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I had posted in a blog entry a few weeks ago that I began another project. It was about the same time I started on my crocheted camera bag. Well, the one project was put on 'hold' until I finished the crocheting. Once that was done, I began again working on finishing the other project. Call it WITCH-CRAFT!! LOL

She's now complete...

The photos to the left are what I previously posted a few weeks past...I had the witch's doll head for quite a while...never used it. And then, I found the cones [two] and bought them up 'cause they're few and far between...I rarely see them in stores any more, and I don't think I'd be able to make one on my own and have it come out 'level' so it could stand upright without being wobbly. Anyway, I had also purchased a rounded hat for her this time, 'cause I had in mind to make her head veil-covered in a 'witchy' lace since I had a scrap piece of spidery, webby material from another project from long ago. I used an old pillow sham for her dress. Green, with mult-colored green to yellow stripes. I purchased a black rose. Bud had a black feather...all added to the crown of the hat. Before adding anything, I painted the hat to match her dress. A pea green color and then dusted it with black glitter. Tied an orange thin ribbon, added the flower and feather...gluing it on. After it dried, I then added the veil. The aqua blue 'dot' you see in the flower is her hat pin...actually a straight pin with a glass ball on it...glued on! As all this dried, I worked on her outfit some more, adding hand sewn sleeves to her arms, cutting some thin olive green voile for a cape, making bows with the orange ribbon, orange lace for the collar and sleeves along with olive green and white lacy ribbon atop the orange lace...etc. etc. etc. I decided to just let her hair flow freely instead of styling it. She just looked more 'witchy' that way. And I must say, I love her wrinkled lips, her snide expression and wicked eye color. She accentuates witch-hood! Hopefully, this close up of her wretched face and evil look can give you an idea why I had to make her into a 'doll' for myself and my collection. For me, witches just speak to least for Halloween. Y'know? I really don't know just how I got started on collecting them, but I do know I just marveled at the intricate art work of the resin witches at stores, I had to have one...One turned into more and more. It's been 40+ years in the making. Among other Halloween knick knacks. When she was complete, and the last of the hand stitches were done, I added a jack o lantern. Just a small party favor you can find about anywhere that sells seasonal trinkets. I cut a small hole in the bottom of the jack o lantern and then placed one of those small 'flickering candle' that is run by a small the switch to turn on and off would be accessible. And, glued the handle onto her wrist! She will glow as she stands on the table, Halloween Night. Bud took a dowel, collected some thin twigs and cut them proportionately then glued them on the tip of the dowel...wrapped the dried twigs with jute, making a broom...

They, call it WITCH CRAFTS
I call her.......

....Ms. Pea Greene!! Sorry, Pea.
But it's the name I thought of
'cause of her outfit
being 'greene' and all


- - -<><><>- - -


With each footfall
I ascended to the weather-worn
porch floor. The winds whistled;
flowed around the corners
of the decaying shuttered clapboard.
Through the muddied window,
did I see it? The red eyes glowing,
following my every move?
As I reached for the doorknocker,
the door creaked open as if to say....
welcome, come in.

POSTED: Friday, October 9th, 2009
5:10 A.M.


  1. Anonymous10/09/2009

    Eerie 55. Perfect for this time of year. I love it. Well done my friend. :) Awesome Halloween pictures my friend. So festive. :)

  2. Anonymous10/09/2009

    Perfect 55 ~ hauntingly good.

    Love Ms. Pea Greene ... so creative Anni.

    You will find my 55 HERE. Have a great weekend.

    Chef Kar

  3. Thanks for stopping by. Its great to know that you have completed your project. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is terrific and territying!!!
    Very good Anni
    Have a nice weeknd! :)

  5. You are so creative... she is too cute! I can't wait to see more of your creations. Thanks for the show & tell.

  6. I love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday. Your 55 is perfectly creepy and I love your witch. I am off to see if you posted a picture of your crocheted camera bag. That sounds like something I want to make.

  7. nicely done...welcome indeed. i love old (haunted) houses and the fun they have with our imaginations. great 55. thanks for the warm welcome yourself.

  8. Good Morning Anni, Your Miss Pea Green is definately BEWITCHING! Love her and again your never ending talents... Have a spooktacular day my friend!


  9. I wouldn't have gone any further . . .

    Your witch is fantastic!

