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Outdoor Wednesday--

My Outdoor Wednesday is gonna hafta be separate from Wordless and Wordful Wednesday this week 'cause my slideshow for more Halloween isn't outdoors. So, I'll begin with the outdoor photo ---

In the midst of the killing drought we had this past summer, I came upon a beauty. The lake we were walking around one day, was so dry even the waterfowl had to go way beyond the banks to find water. But in amongst the dried grasses along the shoreline, in the speckled shade from the Mesquite tree above it, a piece of nature hung on and thrived. Of course it was a weed, but the flower showed me a little bit of hope for us...hope that we'd get some rain, and the landscape would be full of life again someday.
Besides, it was purple!!!

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Wordful & Wordless Wednesday

Next, given it being Wednesday, mid week...hump day...I will share a bit more of my Halloween Collections. This time it's all pumpkins! Monday, I showed my few ghosts if you missed it. Here's the link to Monday's post. Now... my few pumpkins...

On the dining room hutch: The cluster of jack-o-lanterns, candy dishes, pumpkin head scarecrow, black teddy bear with jack-o-lantern fur, black cat and pumpkin salt & pepper, fiber optic pumpkin head...
On the opposite corner, a chest topped with clear orange glass jack-o-lantern jars, a pumpkin topped candy dish with corn candy and peanuts [a Fall tradition for us], a crystal brass topped dish...filled with white pearls and acrylic pumpkins [open and 'spilled'], and my hand painted pumpkin jack-o-lantern tea for one!

POSTED: Wednesday, October 7th, 2009
12:01 A.M.


  1. I love all of the Halloween pictures, especially the one with all of the different pumpkins.

  2. You have me in the Halloween mood! I've avoided it until this moment!

  3. Anonymous10/07/2009

    You are so creative. I love all the Halloween pictures. Well done my friend :) The outdoor photo is spectacular as well. Thanks for sharing this :)

  4. Great decorations. Wish we did Halloween here.

  5. What a pretty little weed~
    Your decorations are so cute!

  6. is that a weed??? but it's so pretty!

  7. What a lovely little wildflower that is.
    Have a nice day

  8. Good Morning Anni! LOVE your pumpkin slideshow!! Everything looks WONDERFULLY festive and fun!.. I recognize the little acrylic pumpkins. I HAVE a few and wish I had MORE! They make such pretty Halloween suncatchers on my window sills!.. Oh, and before I forget, I LOVE "The Little Purple Weed Who Could"!!! (0; ~tina

  9. Methinks Halloween is a favourite holiday! Nice collection of decorations.

  10. You're decorated so wonderfully! And the blog is too!

  11. i love the autumn colors.

    happy wordless!

  12. Look at you, all decked out for Halloween. Love it!

  13. That's unbelievable all you have ! I just send your link to one of my girls of the painting group, she won't believe it, as Halloween has only started since a few years in Belgium. When my son was little it didn't exist and even now in the shops we are poor orphans when I see your decoration !

  14. I have GOT to get some indoor Halloween decor going. We have the outside though :) Everything looks so festive.

  15. Wow, everything is so spooky, i love it!

  16. Gattina My sister has oftentimes said to me my collections for Halloween and Christmas would put any store to shame. I ♥ Halloween and Christmas when it comes time to decorate the house. ☺

  17. Neat your decorations!

  18. I enjoyed the show, Anni. I like the stars on the side lights of your blog. That's what I meant by subtle.
    I suppose all flowers began as wildflowers. Those seem to be more tenacious than the ones we buy to plant. Honey Bear says the vegetable seed we buy has been treated so it doesn't come back on its own every year. We are planning to plant seed we save or heirloom seed. Our Okra is over 6' tall and it was heirloom.
    Mama Bear

  19. Oh, I just love your Halloween collection. What fun!! Again, you're just so wonderfully creative!

  20. Love your adorable pumpkin collection.
    Mostly the glass pumkin jars. Never seen that before.
    Happy WW!

  21. Another great post, Anni. I loved your Halloween video. Have a great day.

  22. Some weeds are very pretty and this one is no exception. Love the Halloween pictures.

    Thank you for sharing.

    ~ Tracy

  23. Yeah for the survivor! Your Halloween slideshow is filled with great photos.

    Calico Contemplations

  24. Anni!!! I am LOVIN the look of the blog! This is SO cool. You are so talented!

  25. Hi, It sure does look festive over here!!! Nancy has all her Halloween stuff out in her room. Hugs, Grams

  26. I love the decorations that you have put out.
    I enjoyed looking at all the nice things you there.

  27. Anonymous10/07/2009

    That little purple would be a welcome sight in the drought we are having here in Calif as well! what a great subject for WW Anni!

  28. Beautiful Flower!
    ~Myrna Lee

  29. I often think how we call beautiful flowers weeds just because they are tenacious. We should be thankful that cling so lovingly to this planet while we busily go about destroying its beauty with all of our pollutants. Thanks for sharing happy WW

  30. i love your pumpkins!

    happy WW!

  31. You really have some amazing halloween decorations! I bet everyone loves coming to your house. And I really love that picture of the wildflower. Have you had any rain. We've finally been getting some and it seems like our stagnant weather pattern is finally breaking! Kathy

  32. Looks like you are ready for Halloween!

  33. I am so glad you shared your pictures of your pumpkins! I love to see all the hard work that you put into decorating! And what cute pumpkins you have.
    Thanks for stopping by today!

  34. nice pumpkin collection

    When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,
    May luck be yours on Halloween.
    ~Author Unknown

    If you want to wander down my road I’m home.

  35. Isn't it amazing how one small delicate looking flower can survive even the roughest conditions. I think we humans can learn a lot from a plant!!

    I'm so loving all your Halloween decorations! You're really making me want to take out my Halloween decorations but I must wait until after our Thanksgiving. lol xoxo