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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

MY WEDNESDAY meme photo follows below my rant.....

I'm a wuss!!! After having nearly 100 degrees each day for the last 3 months or so...I'm freezing my toochie off this morning. And to think, 15 years or so in the bygone days of Colorado living, this would be shorts and shirt sleeve weather!!! Not any more. I need my long johns!! But, in all reality, we got a nice rainstorm yesterday, and it's overcast right now [6AM]...and I WILL enjoy the cool. But I'll need to put my shorts away for the day and get some longer legs...JEANS!! And probably a sweatshirt!! ROFL At least 'til midmorning!! When the ol' temp shows me it's nearing the 80 degree mark. The winds this morning and the dampness from the storms yesterday make it feel
like low 60s or even maybe kinda sorta...the high 50s?!!! I AM a wuss!!