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Show n Tell
[and a craft project sheet I share]

The picture on my sidebar of me and my two kids [scroll down to view], I decided I was bored one day and grabbed my sketch pad and began to draw myself. Y'know, like VanGogh? Altho, I'll sustain the urge to cut off my ear thank you....So, I thought I'd share this newest pencil sketch I finished yesterday while I was waiting for Bud to return from getting the car washed and detailed...

- - -

...and when I was at the Dollar Store yesterday buying some of the Halloween ghost and jack o lantern windchimes to hang on the eave of our porch outdoors, I happen to see this free project sheet that I grabbed thinking that I would share it today for those that like to do crafts for the holidays...I am thinking this would be a very inexpensive door decoration for Halloween, Autumn, or Thanksgiving. You can open this up to enlarge it to make it readable and perhaps save it and print it out for your own use---

- - -<><><>- - -

For those that have been waiting for my Monday photos of the zoo trip we took...here they are. I've made a slide show [actually I broke it up into THREE slide shows since I kept so many of the tons I took off the camera]...it's all happenin' at the zoo!!!

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Flash 55 Fiction

Continuing with the taste of Halloween, I write this:

A darkened moon rises above the neglected land
The iron gate creaks away from my hand.
Wind howls through the naked trees,
silhouetted in the night...
Wrought-ed coal black fencing---
Could it BE?
Going further, closer, through twigs & dried vine
I'm startled with disbelief,
my heart pounds with fright...
...the named headstone ahead ---


POSTED: Friday, October 23rd, 2009
5:40 A.M.
Photo of Graveyard found on Photobucket's search
Dollar Store craft sheet copyrighted by them, I suppose, but it IS free so I don't think I'm infringing on their rights, am I?


  1. ooooo, you're the queen of scary 55's!!!!! and anni? where have you been hiding your sketching skils??? that is a perfect rendition. woweeeeee

  2. Wow, lovely sketch. I have admired the sweet photo of you and your two kids before and now you have this great sketch! You are amazing what you are able to create as you pass some time waiting and being bored. I should be so industrious!

  3. Love your drawing and your 55 is so spooky.

    Flash 55 - Home of Our Own

  4. Good Morning Anni! LOVED all the photos from the zoo!! I almost feel like I was there, so thanks for bringing me along!.. Thanks for the broom project! As I was cleaning and emptying my craft closet, I found I had two brooms that beg to be made into SOMETHING.. ANYTHING.. before hanging around any longer in another dark closet in the new place! (0; Love you self portrait! My gosh, it's VERY good!! I did not know you sketched! I used to when I was a kid.. Loved doing faces, and various cartoon characters too when I was a kid. My profile pic is a just a condensed part of a picture I doodled with my computer mouse in the paintbrush program, probably a couple years ago or so, so I guess I still dabble with doodling once in a great while! ~tina

  5. Anonymous10/23/2009

    Very spooky Anni ~ and clever and fun and timely!

    You'll find my 55 here:

    Friday Flash 55 ~ Drifting

    Have a fun weekend,

    Chef Kar

  6. Oh, yeah! Excellent 55. Very appropriate for he season. :D

  7. Your sketch is really nice Anni, you're an artist!
    Gracie at http://mylittleplace.blog.com

  8. Oh my, that give me the creeps. Nice Job, Anni.

  9. Yes Anni, this is scary indeed > terrific and terrifying!!!!as only YOU can!
    Thank you
    and huhhies sweetie

  10. Now I have another talent to add to your list. I didn't know you were such a talented artist! The sketch is beautiful!
    You got some really great pics at the zoo too!

  11. Anni!
    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog! I've looked through the zoo photos and left some comments. All really good photos. Now, the tree skirt. It was actually a kit I made by Bucilla Needlecrafts. plaidonline.com has them on their web site and guess what there are a couple of tree skirts with Santa on. It is prestamped felt. I think they are numbered, You cut all the pieces out and there are alot! So a lot of patience is needed. You cut the circle out and then start sewing them on. Now the skirt I did there was such a lot of gently stuffing to be done to give it a 3d effect. Then the sequins loads! But you know it was definitely well worth making. I tend to go for gold theme these days as my daughters are older. But it does still come out from time to time. Nice heirloom well both of them are. My friend on Flickr BrendaS2 has just this week managed to get the Christmas Village Tree Skirt Bucilla on Ebay! She paid around £15 for it. on a bid. I reckon I must have paid around £30. although i can't quite remember. Have a look on Ebay first. You know she got a bargain there. There was only a needle missing out of the kit. It comes with everything you need. needles, thread, sequins. I think you just have to buy the stuffing It is really great fun to do.There are a selection of the plaidonline.com site so please make a visit over there. There is also a Mary Engle .... (cant spell) on there too. I'm sure you would enjoy doing one. Now the drawing well you are talented. I found a couple of paintings out in the week ones I did 'by numbers' when I was a teenager I posted them on Flickr Mrs Twins. You definitely have a talent you know,do you do much sketching? Because if you don't, I really think you ought too do more! Really, really good. I've really enjoyed visiting your blog. I can't get over how clever you are. I was telling my husband about your lovely blog. It is brilliant. I know I'm in to the slideshows now too! Great fun. Oh well, I'm stuck in today. Waiting for a courier to come. We are in the middle of a postal strike here in the UK. This is the second day. Next week two or three days strike. My mom came to wait for him at lunch time as I had to pop out to pick my daughter up and take her to the bank. It was easier as ifshe goes in hercar, she would have trouble gettinga parkingspace at thecollege.This spacekeepssticking so annoying! sorry. Hehasn't come yet, you know I have a feeling he wontcome. I shall beon the phone complaining later if the time goes on.
    Have a lovely weekend Anni,
    I'm really enjoying blogging and Show and Tells its so interesting to see treasured things by different ladies.

