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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Over the last few days I've added more to my PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG!! [the link I provided here should open in a new page.] And I've integrated the Followers from Blogger's Gadgets AND a new for me feature...for commenting. On the sidebar. If you visit, and wish to comment, don't forget to leave your name so I know who left the particular comment. LOL I'm new to this feature and am not sure if there is a way to link the commentors or not....I'll keep looking for an answer. So in the meantime-----

Today, it's just a bit of an eclectic post. No real theme goes with it. I've had thoughts on certain subjects recently and I haven't had a chance to blog about it. Today I'll just ramble on if you don't mind...

IT'S A JIM CARREY THING...I've been searching off and on for a movie trailer for this, still nothing. I don't understand why Disney is being so very secretive about this. It's beyond me...but I'm not one who works for the P R system of the company, so I can't say why or why not. There has been a special Christmas Carol Train that has traveled across the U S of A for the last few months, promoting the film. The last time I looked at the train's itinerary, I missed it both in the cities closest to me...San Antonio and Houston. :::shrug::: Oh Well! It's really the MOVIE I want to see anyway. As I said, I've searched and searched over and over again, when I think about it, in no avail. Or only to find that the trailers on You Tube have a notice that they're been taken off "by request". Hmmmmm. All I can say about this dilemma is "BAH HUMBUG!" Disney only has the 20 second sneak peek into the upcoming attraction! At least that's the only one I find. In ENGLISH that is. I found this one on You Tube that is dubbed over in what I believe least it gave me more incite as to what expect. And, being one of my most favorite classical writings...I still enjoyed it and count the days to November 6th!

If, for some reason, it's taken down upon request as others, here is the non-embedded link


CRAFTS...I have several craft projects in the irons! One is a camera bag. And I'm crocheting it...making a pattern up as I go. I did searching for crocheted bags online also, and came up with nothing that would work for me. I thought of purchasing a camera bag at the stores...either they're too costly, or they're way too heavy! When I go walking I don't want the excess weight on my shoulders with those klutzy stiffened nylon bags that they have on the shelves. In fact the cost comparison with what they sell and all the materials I need to complete my 'more lightweight' camera bag is similar, so I guess now that I think of it...the cost really doesn't factor into this. So far, it's coming along nicely. At least it's as original and unique as I am. [okay, with that remark, you can all *gag* now!] And it won't be so burdensome on my shoulders with the cutting weight. I hope not, anyway. Besides, it's gonna be a bit more feminine AND purple! Can't go wrong with purple if you want my opinion.

- - -

Another project I'm working on is for Halloween. Well, now, what'dya expect from me? LOL And yes, it's another witch. [Speaking of witches, have you ever looked and drooled over Jim Shore's expensive pieces of Halloween-ery? I have...yep, drool city!] The newest one I've seen is fabulous. A witch of course. And the one last year, entitled Sweet and Sour is so charming in a wictchy way! But not so charming for nearly $50! I can still sit and view them, and wish. I love seeing his art work on those figurines of ANY season!! Anyway, getting back to my project. She'll be one of the cone know, like a treetop figurine? Ya, that kind. I have her body done, and part of her outfit cut out and partially worked. The witch 'head' is one I bought at a craft store long ago. Love the face of course. They're just too enchanting to not giggle at their features. I'm going to try and do this one in particular a bit of Victorian dress....we'll see how it turns out, I again have no pattern. I'm just cutting and working on it as I may just all get filed under drawer 13...the trash bin. Time will tell.


Oh, NUTS!!...Another thought I've been spinning around in my mind, and this is more of a reminder to me to try and remember....Texas Coastal area is loaded with Live Oak Trees. We even find them in strip mall parking lots. And last year, I meant to pick up and collect their acorns for craft projects. Forgot all about it...did find ONE small, tiny one [Live Oak produces smaller acorns] near a Wal Mart last year and kept it....but, I want more. I love "freebies" like this. Now, it's September, and they usually are hanging on the branches as I type this...falling mid September through the beginning of October. I must get going somewhere to search for them. I'd like to have more. Perhaps make another wreath or just maybe lay 'em around with my other Autumn decorations.


Lastly today [hope I haven't bored you too much], the rains came.........

