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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I decided to post a photo for Camera Critters' Meme for the first time. Usually on Saturday it's the day for participating in the Photo Hunt. This week's theme for the hunt was too vague and very difficult to interpret for me, I'm choosing to not do it at all....the hunt's theme "Low" could be ANYTHING and could easily be misinterpreted. Instead, a photo of one of my favorite critters!!!----Winston. He was laying near one of our lighted reindeer during the holidays. I like how the small white lights make his 'mane' frosty white and his blue-green eyes sparkle. It's been in my photo album for some time, but I've never posted it....he's only been my computer's background wallpaper....instead, today I wanted to PASTE him in my blog-------


If you were here visiting yesterday, you'd remember the ferry ride and round trip we took in the car over to the islands and back into Corpus. I showed you photos of the water we crossed and the ferry....well, I also mentioned that there was one place in our city that has haunted me since we came down here to see where we'd buy and where we'd move. It's a cathedral-like dome situated at a most unusual area in town....amongst the oil refineries. Anyone can see the beautiful blue and gold dome from the interstate highway. But, you'd have to get off the beaten path and take some frontage roads twisting and turning along near the entrance gates to the refineries. And, among all those towering exhaust pipes, jutting up in the air; along the storage tanks that hold the reserve crude will come upon a vast green area....lush with trees and believe it or not....dorms and classroom buildings. Among others!! It was surprising to see such a place situated in this part of town. I really can't understand the logic. But then again....we're in Texas. We Texans boast about how we live in our own little world. And this can't be a better explanation to it all. After we finally found the turn-off to go onto the property, there was a sign at the street heading toward the 'domed' rooftop...."Our Lady of Corpus Christi". Now, you'd think it was a Catholic Church, right? a is. It IS a church per sé, but more or less a private area. A church for the residents that reside here!!! I really don't think it's a cathedral for the public. But, I can't say for sure. I came home after walking the grounds [it was least we didn't get gunned down for trespassing!], I came home and did a Google search for Catholic Churches in town. None of the lists showed that this was anything under 'churches'. I then went back to Google's home site and typed in Our Lady of Corpus Christi and there were only a few entries/results. I clicked on the very first one and began's all part of an undergraduate study!!! The building itself is a "Sacrament Chapel" ---an adoration chapel if you will. Upon further investigation, it's a college for liberal arts....where
    Our Lady of Corpus Christi (OLCC) is a work of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity and is inspired to provide higher education in the liberal arts and humanities that contributes to the New Evangelization and promotes the transcendent dignity of the human person in the image and likeness of God by:
  1. The integral education of the whole person, that is, by forming students humanly, intellectually, morally, physically, and in Marian Trinitarian spirituality developing the fullness of their gifts for the service of others in the human family.

  2. Teaching students to contribute as generous citizens to the Church and society just as Jesus served to foster the life, unity, and solidarity of humanity.

  3. Educating and evangelizing the young people and their nations through graced friendships in apostolic wisdom and truth and activity.

  4. Promoting development of intellectual skills of thinking and communication that will serve students in the practical pursuits in their lives.

  5. By cultivating a love of learning for its own sake and a life-long pursuit of ever deepening knowledge and understanding of the truth of Catholic Faith and Life within a Marian Trinitarian, Spirituality.

Well, anyway...I finally took the time to find its elusive existence. I finally found what it was. And, naturally, I had my cellphone handy that day. Yep, I got photos....

[I took some close up, macro shots of this door that I will upload and post tomorrow...on Sunday!]

Posted: Saturday, August 8th, 2009
6:45 A.M.


  1. Anonymous8/08/2009

    Cute little critter Winston is and love the name :) Aloha

  2. That is a great picture of your kitty! Glad you decided to pass on "Low." Weird!

    That was a great day trip you took yesterday. I kind of enjoy ferries myself - but remember the time in England when we went on a very small one and my hubby played "scared" and really freaked out our little niece. Crazy guy.

    That campus is amazing, in the middle of the refineries. I'm glad you got to see it, explore it, and learn about it - thanks Google!

