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List of 2009 Photo Hunt themes by the week

Today, for the Photo Hunt, we have a "free week" option. I'm assuming not any particular subject; that we choose what we want to share....

Well, of course, I'm gonna try to keep the month long theme going for something dealing with Halloween. When we go out for fast food, I always want McDonald's Fish Fillet Sandwich. I've tried fish sandwiches at other fast food places and always go back to Micky-D's!!! I think it's the dill flavored tartar sauce and the not so dry fillet!! Anyway, after working in the yard one late morning, I didn't want to stop and change clothes and make us was hot, humid, and we were both quite sweaty. I scrubbed my hands and arms, wiped my face a bit...jumped in the car and drove down the street a few blocks...yep, we are conveniently located very close to a McDonald's, a Jack in the Box, a Chicken stop, and a grocery store. Nice, huh? LOL And I don't like going through their drive thru order's a waste of gasoline, it's hard on the car's engine, and besides....having to leave the window open in the car makes it not so air-conditioned. So, I park and go into the cool dining area and order. A virtual graveyard, with tombstones, skeletons, webs, and even 'real live' dirt for crying out loud!!! This is what was there in the front lobby!!! [I'm not so sure the Health Department would look at it as 'cool'....but I thought it was!!!] And, besides, this packaged dirt that you buy [it was purchased dirt, I can tell 'cause I've bought some myself several times] is a lot cleaner than what you have at picnic grounds or ballparks!!! Just above this 'graveyard' and entangled in the webbing was the day's MENU---

Maggot Stew
Assorted Eyeballs
Monster Claws
Bloody Bites
Snail Slime Surprise

and for drink/desserts...

Witch's Brew
Creepy Cookies
Coffin Cake

- - -<><><>- - -


Yep, there is even a Teddy Bear Witch in our home, wearing his special witch's hat, bow tie and waiting patiently....All ready for the special night with his trick or treat pumpkin bag!!

POSTED: Saturday, October 17th, 2009
4:45 A.M.


  1. Happy Halloween and have a great weekend. CY.

  2. I love the way places enter into the spirit of Halloween! (I didn't intend the pun but now that it's there, I like it! :) )

    I wish there was more in the way of decoration for Halloween in Europe - it's much more low key here.

  3. What fun decoration!! I am with A., not very Halloween-ie in Europe.
    Happy weekend and happy PH, my choice is posted here! as you saw it ;D

  4. You know I love your teddybear witch.

  5. oh you're into holloween already. cool

    mine is up too

  6. The health department can get carried away. What a wonderful surprise and what could be more appetizing than dead people?

    Come Visit Silly Saturday

  7. Whoa spooky but the teddy bear is snuggly!

    Here's my entry

  8. How fun! I like Mickey-d's fish sandwich but haven't had one in years!

    Your teddy bear is quite adorable

    Mine's here. Hope you can visit

  9. Hi Anni! LOVED the Halloween Menu, and laughed out loud! Dear Son is wondering what's so funny! Love your cute little bear too! ~tina

  10. Nice choice for the week Anni thanks for sharing...Happy hunting!

  11. Now my mouth is watering for a McDonald's fish sandwich! I think that I had better get off the computer and at least eat breakfast.

  12. Wow Anni how cool was that graveyard at McDonalds... It was SUPER... Loved it!! I always like it when the places I do business decorate for any of the holidays but especially Halloween... Have a spocktacular day my friend!


  13. You're scaring me :)

    I played both too :)

  14. love that menu!!!!!!

  15. That was at a Micky-D's? I love it.

  16. I always love visiting your blog in October, it puts me in such a wonderfully witchy Halloween mood!

    My Photo Hunt entry is up!

  17. I like the spooky graveyard scene, so haunting. Thanks for stopping by.

  18. I haven't had a fish sandwich from fast food in years but Hardees used to have a good one.
    This is so unique. Thanks for sharing.
    Mama Bear

  19. Oh my dad loves Mcdonalds fish sandwhiches. I hope this week is finding you well.


  20. What a cute witchy critter. Thansk for sharing.

  21. Fun post, Anni! Delighted you're keeping up with the Halloween theme! Love what you've done with the place!

  22. I love the Halloween theme! Happy weekend

  23. Ooooh I wish our Mickey D's would decorate for Halloween like that, how awesome!! Pfffttt on the health department, I say the graveyard should stay put! hehe Love the menu as well. lol

    Awwww your witchy teddy bear is so darling, he doesn't scare me one bit! hehe xoxo

  24. I real like the bone yard. Coffee is on and I did photo hunt this week too.

  25. Happy Halloween season to you!

  26. What a cool post, Anni! You sure do like Halloween. ;-)

  27. These are too cute! You are in the spirit of the season! YEAH!