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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

For Fun Monday, Janis has taken the reins, hosting!! She asks of us to tell a little about favorite TV shows [what we watch, what we plan to watch with the new season coming up in the Fall 2009]. Excellent idea!!!!!! I'm going to enjoy reading what others will tell me!!

I'm not much of a TV viewer unless it's professional sports. I have only access to the teams in Texas mostly, I faithfully watch the two baseball teams, Houston Astros and when Astros aren't playing, I try to find the Texas Rangers' games. Tho, personally I'm a National Leaguer...which means the Astros. I also watch, when I can, the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks [those two, I was privileged to see in person during the seasons AND follow them during Spring Training in Tucson ---Rockies at Reid Park ballpark, and the D'Backs at TEP ballpark when we lived there...and traveling to Tucson during the school's Spring Vacation for the Rockies before retiring and leaving Colorado. Not to mention witnessing both of the teams in their inaugural seasons!!!!]. I also never miss the playoff games. I'm there with my popcorn, snacks like nachos and soda...watching and rooting for the best team to win to go on to the World Series. Of course, I follow the World Series also...It's an American Pastime...and I love the game. When we lived in Colorado and both of us worked with two incomes we went to all the home games for the Denver Broncos also. Even before John Elway - he was something to watch...the Broncos, sadly, are just not the same without the star quarterback. But, when they are pitted against the Dallas Cowboys....I'm all for the Broncos stomping some cowboy butts!! Revenge from [Super Bowl XII]. Denver still holds a sacred place in my heart!!!!

Now what do I watch other than sports? I'm an avid fan of National Geographic and a Discovery Channel viewer. Tho, it's long past, if it's repeated, the Discovery's Planet Earth was amazing! And thrilling and oh so educational. Not to mention the wonderful, outstanding award-winning photography!! I never tire of it....I never tire of the continual learning. Nat Geo and Discovery always have pretty good learning programs...the last few weeks it's been on the Egyptian royalty like Cleopatra and finding a mummy of her sister...the only possible DNA of the Queen! Very interesting indeed.

There is also one particular drama program that I really like. I've been watching during the hot summer months USA's marathons of the last six seasons. It's very good. Never a dull moment usually. The cast of characters is good. The writing and scripts are close to excellent----And there is COMEDY thrown in if you've got quick wit and can catch it. The actors are a bit above the rest, comparing actors on TV [I don't think it's ever been nominated for an EMMY, I could be mistaken]. The team works, fictionally, in the Washington D.C. area ---but it's filmed in California. Over the years there have been special agents dying in the line of duty and new ones are in to replace the loss of others. ['probies' as they're called. Meaning they're still on probation tho they've worked for some time ---it's a term of endearment, really.] It's a fascinating story most every week. I've learned to really like four of the main characters...tho the other two are quite tolerable also. Abigail [goes by "Abby"], she's the best forensic expert to come across the tube! Not to mention her 'out of sync style'--i.e., dog collars for necklaces, etc. etc. etc., and her tattoos - she's a doll!....she's my kinda gal!!! Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo is not only 'hot!', but he's very funny! Tony is the comedy relief in the show!!! Then, there is the medical examiner...Ducky...played by the veteran actor, David McCallum from 'old' TV - like, 1960's Man from U.N.C.L.E. And not to forget another....Ziva David. SHE is the one that is making me count the days until this coming September 22nd 7PM!!! Last season they stopped with the season finale; a cliffhanger. I think, in fact we have a wager on who is going to save her...I think it will be Tony [DiNozzo...he has a love interest in Ziva that I don't think he realizes yet. Same with Ziva's feelings for Tony. ----------okay, so call me a romantic on this area of the program, it's fun to fantasize how it will turn out!!] Oh and I am trying to outguess who is behind the cliffhanger, and I think it's Ziva's father!! Only time will tell. The other two...not to leave them out, is Mark Harmon as the leader....Special Agent Gibbs, and McGee played by Sean Murray. McGee can have some funny moments also. This to me is what makes the program well done...there is crime yes, but there is also life. Oh and the program I'll be glued to? Can you guess by now? LOL It's none other than....look up to the graphic.... N C I S!! Naval Criminal Investigative Service[s].

Oh, and I'm an avid, AVID movie fan. So the channels AMC, TCM, and TNT/TBS is on when there is a good movie. I especially like TCM ---that one has NO commercials. One kind of genre that I DON'T and WILL NOT watch is the so called 'reality' shows, like Amazing Race, American Idol, The Bachelor, Big Brother....and more and more and more....the television is saturated, OVER saturated with this category. They're all so crazy, insane, and NON-reality, which makes me just wonder how they can call them 'reality' when they are just as much fiction as NCIS?!!! They're fixed. And I may add, the TV is over saturated with crime drama also. So, I'm not browbeating.

[NCIS image courtesy of Photobucket]

POSTED: Monday, August 31st, 2009
4:00 A.M.