RAIN, RAIN stay awhile....We're still, according to the expert trackers, behind in rainfall by about 14-15 inches total. But the past week or more, there has been a tropical stationary front all around the Texas Gulf Coast. And it's been a blessing. Why, I haven't had to get up in the morning and make sure the sprinkler system was still working [what with power outages], and I haven't had to go out in the early morning hours to water around the places there isn't a sprinkler system...I haven't had to go out and make sure the soaker hose is saturating the ground around the foundation. Oh the joys of having a break in the dreadful dry, dry summer. But, yesterday, while Bud was watching the opening day of the regular season of football games [Yucky Dallas Cowboys which I don't like], I went out and mowed and edged both the lawns, front and back. I rather enjoyed the Autumn-like with a cool breeze [cool for us]. Now, trust me...I'm not complaining on this, but just stating fact...this rain accumulation has brought the elusive mosquitoes out. And...where we had the tree in our front yard cut out, there were new tree shoots [saplings] popping up all over entire front lawn. I spent a good deal of time between rainfall the other day, pulling them out of the soil before they got a chance to get the root system stabilized. By the way, the grass was high, mowing....but, again....I could care less. Let 'er rain some more!! It was sunny on Sunday most of the day, the next huge system moving in from the Southwest is supposed to arrive in our area by Thursday.

acorn image courtesy of Photobucket
Photos of storms from local newspaper

POSTED: Monday, September 14th, 2009
12:23 A.M.


  1. you are full full full of ideas. lovely ideas. and i'm soooo glad the rain finally came...

  2. Glad you finally got some rain!
    I'm looking forward to the Jim Carrey movie too. I've always like Scrooge and Jim Carrey is such a good actor. I heard he plays the parts of all the ghosts as well as Scrooge.

  3. Wonderful showers of blessing! That is awesome. The little trees trying to grow - annoyance!

    I love random posts - it's what I do best, it seems. I can't wait to see a picture of your camera bag. Speaking of cameras - your pictures are wonderful. I couldn't spot where to comment. I especially love the pelican ones - I love shooting the pelicans on our lake in the middle of town.

    And the Broncos pulled it off!

    Have a fabulous week!

  4. Even here where it rains all the time, this summer has rather been dry. I even had to water the flowers in the garden which I hadn't done since ages !

  5. Hi Anni! I have heard about this new version of A Christmas Carol.. with Jim Carey, and made much like the way Polar Express was! I'm kinda partial to the one with the muppets, (0; and even one with Henry Winkler... but I have to admit I'm really looking forward to seeing this one! The craft projects you have going all sound so intriguing, I can't wait to see ALL of them! I've been working on an afghan over the weekend. Today, I'm trying to get some housework out of the way, and just thought I pay you a visit while I was taking a wee coffee break! Maybe I'll post in a little while, after I've gotten a few more things done around here.. Hope your Monday is a good one to you! ~tina

  6. Wow the new Scrooge looks amazing and the graphics are great as usual for Disney. I think Jim Carrey will make a great Scrooge, he has so many voice talents :0) Have a blessed day.


  7. Anni,

    Thanks for posting the trailer on Disney's Christmas Carol. It looks awesome. Hope we can get to see it with the boys. They'll love it. I hadn't heard about his movie, so thanks for the heads-up.

    Your witch is going to be stunning and the new Jim Shore one is awesome. I would love to have her but $50...I will just look. LOL

    Glad you got some much needed rain and hope you get some more...not heavy rain but three or four days of a nice gentle rain.

    Thanks for your comments on the War of 1812 reenactment. It was a beautiful place to spend the day. We plan on going back sometime.

    Enjoy your week, my friend.

  8. I didn't even know that Jim Carrey had made this new movie...gosh, I'm way behind on my celebrity news! lol After watching the trailer, I, too, now look forward to seeing that movie!!

    Love the idea of a crocheted camera bag...leave it to you to think of doing that! See, you ARE unique and original! hehe Can't wait to see your new witch project as well. I was at Home Sense the other day and they had all kinds of witches out on display...wish I could have bought them all to send them to you!

    Hope you're able to get more Live Oak acorns, they sure do look different from the acorns we get over here! Glad you're getting much needed rain as well. It's been nothing but sunshine here for 2 weeks but the night before last, we had a good rain come through and although it didn't last very long, it felt good to have.

    Thank you for your friendship, dear Anni. xoxo

  9. II'm glad you are finally getting rain down there in feast or famine Texas. I know you folks need water. I have a daughter in Austin.

  10. Anonymous9/14/2009

    What a great post my friend. I'm following your photo blog now :) Oh the rain...plenty of it sometimes is feast for famine. Have a great week :)

  11. Your photo blog is beautiful!! We've been getting lots of rain in the Dallas area too. Enough, I'm ready for the sun to come back!

  12. You sure have a lot going on right now! Oh and by the way, I haven't even heard of this movie yet. They really are keeping it quite. It looks (not sound, since I don't understand hungaria) like it's going to be great. I have also always loved this tale! We even tried to de-scrouge my g-pa one year for christmas. Very fun.
    You'll have to post pictures of your bag when you complete it. I am rather curious to see it. And your photography site is beautiful. You are a fantastic photographer. I keep checking it. Thanks for stopping by today!

  13. Hey Anni, I'm back with some words for you. Glad you got my name figured out. It confuses quite a few people!
    I'm trying to be nice with these words, so I hope these are good ones!