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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I forgot all about playing along with Fun Monday last week. I apologize to our previous hostess...L'il Mouse. Today tho, Faye, at Summit Musings is our friend who came up with our prompt this week, for Fun Monday. I really wasn't sure this would suffice, but I thought I'd give it a go. Today, her subject suggested about learning...since school around our nation is beginning in a lot of areas. I loved school...well, most of it. From the learning [except for history back then, now I love it], to having a new relationship with friends that I lost contact with over the summer...applying myself to the extra curriculum sports and all. After I graduated, that's when I really started striving to learn all I can in a lifetime...I learned to take control more. I consider myself a self-learner. I taught myself to read music, and then moved on and taught myself to play the guitar and piano. I have always loved to draw....even when I was working outside the home in various offices, when it was a quiet day, I'd have my sketch pad in a drawer and take it out to pass the quiet hours....I even worked with a woman who had a professional artist for a husband ....he saw my work and thought it was fabulous...I even kept through the years a little note he had on my desk the next morning...when I got there to the office to open up....his note said "Anni, great work". "Keep it up." and...."Remember your light source." I've used those words in the back of my mind when I paint and sketch even to this day." Ten years ago, I bought my first computer knowing nothing about them...I learned quickly....I am a 'hands-on' learner....within weeks I was designing web pages, and never stopped. I've taught myself CSS [cascading style sheet] and html and xthml [extensible hypertext markup language]. I have an art program and learned to make my own graphics for my pages. When I was a stay at home mom full time, I taught myself how to crochet!! I also love to learn about the area I live....especially what will grow well in the soil....And I continue to love to learn. I want to learn about the flora and fauna of our South Texas surroundings....

I learned all this last week. And perhaps you'll enjoy learning about the flora of our area!! Along with me.

As I posted a couple of days ago, Bud and I took a self guided tour throughout the Corpus Christi - South Texas Botanical Gardens. And I took photos...boy howdy did I ever. I got my memory reader out and set up the camera to import the photos from the camera chip to get them over to my computer........I took over 100 photos!!! There was so much to see this time around. [We had gone to the Gardens when we moved here a few years back...but when we did go on the tour it was in November. Not much happenin' then.] I recall the roses were still in full bloom and the ponds and lakes were full of water [this summer all the ponds and the Gator Lake is dry as a bone...nothing there but dirt and dried up cat tails...the water fowl wasn't to be seen either. Anywhere!]

Since I took such a numerous amount of photos, I thought I'd break them up into categories. This 3 minute video is of the flowers and plant life...okay, ALL flowers!! I added music to keep the flow. And, someone in blogland had posted a photo of a flower/plant on THEIR blog...stating they didn't know what it was...well, that very plant-flower was at the botanical gardens! And there was a name for it. At the gardens, the plaque with the name: "Firecracker Plant". Which I read, it is native to Old Mexico. I was pleased to know the name also, since I consider myself a bit of a gardener. LOL. I didn't know the name either 'til I went to the Gardens!!! I'm still learning!!! The area this time was great. They had so many blossoms...the garden facility is under a controlled reconstruction, and they're adding a lot more. One I would've loved to go in and view was the Butterfly wasn't finished tho, but there were many many beautiful flowers in bloom. There is also a birding/wetland area that has board walks and built-up's a nice area. I've also learned to make videos and then upload them to youtube to share with others. In order, I'll stop yapping and allow anyone to view my slide show video, 'saying' no more....


In all essence LIFE is LEARNING!!! I'll be working on the Botanical Gardens Flamingo Contest...with several I liked. And, of course, took a few photos I did. Hopefully tomorrow I can have it ready for viewing. Stay tuned....

POSTED: Monday, August 24th, 2009
12:15 A.M.


  1. Have a great week sweetie.

  2. Oh my goodness I think you learned well. What a wonderful video and the song just makes it so real. I loved this. Have a great week :)

  3. Crap...I forgot to mention the new header...I love it :)

  4. Fabulous post, Anni! I admire you for teaching yourself all those things. I think there is twice the feeling of achievement when you have not only learned a new skill, but you can also say that you taught it to yourself!

