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What's on your computer's wallpaper? I oftentimes change mine with the season. My favorite Springtime wallpaper is titled "outdoor" so I figured this would be a good time to show the photo. This, of course, is a cropped version [smaller in pixel size to load a lot quicker for my blog]. I took this photo several years ago at a lake in our city. Actually, it's a lake in a park! And there is a lot of wildlife making their home here. From ducks to geese to other water fowl. If you look closely in the water you may catch a glimpse of turtles. I love how the lake is surrounded with twisted gnarled willow trees...I think the animals do too. I was lucky that day while out walking the park...I caught a few turtles sunning themselves on a branch outcropping....

- - -<><><>- - -

Bud and I finished with decorating the interior of the house last night. Everything that we have is out on display. He is contemplating a few things for outdoors, but that, knowing him, will take time. He's more of a perfectionist than I. Anyway....we have a pumpkin corner [in fact two corners, LOL], a ghost section [we don't have too many of those], skull dungeon [the fireplace & mantle], a spot from the living room entertainment center....through the dining room/kitchen area all around to the library we have a Witches Alley. Bud even added a few clouds [with the artificial webbing] in the dining room where he put up a couple of flying witches. So it's done. October first will now be at our home with a spooky flair. Photos of all our work will be forthcoming.

I went and bought the purple lining for my camera bag yesterday and brought that home....we had a downpour when I was out and about...couldn't see the front end of the hood on the car it rained that fast and heavily! Kinda scary...dark as night [it was around 1PM], streets flooding up quickly, and the worst part---maniac drivers who think that their 4 wheel drive vehicles can't hydroplane!!! I was ever so thankful to get back, parked safely in the garage.

While at the fabric store choosing my material, I thought I'd walk over to Barnes n Noble and pick up the book that just came out this month for Bud! I knew he'd appreciate it. He's been wanting to get it since its release. Thing is, I'm sure I'll be the first one to read it. It's by Dan Brown....

I skimmed through the prologue last night. Now my sister lived in Washington D.C. for about ten years, on "D" Street, just blocks from the capitol where she worked for Senator Allot. Part of that time she lived there, I spent some summer months with her. She was single, I was single [but a lot younger than she] and we oftentimes painted the town. I know the area quite well. So, I'm thinking this will be an easy read, and an interesting read for me since it takes place in D.C. According to the prologue, the book is fiction [of course] but like the opening of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid movie Mr. Brown states that most of what follows is true! Well, places, anyway. LOL Has anyone read it yet? Is it good? I enjoyed the Da Vinci Code better than Angels and Demons when I read those....Bud, just the opposite. I just hope it's as good a thriller as the previous two best sellers.

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POSTED: Wednesday, September 30th 2009
4:30 A.M.


  1. My hubby and my daughter both want that new book! I haven't changed my wallpaper since I bought the computer years ago. I should. Yours is just lovely!

  2. Great photo! Right now I have a picture on my desktop that came with the computer. I like the simplicity of it, it's b&w macro of almost transparent leaves!

    I bought Lost Symbol, have not had time to sit down and get absorbed. I loved both the DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons, and so want to get lost in this book too! I lived outside of DC for a few years, and it is fun reading a book set in an area you know!


  3. I just finished The Lost Symbol. Many will find it thought provoking. Dan Brown spins quite a yarn. Happy reading.

  4. Hello ~
    I saw your Go Rockies and had to say Hi !
    I live in Colorado....

  5. Aahhh!! I love fall, too!!

    Let me know what you think of the Dan Brown book. I'd love to hear your opinion before I read it.

    You know I totally respect your opinion on everything. Everything except baseball, that is... *wink-wink!!*

  6. right now I have The Arizona sky on one and Honeysuckle on another. I do the same thing changing my screen saver often. Happy WW

  7. he's got a new book out???? now i have to read that. i've read all this others and loooooved them. and yeah, tomorrow is the first of october. and the 2nd calandar month of spring here. okay, the trees are green, the plants are growing much much faster and we've had the ODD warm day, but someone has forgotten to change the temperature setting up there?!?!?!?!?!

