I'm overtaken with the buttermilk sky as in the east
the firey orb shows it's face on the horizon
It's a blissful season, a time where I belong!!!

Autumn Colors, Autumn Splendors
© Copyright Protected [see sidebar]

Poem/Prose by Hootin' Anni
2009 Do not steal.

More Monday [Halloween, my new camera bag I crocheted, Sunday Brunch talk, etc.] posting found below....

POSTED: Monday, October 5th, 2009
7:50 A.M.


  1. Bravo Anni, That was awesome! You are definately one talented woman... Have a great day my friend!


  2. you witch you. meant in the nicest possible way. you make me want to put on a coat and wander in a misty drizzly miserable day, seeing, smelling, hearing.... it's magical this anni!!!

  3. this is just beautiful Annie, great imagery. My favorite lines are:

    A thick silver fog rolls in,
    mixing with the murk of morningtime
    The soupy brume interweaves
    with the barren motionless gray dappled branch
    as a variegated leaf plummets to the earth;
    the Autumn vapors swirl...

    felt like I was in the thick of it.

  4. It is always such a TREAT to come to your house. I am a bad bad blogger this summer and I do not deserve any good treats but only tricks! Hope you and yours are happy and well and I hope to be out and about in the blog once again... This summer has been, shall we say TOUGH!!!!!!! BUT I am not complaining you understand, jut stating fact! hahahhahha

    Witching you a blessed day!

  5. Fall apparently inspires you ! which is not my case, I start hibernation now !

  6. Anni, I have a very talented friend. She crochets beautiful things, paints marvelous pictures and she can also write awesome poetry.

  7. Beautiful. You are so talented.

  8. You never cease to amaze the blogosphere!!
    Love the best witches :)

  9. Anonymous10/05/2009

    Well done my friend. You are so talented in every respect. :) Have a great week :)

  10. Awesomely beautiful.

  11. Anni, you truly are a poet at heart!! I just loved this one, the words made me picture it all in my mind, bringing it all to life. Well done, my friend. xoxo

  12. I love autumn and the change in season. The changing colors are beautiful.

    My RT is here.