    Boo - I wanted to see pics of your sketches! Do you have any? Huh? Huh? I'm just learning about light sources myself ;-)

  5. One of the great luxuries of our time of life is to have the freedom to follow our interests wherever they take us. I've always admired your "computing" skills and artistry. Suspected that what we saw in your blog was self taught. I'm with Margaret--where can we go to see some of your drawing/painting? I do a bit of watercolor and pen and ink myself.

    Loved your video tour of the botanical garden and your photos set to music made it ever so much better. My friend Kittyhawk just created a Mac video of her trip to Ireland with background music from an Irish music festival--lovely.

  6. Margaret & Faye

    I sent you a few links to what I've posted on my blog....

    In your comments, you asked where you could see some of my art...I haven't posted much of it on my blog, but I have SOME....Here Here Here ....and a few of my pencil sketches, HERE. You may need to scroll down a bit on some of the posts. Hope you enjoy them.

  7. You can be very proud of all your self taught learning. I've always loved all your art work, your blog designs and the buttons. Always so original. The little slide show was great, perfect music.

  8. wow!!!! great it all....

  9. Wow Anni you are just incredible... I loved the video of the flowers and the song went so well with it. It is a gift to be able to learn so much by yourself... Thanks for the great post...

    Have Fun!

  10. You are indeed a very talented person. Being self taught makes it even better. Nice slide show. Thanks for sharing and happy FM. BTW I am hosting next week, so come on over this wed and sign up. :~)

  11. I love your blog and all the photos, especially the ones of your family down the sides.

    You are such a talented person and I think being self taught makes it all the more fun.

  12. You've impressed me big time :-). I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  13. Anni, I am super impressed, for real. WOW! you have taught yourself so many things, I am so inspired

  14. I have such a brown thumb... I'm working on it though! My "Flower garden" is doing quite well, and but for the devastation left behind a very hungry caterpillar, my two pots of veggies seem to be doing well too. But I am just beginning to learn about gardening... I really admire people who have learned so much.

  15. Very nice post - you're such an eclectic learner! I have a hard time teaching myself things - I much prefer to learn with other people (in a class setting)!

    I really enjoyed your post - and I LOVE your new header!!

    Have a great week!


  16. Anni,

    The video is amazing. So many beautiful plants.

    I am also self-taught in many respects. I know a bit of html but the only way I've even built a website is with a page builder. Still, it gave me a great sense of accomplishment. I would love to take a course on web design. Maybe I should just fly to Texas and my friend can teach me all she knows. LOL

    I also taught myself to crochet and have even made up my own patterns. I can play the accordian (well, could at one time) and love playing the piano. Another thing I'd like to learn more about and I would love to have a piano. I've dreamed of it since I was a kid.

    Basically, I taught myself how to write. I'd never taken any type of writing course when I had my first story published.

    History...I love it and have taught myself much about the history of the world and love US history the best.

    Wonderful post. I truly enjoyed my time spent here. I finally got the Welland/Niagara posts up and tomorrow night will see what I can do with the ones I took today.

    Have a great week, my friend.

  17. hiya! been delinquent for a few days... but you have been busy! amongst the blooms and the flowers i see!

  18. We have more or less the same idea of learning ! We are so called self made women, lol ! I still am fighting with html language and photo programs and graphics for my blogs and I love it !
    I also discover more and more about the place I live for such a long time, because I have a reason for doing it. Taking pictures and write but you also have to do researches, and that's very interesting too.

  19. Doesn't it just make you want to bring some of those flowers home???! lol I love visiting Botanical Gardens like that, such beautiful flowers. I thoroughly enjoyed your slideshow and I loved being able to see the names of some of the flowers.

    I'm so glad that you taught yourself how to make web designs, we have the pleasure of seeing your beautiful work:-) xoxo

  20. I guess i dont feel so bad, I taught myself how to cross stitch/embroider. although programming languages are beyond me, and my husband is a whiz. I still want to beat him for it. That is the only computer area I couldn't really 'get', so I didn't even bother taking classes in college. i have enough to get by and solve most peoples errors if they ask, but still can't program. Sigh. But I can cook and cross stitch, so maybe I'm good for something!

  21. Wow Anni - you are skilled in many areas! I too am a hands on person. You have great confidence in teaching yourself new skills. That's great! By the looks of your blog, you have learned well!