    Bye for now andmanythanks.

  12. Sorry
    Bucilla Needlecrafts
    Browse Products
    Tree Skirt.

    Best of luck. Sue.

  13. Even though I don't "DO" Halloween anymore, I still love it. So, I love this themed 55.


  14. Anni,

    I absolutely LOVE your sketch. You did a great job with it. You are so talented, my friend.

    Enjoyed the flash fiction and the graphic that goes with it and thaks for sharing the autumn decor instructions. Even I can do that. LOL

    Enjoy your weekend, my friend.

  15. Perfect - and a great twisty ending.

  16. You are an artist! Wow, I wish I could sketch like that. Very talented.

  17. Howdy popping over to say have a wonderful weekend.

    Sending blessings your way,

  18. what a scary 55!! i love your Halloween theme and i love the broom design!! i have a glue gun I may go to the dollar store and make me one!! my 55 is up too, it is part two from yesterdays post!!

  19. This drawing is very good ! You should try to make an autoportrait in front of a mirror, we had to do this once in art school !

  20. You're good at this spooky stuff. No surprise there.

  21. Wow! That was erie. Her name on the stone. What is this a preview?

    Thanks for your comment on ours.

  22. What a hallow tweet coming to visit your blog!
    I just love Halloween and I love your 55...
    Boo Hoo keep them goblins away now ya hear. :)

  23. You sketched that in the amount of time that it took to get a car washed????
    I couldn't do that after a fleet of cars were washed AND waxed! You are a talented girl!

  24. How wonderful to just be able to sit down and scatch out a picture like that so easily. Am I jealous? YES!!!! Thanks for sharing Anni.

  25. chilling 55. i grew up next to the family cemetary. actually had a friend fall into an open grave while playing hide and seek at my birthday party...

    nice sketch too!

  26. Love your self-portrait!!
    and your scary 55---mwahhhhhaahaa!!

  27. Ooooer creepy and absolutely perfect for the time of year! Well played.

    Mine's up too.

  28. Nice poetry.

    (I see you're retired close to the Gulf Coast... we're Houstonians and love everything coastal.)

  29. You sketch is wonderful! You are very talented! I'm glad you aren't going to cut off your ear ha!


  30. Wow, that sketch is terrific! Did you have to look in the mirror?

    Thanks for sharing!

  31. The name on the tombstone: MINE! Brrrrr! Goosebumps.

    PEACE! Above ground...and below, HAHAHAHAH!

  32. Great sketch!!! You are a fabulous artist! And I saved the Dollar Tree broom craft instructions. I bought one of those brooms from Dollar Tree & wondered what to do with it. Our Dollar Tree didn't have the free project instructions. So thanks for sharing. And the poem was fabulous. That would be super creepy to see a tombstone with your own name on it. I hope I never see it. And thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  33. The sketch of yourself is great - you are so talented!

    Your zoo pictures are terrific.

    Have a wonderful week-end!

  34. Anonymous10/23/2009

    Oh my goodness. Your's on the headstone? I never saw that one coming well done. HA - is there anything you can't do? You are a woman of many talents :) Great story and pictures. Thanks for this and my dear sweet friend have a safe, spooky and wonderful weekend :)

  35. Anni, you sure have been having fun at your blog.
    It looks so cute and festive for the Halloween season, darling!
    Thanks for dropping in my blog.
    Linda Q

  36. The Broncos have the week off - much deserved rest after 6 good wins - and even one on Monday in front of the world!

    The concerts (4 of them) will be at the original theater in Loveland, the Rialto. It is so small and hard to imagine it used to be THE town theater. It has been rejuvenated beautifully and it has great acoustics. I wish you could come!

    I am very happy to share my grandgirls with you!

  37. Creepy 55! I love it!

  38. wow, wish I could just pick up a sketch and go like that!


  39. Anni, this is wickedly wonderful! Soooo spooky... love it!

  40. You've been busy again, Anni. You're photos are terrific and I really like your self portrait.

  41. Yikes!
    That really happened to me once, on (of all things) a haunted tour. MY name on a headstone. My maiden name is very very common, but still...!
    Great Halloween-season 55!

  42. So glad you didn't cut off any body parts. In today market you wouldn't get fair price.

    Coffee is on.

  43. A BRILLIANT 55!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Anni....This was GREAT!
    Very spooky 55 indeed!!
    Thank You so much for this eerie Tale...
    I read The Lost Symbol..Captivating!
    Have a Glorious Week-End My Dear...
    And thanks again for my award...:-)

  45. Annie that 55 was spooky and soon your day will be here. Thanks for dropping by This Blog Of Mine, leaving your comment they're always welcomed.

  46. Anni, that poem is delightfully scary, perfect for Halloween and your blog is gorgeous. :)

  47. Wow Girl! You've been busy :o) Love your sketch, I wish I could draw like that. Amazing. Zoo pics....again, amazing. Love the deer licking (picking?) his nose, and I could stare at monkeys for DAYS. My town supposedly has the best children's zoo in the country, but after seeing your pics, I'm thinking not so much. Thanks for popping over to my place...happy weekend!

  48. You are beyond talented, love you.

  49. O Dear, Did you travel in time Machine? That IS scary!

    The sketch is beautifully done!

  50. Sorry I am late for Show & Tell, I had to take part in a Trade Day on Saturday & set up was on Friday... but, love your busy post today. You were right that it was busy & you had a lot to share. Sweet of you to pick up the craft flyer & share. Also, cool that you did a drawing of yourself. OH MY if I tried that it would be bad. Thanks for stopping by to see my cut crystal collection for Show & Tell

  51. Wow, that drawing is so good! You are talented! If I could draw that well, I think I would be drawing all the time! Thanks for sharing!


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