  10. Applause! Applause!!! Anni, what a kick it is to meet the newest witch in your collection! I just love the style and personality Ms. Pea Green exudes here! Her hat is gorgeous, her glowing pumpkin pail is FUN!.. and I love how Bud helped you with the broom! You really did a beautiful job with her!! ~tina

  11. Once again, your ability to create something out of not much is impressive! I have to say I don't like the way my lips are beginning to wrinkle a bit and I think that should be a trait of witches only!

  12. Anni,

    You never cease to amaze me. She is gorgeous. You did a great job with her. I wish I was half as talented as you. She will certainly compliment all of your other Halloween decor.

    Have a great day. We are trying to stay dry here and today is the day for Dwight's doppler.


  13. That's a pretty cute witch. I think Pea will be honored!

  14. You are so totally in the Halloween spirit this year. Very well done 55.

  15. Don't do it!!! I'll miss your blogging.

  16. I think your blog is wonderful! You are the Halloween Queen! Stop by for a visit soon!

  17. Me again - I think I'll have to come back in my next post and explain how the rocks arrived. I missed the whole process - me and my camera! I am irritated about that, because I was right here in the house, probably blogging! I didn't hear all the action, which is unbelievable.

    Thanks again for your kind words - and yes, it's too bad the Rockies aren't playing a deep south team! It is really cold right now.

  18. Thanks for stopping by to visit...I just became a follower. Your layout is amazing, I can hardly wait to see what you will have up for Christmas! Your Miss Pea is very fun!

  19. You did a great job - Thanks for sharing.

  20. you are such a talented blessing to this wonderful community. i LOVE halloween, my family thinks i am nuts to decorate for the seasons, it is so hard to find original and fun decor for this but your blog is such a beautiful treat to see!! one day i will figure out how to change the decor of my blog to match the seasons, right now i am still doing my real world. great 55, great decor on the blog, thanks for this it is such a treat to stop by and see how creative you are.

  21. Wow. That's what I call a true Halloween spirit!!! Very creative!!

  22. Don't go in. They'll get you. I saw the movie.
    Good 55

  23. Wow ! you did a master piece with this witch ! she is just gorgeous ! what a nice work ! and I am sure you had a lot of fun too !
    I am now more and more sure that your were a witch in your former life and hopefully not burnt !

  24. Anonymous10/09/2009

    I love scary!!

  25. What an atmospheric 55 for the season, I love it! (and Halloween, can't wait...)

    Your 'witch-craft' is looking good!

  26. We want to go in. Some of our old friends may be there.
    What a beautiful 55

  27. You did a remarkable job, Anni.

  28. Wow! She's a beauty (well, as beautiful as witches can be)

  29. Thats what I'm talkin about!!!
    Very Creepy indeed..
    Excellent seasonal 55 Annie!!!
    Thanks for such a quality piece of work...G

  30. SPOOKY 55!!!!! ♥♥♥

  31. Fun 55 as unsual. Mine is also up.

  32. Oh, my absolute goodness!!!!!!! Love it....and aren't you the creative one.
    Thanks for sharing!

  33. Wow, what a cool blog. And all ready for Halloweeny. Thanks for visiting me! D

  34. I love how talented you are.

  35. Who you callin' a witch???? hehe Omigosh, Anni, she's beautifullllllllll...well as beautiful as a witch can be! lol I just love her hat, her dress, her face, ooooh everything about her. LOVE her name too!! hehe You, my friend, are a very talented lady indeed. xoxo

  36. Your witch is pretty did a great job on her! Thank you for sharing her. Have a wonderful weekend!

  37. thanks for stopping by my place this morning and reading my 55 Hope you come see me again ... larry... Nice blog Annie.
    This blog Of mine..

  38. your 55 is just....... spoooooooky! nice, you're setting the scene admirably!

  39. Oh my I LOVE IT!!!! I WANT ONE!! I can't let my daughters see this or they will hound me relentlessly to find the things to make one. I'm just not crafty. I've tried, I love it but my things end up looking like a something done in a Pre-K class. You did a beautiful job! Seriously, I want one! LOL!

  40. oooooH! that's spooky!~

    Ps. The witches are getting 'lovlier' :D

  41. I love the old wicked witches with their ugly features (or supposedly ugly, like warts). They have real character!

  42. Wow, that is great! I would have never guessed you made that! I looks wonderful! Thanks for joining in on show and tell!

  43. Im back looking at her again.. she is just so darn cute!