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Ahoy, matey!!! If you frequently visit, you know by now that our dining room is normally done in nautical motif/decor [exception for holidays]. For the window covering, I have horizontal Venetian Blinds and then, I've 'swagged' fish net on each side of the window frame. For tiebacks I use the nautical boat glass floats [aka witches balls]...tied in jute. The glass floats have been intertwined in fish netting and shrimpers and sailors superstitions thought they warded off evil spirits on the high seas, keeping danger at bay. Today, as in Celtic history they were used to ward off a witch's evil doings by hanging them at the threshold or near a window opening. I have used two colors, red and in a boat's or ship's navigation safety. Red on the port side...[left] ---someone told me long ago, that port has four letters as does LEFT, this way you can keep it straight in your mind [port vs. starboard]; green is starboard. This is as you approach head on. [There is also a nautical law that your ship/ be it airship or seaworthy, there should be a white light at the rear. So, my Ruby Tuesday is the port side of the window!!

- - -<><><>- - -

In Downtown Corpus Christi, you can walk along a street that butts against the Bay and near the end...just feet from the Ships' Channel and Harbor Bridge, you can see a street that runs on the northeastern and quickly curves more northwesterly at the outskirts of the business district of the city. At this point you're technically at the beginning of one of Texas' massive Interstate Highway's Numbered....Interstate 37. And it ends at San Antonio. On your right as you make a left off the coastal boulevard in town, heading north you'll see the mile marker "0" While walking downtown the other day, I was wondering if perhaps this is the shortest Interstate Highway. Well, it's not even close. [Shortest (signed - posted): 1.06 mi (1.71 km): I-375 in downtown Detroit, Michigan.] Tho I-37 is only 143 miles from point A to point B.
I know I've been, many a times, on the HIGHEST Interstate Highway [sometimes even having to stop in the middle of our trip westward, to put tire chains on required by law in the winter sometimes!]....that's Interstate 70 going over the Continental Divide at the point of Eisenhower Tunnel....going under the Rocky Mountain Range. Either westward from Denver...OR coming eastward from the Western Slope...and perhaps the Utah state border or maybe Grand Junction Colorado. I-70 is approximately 450 miles give or take a few...stretching from the plains of the Kansas state border through Colorado's largest city...Denver, and over the Rocky Mountains to the red soil of the neighboring state, Utah.

While searching for the shortest Interstate highway, I came upon Wikipedia's page and read some....President Dwight D. Eisenhower, championed its formation. The entire system, as of 2006, has a total length of 46,876 miles (75,440 km), making it both the largest highway system in the world and the largest public works project in history. The Interstate Highway System is a subsystem of the National Highway System. The northernmost point is respectively on degree marker 49...which has Washington State, Montana, and North Dakota's interstates. The southernmost is H-1...Interstate Highway on the Island of Oahu. [it's only reported as being 1/2 mile, wouldn't that be the 'shortest' instead of Michigan? I'm not sure why...maybe it's not a posted-signed...I'm just reading folks...that's what it says here.] The lowest on land is in California...but there is a section of Interstate that goes UNDER water in Maryland too! The longest, now get I-90!! At over 3 thousand miles it covers area from Massachusetts to Washington state. The widest, being 15 lanes deep is in Atlanta Georgia and the narrowest is two lanes in New Hampshire. State with the MOST interstate highways is TEXAS!! There, I knew Texas wouldn't be left out. Finally, I found Texas in the stats. LOLOLOL

POSTED: Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009
1:00 A.M.


  1. Anonymous9/22/2009

    I know where they are talking about and if you go back and look at the Wikipedia entry I believe the distinction, which you notice when you live in Hawai'i is that they always say, what we call here the mainland and most on the mainland call the contiguous 48, is that they are referring to the mainland in one line and then Hawai'i on the next for the shortest. I'm confused about the shortest also as the one referring to Hawai'i is direction and the one in Michigan is in length. It seems to me to be comparing apples to oranges. I give up LOL. And thanks for the port = left. I will never forget that now. I always have to stop and really think about that. No longer :) Have a great day

  2. THANK YOU!!!!! anni, now i too will remember forever and ever where port and starboard is.

  3. With Texas' reputation, I'm surprised it didn't have the biggest interstate. :)

  4. Oh Sew Good Yes!!! You got my drift on my post....with Texas, y'know, everything revolves around the state. But like Sgt. Friday said "Facts is facts, ma'am!"

  5. A red roving eye
    shrouded in strands of brown jute—
    how much does it see?

    My Ruby Tuesday

  6. A beautiful ruby 'something'! Very nautical anyway!

  7. So the dinning room is like a boat, now you only have to have it going up and down too.



  8. Hey Anni, I live 10 minutes from Port Phillip Bay and nautical things are so obviously abundant here. But not for things like your float. More touristy things abound here. I prefer your float and the more traditional items associated with the sea. Thanks for the visit and comment. :)

  9. Interesting stuff about the Interstates. They make travel easier, but much less interesting!

    When I lived in Omaha as a teen, I-80 stopped there for a couple of miles - you had to go into the awful downtown area and catch it again. Took years to finish it.

    Great picture of the tunnel!