  1. Fabulous post, thanks Anni! I am a fellow NFL fan - still rooting for the 'Skins, so like you, I say boooo to the Cowboys! (Did you see the Broncos-Bears preseason game last night? The Great QB swap and all that? I think the Bears won, but it's preseason so phooey on that.) Was Elway the last real franchise QB that the Broncos had? They seem to still be looking for that elusive Mr. Right in that area.

    And good for you, following MLB. I cannot understand baseball for the life of me :-( I hope to learn one day.

    J'adore Discovery, Animal Planet, History Channel, NatGeo...I can spend hours in front of any of those channels. Thanks for sharing and happy FM to you!

  2. Margaret Ya, I watched it. It was a day filled with games to watch. We watched the Yankees game, then the Astros/D'Backs game and then two hours later...the Bears/Broncos game. "My" Broncos lost 27 to 17. :o(

  3. Baseball is the only sport I will watch. Being born n raised in Balto Md. of course the Baltimore Orioles are my #1 team, you can't get much better then Cal Ripken. WE also lived in Colorado and enjoyed going to watch the Colorado Rockies. The history, discovery and National Geo channels are also faves of ours. Thanks for playing Anni and Happy FM

  4. Wow, it looks as if you watch quite a lot ! We never watch sport except Mr. G the Formula 1. I also love the Discovery and Geographic channels, they even exist in french.

  5. I was watching Planet Earth (mountain chapter) while I prepared for bed last night. I need to watch the whole thing. Wonderful Snow Leopard section.

    In the past I would spend Sundays ironing and watching football. Don't do either, anymore.

  6. oh my, i watch so so little... loved dirty sexy money, then it was csi (all 3 of them), burn notice is quite fun too. but generally, no, gimme a book. i'm muuuuuch happier then...

  7. thumbs up for NCIS :-)

  8. I only watch the World Series... with a kid, I can't watch all the games leading up to it - too much to do!

  9. You would get along well with my hubby and daughter who love to watch the History channel, along with Discovery and Nat Geo. I like some of them, but usually watch the home decorating shows, along with - sorry - American Idol, Survivor, America's got Talent. Hubby hates those shows too!

  10. Hey Anni, Great comment on the subject of the day... I am more of a football fan but also love baseball... I do however watch tv and have several favorites. I also love the old movies and a lot of the newer ones too. Have a GREAT Monday!


  11. Wonderful post sweetie.

  12. Anonymous8/31/2009

    I don't follow MLB at all except for the Series. Now Football..WOOT. I'm a Houston Texan fan big time. As I lived in Houston for some years they became my favorite. But then they were the Oilers :) Wonderful tale of the shows and stations you like. I enjoyed the read :) Have a great week :)

  13. Anni you make me ashamed of myself for not being a better baseball fan. I've shared some of my baseball history in previous posts--I lived with Steve Hamilton, left-handed relief pitcher for the Yankees, and his young family as a mother's helper in college in the '60s. It was a wonderful life--we spent the summers close to NYC and went to a lot of games. I never learned anything about the game--just watched the crowds and enjoyed the excitement. The Hamilton children are grown now but they feel like my own. Steve's wife Shirl feels like a sister to me. Steve died of colon cancer a few years ago. He was so funny and easy to be around. We called him our Rennaisance man because he loved art, music, movies, plays as well as baseball.

    and all you Fun Mondayers have convinced me that I need to watch all the back seasons of NCIS and get with the program!

  14. I share your addiction to NCIS. It was the only thing on of any worth this summer.

  15. Hi, Annie. I haven't been around in a while. Don't know where I've been; just not by.

    Hubby says I seldom watch TV, but I listen to a lot of programs. Love NCIS but reality TV which isn't reality at all is what I watch more than anything --- I know trash TV -- what can I say. There is nothing to defend it.

  16. I can hardly sit through a movie but am addicted to Reality shows, even if they seem scripted at times I love

  17. I KNEW sports would be tops on your list. I just knew it. :)

  18. Ah ... a topic I might have had something to write about, but alas it's already 2:34 in the afternoon on Monday and I'm watching (have you guessed yet?) TENNIS because the US Open started today in New York ;--)

    Actually, I'm a fan of NCIS and have caught up recently on missed episodes so I'm looking forward to a new season.
    Hugs and blessings,

  19. Anni,

    I watch very little tv but hubby is a tv fanatic and will watch just about anything. He likes football and watches some of the same programs that you do. I do enjoy National Geographic and Discovery channels. My favorite is the History Channel.

    Enjoyed your post today. Hope you and Bud have time or relax.


  20. I have watched NICS once or twice, I guess I am not sure when it comes so I have not been able to watch the other episodes.

  21. You are certainly the sports fanatic. I do love watching my favorite football team (go Ravens!!) and I also like to watch Nascar racing. But that is about it in the sports dept.

  22. I didn't mention NCIS but I do quite often watch that and enjoy it.