  3. Winston is awesome.

  4. Winston is a cutie! I think the "low" theme sounds a bit obscure also.

  5. We have a Winston cat too but he's an Ocicat. Hope you'll enjoy Camera Critters each week now you've dipped your toe in the water.

  6. Welcome to Camera Critters. That's a beautiful cat and the church is wonderful too.
    Shalom from Jerusalem.

  7. Welcome to Camera Critters! This photo of Winston is a great choice. Enjoyed the photos and info from your trip to Our Lady of Corpus Christi. Cell phones come in handy ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  8. Welcome to cc :)
    Its a nice place to publish
    pictures from your cat :)
    Its a BEAUTY your cat !!

  9. I love your kitty photo. The light really gives him an exotic look. He has gorgeous green eyes.
    Interesting story of the elusive and mysterious church. Glad you found it and got photos.

  10. Hi - we can understand why you wanted to post that photo, it's very atmospheric, absolutely beautiful. Winston looks very wise - even for a cat! (Well, we HAVE to say that - we ARE doggies after all, he he he!!) :) JD and Max.

  11. Beautiful cat, Winston...needs a playmate (I did NOT say "mate") named maybe Salem???

    In SW FL we have a whole town built around a gigantic "oratory" (really a church) and a university--in the middle of NOwhere--called Ave Maria. Catholic, of course.

  12. Winston is lovely! I had a difficult time with "low"...
    Happy weekend :)

  13. Superb architectural beauty and Winston - what a beauty ..I have several of his type here at my home- don't you love these weekend memes?

  14. Winston is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! You took an outstanding photo of him!

    Hey Anni - thanks for joining us at Camera-Critters. I've always been one of your fans, so I'm happy to have you participate, regardless of the reason :-D Big HUGS

  15. Winston is very handsome! He seems content to let you take his picture. My Heidi wants to run. :)
    Great shots of the chapel with your cellphone - amazing.
    I have to laugh because I did my first PhotoHunt today on my main blog - deer eating LOW branches.
    My Camera Critters is here: Carletta’s Captures.

  16. Winston is very handsome!

  17. Winston is a real beauty. The photo is beautiful !
    I took cows, they don't only moo but apparently low too !

  18. Wow Anni Winston is really a beautiful cat... the photos are beautiful that you took... Loved them!


  19. Beautiful! Nice post.

  20. Winston is very handsome. Welcome to Camera Critters!

  21. Winston is a handsome critter indeed. Welcome to Camera Critters :)

  22. Winston is a very good looking cat! The cathedral is beautiful - glad you got off the beaten path!

  23. Beautiful photos, I love the kitty. Today is World Cat Day, so that is a nice tribute.


  24. Love your beautiful little cat, such a sweet photo and loved the lighting also. I found your post very interesting and enjoyed all the other photos. First time to your blog. I hope you'll join Camera Critters again.

  25. Winston look so cute in the light. I enjoyed reading your very interesting post and also the photos. Hope your weekend is going nicely.

  26. Anni,

    Love the picture of Winston. He is a beautiful cat and those eyes...gorgeous in the light from the reindeer.

    Our Lady of Corpus Christi is beautiful. The dome is pretty. Is it lit up at night? You got some great shots and I especially like the fountain. Thanks so much for sharing this hidden gem. Looking forward to tomorrow's photos.


  27. she's very beautiful.

  28. Winston is such a beautiful cat...he has a mane like my Oscar had. Lovely photo, Anni.

    I love that domed's quite Mediterranean looking, isn't it? Looking forward to seeing what you post about it tomorrow.

  29. BEAUTIFUL architecture... thanks for sharing!

  30. Winston is sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful images :)

  31. what a stunning cat.

  32. Cute cat! I did my first Camera Critter today too ;)

  33. Your cat is gorgeous! Sweet photo.

    My first time too!

  34. your winston is one regal cat... i'd love to give him a cuddle.

  35. That is a wonderful shot..I had an all white paint colt named Winston.. thought he did have red ears!

    Today I posted my first Camera Critter as well, a little late.