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definition 1: "cover or stiffen or glaze a porous material with size or sizing (a glutinous substance)
# any glutinous material used to fill pores in surfaces or to stiffen fabrics; "size gives body to a fabric"

No, the red flower isn't my RUBY Tuesday...that photo is below --This first is Heads 'r' Tails...To size something such as a craft project you need to size it...make it stiffened. Especially with something like a crocheted object that has been crocheted with cotton thread. Such as this angel I made for a special person one Christmas when we had a 'secret santa' project. After the craft is complete, you would need to make it 'standable' by stiffening it with 'sizing'.

The strength of the size would be determined on how 'stiff' you want it to be. With this angel, since I wanted it free standing, I used a glue sizing that was mixed with a ratio of 1/2 glue and 1/2 water. You'd saturate your project by completely immersing the item into the glue size [sizing] and then prepare it to the form and shape you want using straight pins. Let it completely dry and remove it from the stand you made use of such as a plastic water bottle or something that is non-stick as your glue size dries.....

defintion 2: "the actual state of affairs; "that's the size of the situation"

I love the political satire and the caricatures of the editorial section and cartoon clippings of our local newspaper. Isn't our president the cutest here? [just all in fun] And he is literally dropping in popularity quicker than any other elected president of the United States. Personally, I have oftentimes hinted to Bud that in just the short while Mr. O has taken office, he is making me a much more conservative Democrat than I've ever been. And, very recently I've even been heard uttering below my normal whisper that perhaps the man will take me to change my registration. Who knows. But this week, it will mark his 200th day in office. And, for fun [no one will know HOW you voted] take my unoffical poll and tell me/others just what you think of him. Even if you aren't an American Citizen, I'm sure you've heard enough about our country's leader to know enough about how he's taking the change of our country's status and leading us into whatever realm he's taking....

SIZE UP President Obama
He's doing an outstanding job!
I'm not happy with his actions so far!
No opinion
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My Ruby Tuesday is this:

Taken outside the master bedroom window...a sky covered in rubies and sapphires!! And just minutes before the same sky was sparkling with 'diamonds'.

Posted: August 4th, 2009
12:01 A.M.


  1. your ruby tuesday sky is magnificent!

  2. Fantastic sky there Anni.
    Thanks for the idea of stiffening cotton crochet, I often wondered how it was done.
    I did the vote on Obama, seems it stands at 50/50 for now. From over here to me in the UK, it looks like he is doing a good job... he has a lot to challenge him. but then next to Brown anyone looks good!!! LOL
    Love Granny

  3. What a fantastic sky and perfect shot for RT!!
    Hi, Anni, I am back, I am visiting, and I am loving it :)

  4. Anonymous8/04/2009

    Love your RT. That photo is great. Why is it I'm not surprised on the resulsts of this poll, however unscientific it is. I hope Dianne doesn't see this LOL. I'm ducking if she does :) Have a great day :)

  5. Hello, I love your blog and your poll on obama...

    The picture for Ruby Tuesay is gorgeous and I envy you that scene from your bedroom window.

    Please come and visit with me.


  6. I'm impressed by the angel - nice job! The RT picture is gorgeous!

  7. Now I forget, is it red sky- sailors delight? Nice Lens Capture, happy RT
    My Link to RT is n my name:-)

  8. your poll is so polite . I would be not so nice..Loved the size post

  9. Wonderful view! Rubies and Sapphires indeed! Thanks for the info on the butterfly. judi

  10. Your Ruby sky is breathtaking! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. Beautiful red.....

  12. Whoa! Now that is a lovely description as it is befitting of rare gems! Gorgeous!

  13. This would have made a beautiful Skywatch Friday photo as well. It is gorgeous. Well done.

  14. kind of a Lion King shot -- do you think so? it is so pretty esp the color

  15. Beautiful RT. It should be on the front of a greeting card.

    I've mentioned before how much I like your blog. You never cease to entertain.

    Also, thanks for the visit.

  16. Your sunset photo is stunning. I love the colors. Were the diamonds in the sky raindrops?

    Thanks for visiting me this morning. ;-)

    I voted in your poll.

  17. Patti I wish it WAS raindrops. But no...the 'diamonds' were stars.

  18. A fine ruby sky. The pink is subtle, the colors soft as the end of the day appears. The shape of the trees make the sky appear as a canopy over the field. A stunning Lone Star sky!

  19. I love your take on size for the H*o*T and your photo for Ruby Tuesday is just stunning. I will try to send you a little of our rain, we really don't need it all.

  20. Mine was up too:

    We're having our own little HoT here :-) I love political satire.