  10. wow how many times have a seen those glass nautical balls and i had know idea their story. Thanks!
    ALso thanks for wetting me strraight about my link. :( three strikes and I'm out!

  11. I would love your dining room. We have a family room done in nautical.

  12. I love your shot for RT, my husband taught me about the nautical terms and I know them well :)
    Beautiful fall layout!!

  13. Oh my I am a hootin and a hollerin over here pretty lady at the fish net design in your dinning room. I think that is so creative and neat. Your designing techniqe is amazing.

    Blessing to you and yours,

  14. That is very beautiful red fishnet weight, nice decoration ! Nice story also and interesting !!!!

  15. Well, aren't you just full of information this morning.
    I love your new header. Maybe, I should ask you to do mine.
    Mama Bear

  16. Wow, you have a lovely new header, fall is my favorite season but here only have summer.

  17. Actually, Anni, I was talking about the new one for the year which I want to do for November. I'm looking for a bear background and header. But if you do one for me for Fall, that will be great.
    Mama Bear

  18. Mama BearI just posted in your comments for a link to the one I made...for Autumn. LOL

    I'll keep my eye open for BEARS. Do you prefer Polar Bears then?

  19. I learned something new today I've never even heard of a withces ball. I have read a lot of books that included sailing and have read port and starboard many, many times, but I think I just might be able to keep them straight now.
    I love your nautical decor. The witches ball was fantastic.
    Thanks for sharing!
    If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

  20. Anni, here is my email,

    I do not have yours so I couldn't thank you any other way but here. I love it and it is up. You are fast, girl

    I would be happy to pay you to design my background and header for the coming year. My blogiversary is November 15. I am looking for some bear background and header. And I like the Bible verse I have up there.
    Mama Bear
    Mama Bear

  21. ...and now you've made me a sailor. That business about port and starboard was new to me. I learn something every time I visit. Have a great day, Anni.

  22. dear hootin' annie
    i just noticed in your profile.
    you are 60.
    are your in the elite group of the 49 ers?
    felisol and i are!
    thank you so much for your kind visit..

    i notice from this great post that you so love your maryland!
    as i was scanning down your blog, i noticed those sweet pictures of your mom and daddy and gramma and sweet!
    i see that you belong to so many different do you find the time?
    you are like our dedicated.
    i find it is all i can do to keep up with ruby red!...
    thank you again dear terry

  23. Thanks for the kind comment today - the description of your friend's dad fits mine as well - especially the ornery part!

  24. HI!!!
    Popped over from Charlotte at a home in scottsdale!!! I love the mouse over post, I need to see it written down to learn anything on here!!!!
    So thanks for sharing that!!!!
    I also loved your highway info, I have been to all 50 states and some of that info I did not know!!!!
    Very interesting!!!!
    glad to find you!!!!

  25. A wonderful ruby!
    When I moved to my new home my daughter inherited the witch's balls that I had in a bathroom. Her bathroom is a nautical theme now.

  26. How cool design in your window.
    Lovely post.

  27. Anni, I didn't know witches HAD balls! Oh, I am being baaad... Seriously, I have seen these and just knew that they had a nautical relationship. I like your ruby red one! Thanks for all the interstate info. and the port side/left side hint. I never could get it right- how simple this is now! Thanks for coming by to see my red kitchen.
    :-) Sue

  28. Your blog is so interesting, always.

  29. Hello dear Anni:-)

    Yup, I'm back from my weekend trip and now in the land of blogging once again! hehe I want to go see your dining room in person so I'm picking up Mary and we're heading your way...wish it was that easy, eh? lol I just love the idea of having it all decorated with the nautical theme and how cool is that, having netting, jute and the balls of a witch...I mean witch's a window dressing!! Gorgeous!!

    Very interesting about the interstates as all sounds so complicated to me, though, and I'd probably get lost all over the place! lol But like my mother in law used to say..."how can anyone get lost, just follow the road!" She kind of made sense there! hehe

    Love, love, love your new Autumn decor on here! I must find time this week to get my blog changed for the season. xoxo

  30. Great pictures, we also have plenty of tunnels around here, but I don't have any picture of them. Happy RT and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  31. Nautical I love it so. I think I may just steal your idea for my children s room.

  32. Lovely nautical glass balls in red.
    I learned something about Celtic history that I'll have to share with my husband "to ward off witch's evil doings by hanging in the threshold or window opening".
    Very interesting on the Texas interstates.Thanks for sharing.

  33. Anni,

    Very interesting post. The witches balls have always intrigued me. Very pretty. Interesting how to keep the port and starboard sides straight. I never could do that but now I'll remember the lesson you taught.

    Enjoyed learning about you Interstate system. I remember you talking about having to put chains on when you were near the Continental Divide. I would love to see it.

    Hope you had a great day, my friend. I'm a bit late visiting today...or by my clock (12:01 am) tomorrow.


  34. PS. Love your autumn decor.

  35. So interesting about the red and green glass balls. Bet they look great.

  36. That's very artistic. Happy RT! Thanks for visiting my entry. :)

  37. Very interesting. First time I heard of that. I will keep that in mind. TFS!

    My entries:
    Moms... Check Nyo

  38. Interesting information. I like your nautical theme. Thanks for sharing. :)