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My Halloween Show n Tell this week is some [part, not all---I have hundreds now] of my witch collection all within a slide show....and a bit more. From ceramic witch boot cookie jar and boot bowl...to Sleepy Hollow Tavern sign ---fiber optic witch twins, 'witchy' crow, a witch's headstone, bathtub and much much more...it's a lot to see----

- - -<><><>- - -


A treat...
Two 55's this week
A two-parter [each with 55]---


On Halloween Night
Mother and I would go from door to door
Tho, little brother, stayed home
being a year younger than me, I was four!
Around the neighbors' houses,
I'd hold out my treat bag; candy I'd see.
Again...to the next house
running with excitement and glee!


Once home, enjoying my booty..
Mom smiling,: "Share with your brother."
"It's your duty"...
He's three---
I'd say, as I dipped into my sack..."Okay mother!"
"That's one for you and two for me".
She huffed, in vain....
"Now, share and share alike."
Snarling, I'd begin again...
"That's two for me and one for you"...
you rascally little brother; you tike!!

POSTED: Friday, October 30th, 2009
12:05 A.M.
Witch Clip Art from Google Search.



  1. Your witches are amazing. I love them. Your 55's made me laugh. That is the way children think.

    Flash 55 - Morbid Norberth

  2. Hi Anni! AGAIN, LOVE your Halloween spirit!! The slideshow is great fun, and I particularly liked how you had the witches lined up along a wooden-post railing the way you did!! Wishing we could all come to YOUR house to see ALL your collection of witches and Halloween decorations! I want to thank you, before I get too busy, for helping me decorate my blog for Halloween with all your treats!! It was disappointing not being able to decorate my home this year while having to pack instead, but between you and Old Dame Penniwig, I at least had a great deal of fun decorating my little place in Blogland! Why I even got to decorate my dog in costume for the Blogland Pet Costume Contest.. and Ubu WON!!!.. Oh, by the way, I stayed awake for the game last night, and was glad to SEE the Yankees WIN! YEAH!!.. Have a great Halloween weekend Anni! ~tina

  3. ha. love them both...they gave e a chuckle, but you knew they would. hope you have an amazing halloween! great 55s!

    mine is up!

  4. That was a fun Flash 110 for Halloween. Enjoyed that.

  5. what a cheerful 55, sounds like my bean that. he just didn't ever want to share his sweeties... have a terrific halloween. i just know you will!

  6. I love you, and your fun sense of life.

  7. Anni!
    Great Show and Tell! Tell me Do you have this back ground on all year then? I just thought maybe it was for this time of year. As you collect witches I presume you do. My mother has some great ones. How long have you been collecting them? Really lovely post. Well done.

  8. Anonymous10/30/2009

    So very cute ~ love the story. When I was the mommy with youngsters I made them share equally with ME...as the "inspector of all goods", of course.

    Thank you for your month of spooky and delightful 55s Anni.

    Have a fabulous Hallowscream.

    You'll find 55 ~ Skipping Stones posted.

  9. Wow two for the price of one. I love it. Well I do it too.
    Yours took me back to my childhood and having to share with that pesky little sister.

  10. you witchie older sister, you were... Oh children can be so selfish, especially at Halloween's!
    Great 55 as always.
    have your best weekend of all!

  11. WOW you certainly have lots of Halloween stuff! I don't decorate for it anymore since my daughter grown up, but when she was little we had so much fun doing it!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Gracie at http://mylittleplace.blog.com

  12. What a great collection. do you get many trick or treaters? We don't really get that many any more.

    BTW - Go Phillies:)


  13. Those are fantastic, Anni! I love the orange boots! Happy Halloween to you!

  14. What an amazing collection! Love the 55's - your mom was a wise woman, but I can feel your pain.

    We're hoping it warms up before the kids head out tomorrow night!

  15. Your witch collection makes me think of my cat collection, lol ! Never saw so many different witches in my whole life !
    You missed my Show and tell, because you answered on my Fun Monday research for the next host.
    Why don't you do it anymore ?

  16. The lamp turned out well. I like the pretty witches best.
    Mama Bear

  17. Anni,

    A wonderful Halloween Collection. I love it all and know that you look forward to Halloween.

    Enjoyed your Flash Fiction. LOL Sharing is all in the eyes of the beholder, especially when you're four.

    Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

  18. Just wait until next year, little girl. It's the younger ones who get given the most candy.

  19. I love your collection of witches! And your 55s are terrific - all the fun of being a kid on such a magical night.

  20. Anni,
    Thanks for replying.
    Oh yes the children walk around the streets dressed up trick and treating! The first year I made my witches I had countless knocks to the door. In the end it got past a joke. I cant remember whether you've seen my witches. There is a slideshow. A Penfriend from back in 2000 went to America and she managed to get me some cut and sew panels of witches. The lady in the shop cut the panel just a bit to narrow and she gave her the second one free. So I made two. Luckily one each for my girls. Then I did a Simplicity pattern which hangs on the door knob. All great fun. If you haven't seen my witches. go to Flickr Halloween set. or slideshow on blog scroll down.

    Well I hope you have a wonderful Halloween. Staff in the supermarkets are all dressed up today, twinkling witches hats etc., All great fun. Well congratulations Anni on the most wonderful Halloween blog. I don't think I have seen any more and so beautiful too. You really have gone to a lot of work to give us all such a great deal of pleasure. I love blogging land. It has given me such a lot of fun, I never knew all this existed until 5 months ago when I joined Flickr. I have always wanted my own sort of site to load my photos. Flickr is great for that, but I had no idea that I would be so many, wonderful talented people who have now become my friends!
    Thank you too and Have a brilliant weekend!!
    Hugs Sue. (Mrs Twins)
    Pop over for tea anytime! x

  21. You did a great job on the slide show. Have a great Halloween weekend.

  22. You have quite the collection! Love the one on teh tombstone! Happy Spooking!

  23. This brings back such wonderful memories, except I had older brothers and when they got too old to trick-or-treat, they would wait for me to bring my loot home and get into it after I had gone to bed!! Great 55 and Happy Halloween.

  24. Hello, I just wanted to stop by and wish you a wonderful Halloween.


  25. What's mine is mine. What's yours is mine. What used to be mine is still mine when I see you playing with it. Kids. Great 55. My 55 is posted HERE.

  26. I loved the slide show, Anni. Have a wonderful Halloween weekend.

  27. HI!

    What a fun and awesome collection you have!!

    Have a great day!

  28. Great slide show!

  29. Well, absolutely---you did all the work! LOL Did your mother never hear of *commission*??

    Happy Halloween!

  30. How fun! Love all your witches!
    Glad to meet you, Anni. Thanks for commenting on my post. Happy Halloween!
    :-) Sue

  31. That kid is a hitonious counter.Dragons can count and we can share.
    Thanks for twice as much 55.

  32. Oh......you did a great one today!!! Or I should say a 'great two'!!!!!

  33. hello annie liked your 55's two day lol and thanks for sharing reminds me when I was young I had to share and share alike. Thanks for stopping by This Blog Of Mine I appreciate your comments and look forward to even more in the future.


  34. Very cute 55s. That's so often the way it is when we're young.


  35. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I have enjoyed my visit with you also and will be back soon.

  36. Anonymous10/30/2009

    Cute post! I am going to have to learn how to do one of those video pic things!

  37. Great 110 Anni!!!
    Your lucky I'm in a holiday Mood...hehehehhe
    Thanks for always giving me such quality entertainment.
    Have a safe and dry Week-End...You Rock!

  38. How creative! I loved it!

  39. You're so creative!

  40. Hi Anni...

    Thanks for coming by my place and taking a peek at my autumn vignettes/mosaics and leaving me such a nice comment!

    My friend, I loved your post! Using the slideshow was such a treat and something different...love that! Wow...you really do have a collection of witches...I enjoyed looking through them! I especially liked the witch with the black crocheted dress! Thank you for sharing all of your pretties!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  41. super funky & fun post! hehehe

    thanks for sharing.. happy halloween!

  42. I love your slideshow. Everyweek I look forward to seeing what you are posting because I know it will be fabulous! I think H4 is my favorite witch, she is too cute! I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!

  43. Oh, Anni, all your witches are so fabulous, such a delightful collection of them!! I'm in love with your lampshade, gorgeous. Loved your Flash Fiction 55 as well...I remember well my older brothers doing that to me when it came time to "sharing" their candy! LOL xoxo

  44. Darling collection, fun to see, thanks for sharing!
    Linda Q

  45. Anonymous11/01/2009

    Sorry I'm so late but not being home well I'm having a good time. I love your 55 my friend. It's great and in two parts no less. I just laughed so hard with this one :) Great photos as well. Have a wonderful week ahead :)

  46. Wow you have lots of Halloween decor! I loved it all except for the rat! haha...I hate rats, even fake ones!!! I hope you had a wonderful Halloween! Sorry I'm so late getting around!!!


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