  21. The photo of the sky is gorgeous! Love it! Also, you taught me a new definition of size. Thank you!

  22. Gday Dear Anni,Love your Angel and the way you have used the bottom of the skirt as a stand..
    OHHH and The colours in the sunset are Stunning, even with out the twinkling stars..... Have a great Week ..

  23. What an awesome view, I'd never want to get out of bed. ;)

  24. We love Mallard in our house. When my son was younger, knowing nothing of satire he misunderstood a cartoon and got rather anger. This was one of those teachable moments and he wrote to Mr. Mallard about it and received a nice response. Pleased but not surprised with the polling.
    Now back to blog land where skies are beautiful and all is at peace with the world. AWESOME SKY!!!

  25. Talent with the needle as well the camera. Beautiful sky shot.

  26. Anni, you are so creative! That 'sized' angel is beautiful. I feel tempted to get crafty, since you gave instructions along with the photo!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog to comment, too. Hope you have a lovely day. :)

  27. Anni,

    My great-aunt used to crochet miniature slippers and size them in such a manner. She also made very full doilies and then sized them to stand up at the edges. Mom still has some of those. I'm not sure where my slipper went. It used to sit on my dresser at home...of course that was years ago.

    I think all politicians are basically the same. I voted and see that not many people are happy with him at this point.

    The Ruby Tuesday photo is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.


  28. Great post Annie.... LOVED the angel and WOW really loved the sunset... OUTSTANDING!!!


  29. Your photo of the sky is just glorious. Perfect for Ruby Tuesday.

  30. Hello My Precious Friend Annie!
    Looks like you are busy again today. If you aren't making angels today? I love this one. She is so beautiful. I would like to try one myself one of these days. I don't crochet, but I could use doilies I believe. It would be interesting. What is this, oh my now you are taking presidents polls? Why Annie, I would've never believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes. You?? Aren't you just precious. I love,love,love it. Where do you come up with these ideas each and every day. You have to do a lot of research for this believe me. You always have something delightful and a lesson. I can always come to school here each and every day. I just love it. Thanks for sharing honey. I am trying to get back into the swing of things. Thanks so much for sharing. I love coming here every morning for my cup of java. Coutry hugs and Love, Sherry

  31. You have an amazing view!

  32. This is so beautiful Anni. Happy RT!

  33. Hello dear Anni:-)

    Remember me?? hehe Not having much time for blogging lately is driving me crazy...I need to move on a deserted island so that no one can come interupt me! lol I just love that crochet angel you had made, it's beautiful. I have a few small ones I had bought at craft fairs:-)

    I voted on the Obama poll and it's a shame to see that so many are not happy with how he's handling things. I really thought for sure he'd be good for your country!!

    Such a breathtaking picture of the sky and I've always loved seeing trees in silhouette like that. Beautiful!! xoxo

  34. Lovely, lovely sky. But I'm a real Obama fan, so your poll discourages me. I think he's the best pres in a long, long time.

  35. fantastic RT photo!!
    I love the silhouettes

    I voted
    I'm far more favorable toward Obama than not, and in the places where I disagree with him it's because he's not aggressive and liberal enough

    so I think I'm a minority in this poll :)

  36. Dear sweet Anni
    What a lovely angel you have chrothed, but what I didn't know was the "sizing" when you stiffen your work
    That was precisely what I did with the chroched Napkin rings I made for you some Christmas's ago, before my one eye gave up for making such small things, remember? Just, I did stiffen mine with sugar-water, they were so small and thin, that I always did that, I have 6 the same coclor, which I made years ago.
    It is always interesting to go to your blog, one learn something every time, thanks for sharing.
    Beautiful picture taken from your bedroom, it must have been very early in the morning?
    Love and hugs to you

  37. Beautiful sky photo!

  38. Thank you for your well wishes for my son. He is running around today so that is good.
    I love your photograph of the sky. Indeed very rich in color.
    Wishing you a scent-sational day!

  39. Oh...that sky looks like it could be somewhere in Africa! Stunning photo and what a view from your window. Thanks for looking at my RT...

  40. That sky is lovely.

  41. Love the angel. The sky is amazing! As someone else said, there should be another question - VERY unhappy with the way things are going.

  42. I agree with you on President - I was born in communist country and what is going on in the USA worries me - it reminds me about the horrible corruption in the third world!

  43. (As you can see, I went with the angel!)

    Angel in cotton,
    even after Christmas, you
    are not forgotten.

    My Ruby Tuesday

  44. For a moment, I thought a forest is on fire!

    I wish it would rain rubies and sapphires. :D

  45. Your RUBY sky is AMAZING and I loved the little angel too.
    Hugs and blessings,

  46. What a beautiful sky!

  47. Anni, an absolutely exquisite photo of sunset for Ruby Tuesday. Send me your home address for a little RED lighthouse postcard from New York! And yes Obama is doning an outstanding job!!! :)