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SPORTS is the key subject for Photo Hunt today.

Erik, crossing the finish line
during the
Honolulu Marathon!!

- - -

Corpus Christi is home to the Hooks. A farm team [an AA affilate] for the Houston Astros, training and learning the ropes of the game in a small community ball field. Hunter Pence, the now regular right fielder for Astros, trained in the Hooks Ballpark/with the Hooks until he was called up for the major league. In 2006 the famed Roger Clemens played ball here when he prepared for his return to the Astros. Clemens' start attracted nationwide attention and a record crowd of 9,022 [I told you it was a small park!]. Clemens struck out 11 batters in six innings on his way to the victory. Tickets were being sold on Ebay for [reported] up to 230 dollars. The team has two...count 'em, TWO mascots. The very first time I go to games in a new park I've not attended, I always play "the oldest kid in town!" I go to the sports shop on the field and buy me a team cap, then, I seek out and find the team's mascot[s] for a photo op. [My favorite that I've met is Dinger, for the Colorado Rockies...he has such a CUTE belly...hehehehe------

Me [on the right LOL!] and "Rusty" --The Hooks' mascot shark

And here I am with the 2nd team's mascot, Sammy the Seagull!!!

- - -<><><>- - -

I realize that I could probably, safely, and correctly, use the two photos above for Camera Critters also. But just for some 'cuteness' on my blog today, I'm sharing this darling critter. I just loved how it was waddling down the pier, trying to not be seen by me. Think again, you sweet thang you!!! I'm not sure, but I think it may be a shore plover.

POSTED: Saturday, October 10th, 2009
5:25 A.M.

[an award I received is posted in another blog, below this]


  1. Nice post, and pictures.

  2. Keep popping in to view what you are still doing for you Halloween month. It is very fascinating, we don't do it the same as over your way, very downbeat occasion here in the UK.
    Looks great fun. Loved visiting over to Granny Quilter, she is amazing for her age.
    Love Granny

  3. Your blog looks amazing! Mom isn't good with changing things and is afraid to change ours.

    Great photos! We like the ones with Sammy the Seagull!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. Well done to Erik! I couldn't even walk a marathon, I don't think, even though I enjoy walking.
    I'm showing my ignorance here of American sports, but I've studied long and hard and I've decided you're talking about baseball in the next part of the post. :)

    Thanks for your visit earlier. Have a great weekend. :)

  5. a shore plover?? didn't know there were such. i love the plovers around here. especially their night calls. bring deep deep emotions to the fore....

  6. Hey great shots. I think the name clemens sounds familiar to this Red Sox Fan

  7. Great pictures. I am a baseball fan too, but sorry, I am for the Braves. LOL
    Your treat picture is terrific. Going right on my blog. Thanks.

  8. Of course, if you were teaching at an Elementary School, you could use those photos to illustrate big and little. :)

  9. Lovely photos! Love your blog design... Happy Halloween!

    My entry is here

  10. Well done! I wanted to do marathon, but it takes time and effort and getting off my butt.

  11. Great shots for the theme...
    Mine's up, too...

  12. Great collection of sports photos.I'll bet your a lot of fun at the ballpark!

    My take on sports is here.

  13. Great take. Thanks for dropping by.

  14. Oh Anni that is pretty cute...Good choice for the theme. Happy hunting!

  15. Great shots, Hootin' Anni! Years ago, I didn't understand why anyone would watch a baseball game; now I love going to the games. The only three home fields I've visited, though, are the ones that are homes to the Rockies, the Nationals and the Braves. So much fun!

    Coongratulations to Erik for even participating in a marathon.


  16. Those are all cute critters - both the mascots and the bird. Congrats on the award too!

  17. Anni,

    What fun it would be to have a photo opp with all of the mascots of the teams. The cap suits you well. I just know you have tons of fun with these guys.

    Enjoyed the photo of the bird. I can just see him trying to pretend you're not there. LOL

    Congratulations on the award below. You are very deserving.

    Have a terrific weekend.

  18. i found out why the sky is orange and blue...
    great photohunt

  19. Congratulations to Erik! I WALKED only a half marathon in San Diego last year, whew! That was en ough to cure me ;o)
    Have a fantastic Saturday!

  20. I admire anyone who runs a marathon! the mascot shots are too fun. thanks for stopping by today.

  21. I'm always in awe of people who take part in and complete marathons...

  22. I real enjoy this post on your local baseball news.

    Coffee is on.

  23. All wonderful 'critters'!
    The bird does look like a plover.
    Love your Halloween template!

    Carletta’s Captures.

  24. I love the idea of getting a team cap and posing with the team mascot!

  25. Fun time at sports events. We enjoy the odd professional sports event as well.

  26. Just love the seagull...the real one looks slighty worried though.

  27. Wow, go Erik! What an accomplishment, to be able to cross the finish line in a marathon!! Sounds like too much exercise for me though. LOL

    Love the pics of you with the mascots, what a great idea to seek them out to have your picture taken with them.

    A shore plover...never heard of them before so I`ve learned something new:-) Hope your weekend is going well dear Anni! xoxo

  28. Lovely blog and photos! I am not sure about the plover id, could be something else. thanks for sharing.

  29. Anonymous10/10/2009

    You know I've always thought I would make a great mascot. LOL. You can just do so many outrageous things LOL. Great photos :) Have a great weekend :)

  30. What a great idea having a photo taken with the mascots. All those photos would make a good scrapbook!

  31. Love the fun pics! :)

  32. nice shots. Happy weekend.

  33. Those are good photos and I agree you could hit two memes with one post. Happy weekend.

  34. wow ! your son did a marathon ? and you look very nice on these pictures. I am not sport at all but my son is ! He plays : Tennis, Golf, Basketball, he is horse riding and diving, sailing and windsurfing. I am already tired when I write this.I don't know anybody in our families who was a sportsman !

  35. Heehee. Very cute mascots! ^^ You look fab as well. :D Great takes on the theme!!

    have a lovely week!

  36. Nice shots. THat is a fun mascot! Happy weekend

  37. I like the mascots. They are cute!

  38. Wow so sporty! Love the last photo especially!

    This is my first time joining photo hunt, hope you can take a peek on my Athlete Spirit entry

  39. Cool that you have a Honolulu Marathon photo! I am watching the Rockies play right now. Brrrr!!!! It looks cold there! I agree that there should be a retractable roof or the MLB should not allow a team there. Much too cold in October at night and this year if they go all the way, the World Series goes into November! (I went to school in Fort Collins) and remember those chilly nights. Thanks for stopping by to see my photohunt post this week :)

  40. Sorry I'm late for photo Hunt but I was away. Hooray for Erik!


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