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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

My Outdoor Wednesday/Wordful Wednesday is below this rant!!!

I voted on the Democratic ticket in 2008....I've, in the past, voted Republican...other times I've voted for the "Pat Paulsons" of the ticket [per sé] when I don't agree with either of the prominent parties! I've been leery of the Health Care Reform...and still am. Our President and his advisories have not and will not convince me it's to 'better the nation' sounds to me like something from the V A Hospitals! They're government run...and believe me, you don't want to believe all you hear these days about how efficient and trustworthy the V A hospitals are....I have a whole triple generation of grandparent, my father, my dear Bud and now a son. We all agree that the menial work done with a patient is considered just adequate...but when it comes to larger situations and even life or death health's not all it's rumored to be!!! Have you been to an American Veteran's Hospital? Have you ever wondered just how these doctors became doctors/surgeons/specialists....through the military? Ask yourself "Why on EARTH, if you could be in private practice making millions of dollars in your career's lifespan, why would you become a doctor through the military?" Are they not quite practiced enough to be on their own or in partnership in the 'business' world? Did they flunk in college...or cheat to pass? Tell me, if you had your druthers...would you accept a position in the government establishments with low pay and less benefits instead of having your own private practice? And Obama and other Dems, are trying to whitewash the whole scenario for us to make it sound like one super - most worthy cause of the administration as his priority job? I don't think so!!! I've seen government hospitals, doctors' daily practices...the slipshod nursing, the generic's not such an excellent picture! Here's another thing...Medicare and Medicaid...they too are government operations...not stable!!! Then, Social Security....again something that is falling apart as we live day to day. The new "Cash for Clunkers" where you buy a new car to get the old gas guzzlers off the road to save on oil....if you're lucky ---perhaps your car can be on the list the government set up....did you know that they don't approve the models OLDER than 1990? Does that ring a bell?-------another situational circumstance that this is another political faux pas!!!! AND!!!!----believe it or not, if you trade in one of the clunkers on the can buy and get a $4500 rebate when you purchase a HUMMER? Hmmmmmm. Yep, one of the models of the gas guzzling HUMMERS is on the list!! Now, I read this:
    When car dealers start doing business with the federal government, whaddya expect? Perfect harmony? Of course not. Several weeks into the "cash for clunkers" program it turns out that delivering a couple of billion dollars worth of rebates to hundreds of thousands of car buyers can generate a few flat tires. The Department of Transportation's latest update on the Car Allowance Rebate System shows that the government has received applications for about 412,000 rebates totaling $1.7 billion. But so far, the feds have approved only a fraction of those, leaving dealers furious. The Transportation Department won't say exactly what the rejection rate is, but in an Automotive News survey, some dealers said up to 80 percent of their rebate applications had been rejected. Some dealers are waiting for payments totaling as much as $200,000, the survey found. About 13 percent of dealers said they've suspended clunker deals because of red tape and concern about getting paid by the government.
This story does NOT surprise me in the least. I also read that General Motors is now building more cars? Well ya-a!! That's because the American consumer is so gullible it bloggles the mind!!! They're seeing this as a golden get another car loan!!! And on top of that, sure! it's gonna make the economy look more sound! Sure the recession is looking better....right NOW...But it's still gonna backfire!!! I've seen this coming for years....people [the majority...the consumer] do NOT know how to live without credit. As I type, the word has "con" in the buyer once again being 'conned' into some government action that is not going to hold up to its promises? In Sarah P's words...."You betcha"!!

The other day on the National News I listened to teenagers, getting supplies and clothes for the new school in particular I still shake my head at in disbelief!----She said "I won't be buying too many clothes this budget is cut in half." Oh dear...s'pose mommy and daddy are not letting her charge it this time? Then another teen-aged girl said when asked about her finances: "I won't be buying an $80.00 sweatshirt any more...that's too costly." OMG!!!! I wouldn't buy a sweatshirt for $80 if I was a millionaire!!!

More and more...I think that the capitol hill is run by idiots!! No matter WHICH party affiliates they are!!! The Republicans and Democrats...both parties have good and bad these days...the last eight years of the Republicans got us here where we are now...and I'm not saying the Democrats are any better!!! The consumers are going to soon go back into the buying modes...faster pace, than right now at least, but I sure hope some of them have learned their lessons and learned well!!! And I don't blame the car dealerships bowing out when they're not being reimbursed for this fiasco!

Read the rest of the story about car dealerships HERE
[photo borrowed from the link provided, no copyright infringement intended...used to educate the public]

(cash photo found @ fotosearch)

PUBLISHED August 18th, 2009
3:15 PM