  8. I like that picture. It looks so peaceful. I've had a picture of my son as my wallpaper for some time, but I changed it after we went to Colorado. Now it's a picture of the abandoned gold mine we went to.

  9. I am waiting for the first pictures of your Halloween decoration ! My skeletons are still in the wardrobe, hehehe !

  10. Love the shot with the turtles.

  11. I enjoyed Angels & Demons more than The DaVinci Code, but I guess it's a personal thing. Here in Italy the book will be out the 29 october, and I just couldn't resist, so I bought it in english, I'm 25 pages from the end, I really had a pleasing time reading it, but Angels ___ is still my fav.
    Gracie at

  12. I don't do Dan Brown, but Kristen really liked the latest book.

    Love the picture of the turtle on the branch!

    We don't have to do those silly inspections any more - YAY!!

    Happy last day of September! I'm not doing another post until more people come to visit!

  13. I can't wait to see the pictures of your decorating job. Sounds like a lot of work!
    I have to agree with Bud on the books. I prefered Angels and Demons better than the DaVinci Code. That's not to say I didn't like TDC. I can't wait to start this new one. I just have to make it into the book store to pick it up.
    PS I love your new look! I LOVE Halloween. But when I hit the post a comment button and that voice started talking, my three year old, Emma, came running over, "Who is that scary man mommy?"

  14. Anonymous9/30/2009

    I love the Rockies I had a vintage T-shirt (ok vintage to me) but lost it several years ago now I have to chear them on without it!
    Love the WW shot and I do see those little turtles there sunning on the log!
    Have a great WW!

  15. LOve that shot and your header is terific.
    Have a nice day

  16. Anni, your blog is always wonderful to look at. Very easy on the eyes. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  17. Anonymous9/30/2009

    Great new theme my friend and so appropriate. Excellent we both have turles on our blogs :) There's a little something on my blog for ya. Have a great day :) Aloha

  18. Anonymous9/30/2009

    OMG I had to come back and make a comment about your post about realizing what day it is....too funny...we've all been there. I so hope for your sake and for a sake of a rant on your blog from you that they are...wait a minute I might like to read about the rant on their service ROFLMAO

  19. I won't quit blogging - I just meant to say that I am not going to do another post for a few more days probably. My visitors are down so much - wish I didn't have to be private!! Thanks for being a loyal friend - I can't stop blogging!

  20. Your photo would fit into many categories, I think. Nice shot.

    Eager to hear how you like Dan Brown's new one. I loved The DaVinci Code!

  21. Annie, With Kelli not hosting Show and Tell Friday anymore, stay in touch. I do love it when you come by. I smiled as I saw your blog dress today, I love Best Witches! I one of those! lol I will be having surgery on Oct 21 so I will be off the radar of Blogland for a while. Stop by sometimes and leave me a comment it always brightens my day!

  22. I love your blog look sweetie, you are the coolest.

  23. Anni,

    Love your description of all your decorations and love your new blog decor. Halloween is a fun time on your blog. I did grab your sweet treat for the week.

    Glad you remembered the safety sticker. I'm just waiting to see if they are taking Dwight's license before I buy my tags. No sense buying two tags if there's only one driver.

    A new book is always a treat. I bought myself one last night at the drugstore for $ was marked down from $14.99.

    Posted an update. Today was an exhausting day. Missed emailing you.


  24. I love the setting and the turtles! We used to live near a pond full of turtles, I kind of miss them.

    Calico Contemplations

  25. Hi Ms Annie!

    What fantastic work you have done here!

    Love October for the fun and frolic, looks like yours will be a spot I will come visit often, I should warn you I love Candy Corn ;)

    If you get a chance please stop by and say hi!

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