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Against our south wall in our dining room, we have a signed and numbered print of dolphins in the sea. It was a 'must have' when I saw it. I had Bud make me a sea mist gray stained frame and I cut and made the matting and added sparkles to it as the water sometimes sparkles in the sunlight.... the 2nd photo on top has an outline showing the number of print #273/850. The artist's signature is Randall Scott [he is quite a wonderful marinelife artist!!] A lot can be viewed online. A great talent! A scuba diver, he paints what he finds while diving, mostly....
As dolphins are something I've been interested in for years, and getting a chance of actually touching them [tho the stingray was nearly as silky feeling as the dolphins, I'd much prefer the dolphins!]...I felt a special bond and just wanted this painting so badly. These are the best I could do with the camera for closeups without the flash glare. Can you feel the emotion and the friendship of these creatures as I can? Stepping up close and getting personal, even in the painting above I just can't help but smile and feel comfort watching the face come alive. It's like a magical aquarium in our home; nearly covering the entire width of the wall.

- - -<><><>- - -


As her foothold broke
the forest mists,
she entered a new world.
The clearing gave her relief.
Still she was lost...
In front of her with
each step taken, she looked ahead.
Beyond, was a new world...
something to explore and learn.
The mist left behind,
continuing forward....
LIFE; each step, drifting
toward the unknown.

POSTED: Friday, September 25th, 2009
4:50 A.M.


  1. Anonymous9/25/2009

    Love your 55 my friend. It is just awesome. Life is so full of unknowns. Very well done. Love the pictures my friend. Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend to you :) Aloha

  2. I love dolphins too. What a stunning pic!

    I also love your Flash 55. An amazing poem!

    Have a fantastic weekend!


  3. I like dolphin too, and I saw some of them while sailing to the Isle d'Ouessant (north France) they were swimming beside the boat with us, what a beautiful sight they were!
    Gracie at

  4. Anonymous9/25/2009

    I always love reading your words. They are so inspiring, well thought out and uplifting. Also love the dolphins. I have such an affinity for them I have a very special one I take with me every where I go [grin].

    Hope you enjoy my 55 for this week.


    Chef Kar

  5. Very poetic 55. Makes one think.

    Mine is posted


  6. Very pretty! They sure look real. The last print reminded me of Dark Shadows, the soap opera of the 60's. I just finished watching that series.
    Great post.

  7. I love those dolphin pictures, Anni. Dolphins are such beautiful creatures and we seem to feel an empathy with them and they with us. Just lovely...

  8. Hi Anni! Your painting is beautiful, and from here almost looks more like a photo! I have loved dolphins ever since I was a girl. A mall here used to actually bring a big swimming pool in for dolphins to swim in, for people to see! Of course they don't do this any more, so younger people can hardly believe me when I tell them this, but they did!.. and I've just been fascinated with them ever since! ~tina

  9. Sounds like my life . . . never know where I'm going or what's around the corner - it's great!

  10. We dragons never know what's coming either. Great 55

  11. What a gorgeous painting. It really is so pretty. I also really like your Fall header, too cute. Hugs, Marty

  12. I really love your 55. Life is unpredictable at best.


  13. I've touched a dolphin too; they are silky and so very graceful.

  14. Great "55"...LIFE: toward the unknown, yep! And fearing it NOT!

  15. That's just how life should be. Excellently done.

  16. These dolphine pictures are very beautiful and the frames too ! congrats to Bud ! He must have golden hands !

  17. I love dolphins!! what a great idea, your wall would make me smile too!

  18. what an amazing 55, i just was taken away. and the dolphin pic was absolutely mythical great frame job!!

  19. You've got some nice imagery going this week.

  20. Wow, that picture takes you to a "hidden" world doesn't it?

    Now you ave me curious about "flash 55". I have never heard of that but, enjoyed your words!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  21. I like your poetic ones Dear Anni... really good!
    Outstanding, beautiful and the image as well.
    Thank you!
    pS. I love your new template again!!! How do you it?

  22. Love the dolphin artwork. How unique! I love dolphins. They are such wonderful creatures.

    Hey, when will you be putting out all of your witches? I remember them from last year.

    Have a great day!

  23. I love your dolphins. How fortunate you are to have a signed print. Have a great day.

  24. Lovely words to dwell on, then live by. Beautifully done 55!

  25. One word....Flashlight!!

    Beautiful 55 Annie....

    Of course all of your work is beautiful!

    Thanks for helping me out today as well...You Rock!

    Have a Kick-Ass Week-End Girl....G

  26. I couldn't stop reading your enchanting enchanted narrative...Happy autumn.

  27. Your painting is wonderful! I also love your cute header.


  28. Amazing 55 on how this life really works!

    So well done!

  29. I love how you change things every time I come to visit! Loved everything today! Especially the painting and the 55! You are so talented and make this look so easy!

  30. I really love dolphins.

  31. I really like the Fall header on your blog!

  32. I can see why you really wanted this painting, it's gorgeous! Love the idea you had to add sparkles on the matting. When Shawn & Wendy were in Mexico the year before they got married there, they had experienced swimming with dolphins and even riding them! Shawn had made me a copy of the video that had been made of them and it's fabulous. I've only seen them at Marineland in Niagara Falls but they are a favourite to watch:-) Have a great weekend, my friend, and yes it is only Friday today! LOL xoxo

  33. I admit I have been a horrible blogger lately. I'm so glad I stopped by today. I have always loved dolphins, too, and your pictures are just grand!
    While on vacation in Mau'i, we were snorkeling in a bay recommended by some locals, and we ran into a pod of wild spinner dolphins. I will never forget the joy I experienced. They would swim just close enough to tease then back off. We could hear them "talk." It was such a blessing!
    Your poem is heartfelt, and the one above is how I feel when fall comes.

  34. The dolphin pictures are lovely! I live 20 minutes from the ocean, and in the intercoastal waterway, which runs through my town, we often see dolphins.

  35. Hi again! I first heard about your blog through Aunt PittyPat's blog, if I remember right!.. I have enjoyed reading your post with either my first morning cups of coffee, or with my glass of wine (or cold beer, depending on my day, I suppose!) at the end of a day!.. So, I have an award that awaits you on my most recent post, as I am very grateful to meet and get to know you! ~tina

  36. Beautiful -- the words, the sentiment, the photo!

  37. Oh, Anni, the dolphin art is beautiful, especially the way you framed it!

  38. Anni,

    I absolutely love the dolphin print. You and Bud did a fantastic job of matting and framing it. I too like dolphins, but Michelle is absolutely awed by them. Magical creatures!!!

    Hope you had a good day. I'm still recuperating. Enjoy your weekend.

  39. Outstanding Dolphin painting. How lucky are you! Yes, I believe we have a connection with dolphins. I used to see them quite often off the beach on Anna Maria. One time a dead one, not too old, washed up on the beach. After I called the MOTE Marine labs, up by Sarasota, I sat there with her and cried till they came. It was quite moving to me that she had died.

  40. You just never cease to amaze me with your talents! I love coming to visit you! Great words, Great picture, Great post!
    Thanks for stopping by my lame post today.

  41. A great poem for flash 55 and a wonderful photo to go with it.

    Find my Flash 55 for this week HERE.

  42. wow, you 55 echoes in me. the picture is very clear in my mind...

  43. wow! those are great words to describe Life!