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First today, my Thursday Thirteen, then below that my Thursday Thunks....


While viewing National Geographic the other night, subject was on space...believe it when you hear any reference to the term "New Frontier". There are so many, many, MANY possibilities of what we do NOT know yet!! About space. About other possible galaxies...things like: "we are NOT ALONE"!!

Image Source:

The narrator took us on an adventurous trip through all the possibilities of other galaxies...telling us, the viewers, with the concept, the realm of literally billions of others beyond our own galaxy....and more than likely there is somewhere - out there in space - life forms. Which I wholeheartedly agree. Some probably wouldn't think it possible...but hey....others thought Columbus was whacko too...he proved that the earth WASN'T flat as the 'brainy ones' thought!! There just HAS to be life beyond our own Milky Way...with the billions of other galaxies out there! Now, Bud and I have a very large telescope that we purchased when we lived in Arizona. And where our house was, we could go out in our backyard and set up the scope and view millions of the stars...[the best for me was focusing in on the planet one time the way it was in line with our Earth...we were able to view all its rings and watch the particles swirling ever so slowly over a period of days --a phenomenon that I wish every human could actually witness in their lifetime, with their own eyesight....not just photos in a book or magazine.] In Tucson, we even watched the Space Shuttle fly by at 3 a.m....and with the scope we were able to see it clearly...the light from the sun made it clear as if it were a plane flying overhead, at a low altitude and in daylight. That was awesome. Here, in our yard, there isn't much of an opportunity to use our telescope. Too much light in the night sky from the city. Oh well...but, I still can't get rid of our scope. It's set up, ready if ever I should get a chance. It's difficult to fathom that when you watch a star twinkle in the night sky that the light you see took millions of years to travel to Earth. In fact, think about it...the light you saw from the stars last night is actually the light from the PAST! It's not an instant light show....

Light from space travels:

1] Light travels at the speed of 186,000 miles/second
2] Multiply that by 60 that would make a minute....@ 1,116,000 miles/minute
3] Now multiply that by 60 again....sixty minutes in an hour....6,696,000 miles/hour
4] Again, that of #3...multiply it by 24 hours in a day...[if my math is correct] -160,704,000 miles/a day
5] If you take this and multiply this by 365 days in a year it'd be...ummm...A BIG SUM!! ---58,656,960,000 miles in one Earth year!!!!
6] ...that is about 63,241.1 astronomical units. [which would clarify more...the distance betwee Earth and our sun]. If you paid any attention in Science class, that is rounded off to 93 million miles.
7] A 'light month' is non-existent in Science/Astronomy. But, scientists do calculate by 1/12 a light year as a unit.
8] Reflected sunlight from the Moon's surface takes 1.2–1.3 seconds to travel the distance to the Earth's surface. [speed of light]
9] The nearest known star (other than the Sun), Proxima Centauri, is about 4.22 light-years away.
10] The Milky Way [our Galaxy] is about 100,000 light-years across.
11] The nearest large galaxy cluster, the Virgo Cluster, is about 59 megalight-years away. [mega light years = one million light-years]
12] The Triangulum Galaxy (M33 that you can find on any given astronomical chart of the night sky when you're out observing through a telescope), at 3.14 megalight-years away, is the most distant object visible to the naked eye.
13] A light-year is the distance that light travels in a vacuum in one Julian year. [exactly 365.25 days of 86,400 SI seconds each, totalling 31,557,600 seconds]


....and now for Thursday Thunks.

1. Your thoughts on hunting? Hunting what? If it's hunting down a man....I'd need my leopard skinned, one strapped, designer garb and I'd have to go into the little carved out niche in my cave to get my club that I stashed away before I clubbed a man married long ago. Now if it's hunting some kind of animal---as long as it's large enough to feed the Clan!!! Oh and perhaps the next tribe over the hills and down in the valley are having their annual 'treasure' hunt!!!-----ya, they're always fun too. Finding that special spearhead for Bud made from the fine mammoth ivory would be great...his old one is getting mighty stained with all the other animal blood and guts...when he goes out to hunt!!!

2. Swine Flu vaccine... will you get it? You get me into the 'cave woman mode' and you ask a question like this? Let me ask YOU something....what is this word, 'vaccine'?

3. What is one job/profession that you think there are just too many of? I feel another rant coming on with this question....let me put it this way...around my cave there is a goes like this: "Too many CROOKS spoil the broth". Read my rant below, from yesterday's cave post.

4. I want to go on a diet, what advice will you offer me? Just eat smaller portions of everything you like. But!!!!! stay away from the other clans over yonder....Mickey D's, Mr. Box, the King, and that cute little gal in red pig tails.....Wendy!!!

5. You are going out on a date with someone for the very first time. When you get into their car, you see a box of condoms on the floor. What do you do? First off...what is the word car? Secondly, I don't know what a box is OR a condom...I live in a 'condo' cave remember!!! [see #1] ---is that anything like another hole in the cave wall then, I'm just almost positive that condom-inum is what you really meant, right? In all seriousness....if I were to go forward in time to 2009...I wouldn't be dating for one thing [one man is enough in my life thank you very much] and if I DID see a box of condoms, I sure hope they are glow in the dark kind!! I could have a lot of fun filling them with water when I asked my cohort of pranks companion to stop at the station so I could use the facilities and fill them...then, as we passed others in their vehicles....WATER fight!!!! And the driver of the car just hit...would see this glowing green, huge, mass coming toward them and hit their windshield...and all the liquid coming out....they'd be positive they hit an alien. I can just see the headlines!!! "Driver hit UFO's flying alien, on the dark stretch of HWY 51" [that my friend, is heading OUT of AREA 51 of course]

6. Name something in your bathroom that shouldn't be there. Here's another none-cave question again....I feel like the Geico dudess....even a cave woman can do it. DIRT!!! And that's my final answer.

7. What was your Kindergarten teacher like? Fast forward in time again from cave living to 2009....Ummmmm, get real! That was, now let me think, some .....hmmmmm, I graduated from high school some 40+ years ago. Tack on another 13 years [12th grade PLUS kindergarten] from that back to ....I can't remember. I do remember tho, I hated the mid morning MILK. It was nasty!! Warm milk is enough to make me gag...still today!!! I swear the milk man, when he delivered that crate filled with those pints of milk, he'd set it on the heat radiator on purpose!!!

8. What kind of oil do you use when you cook? Yak oil made from when Bud used his mammoth ivory tipped spear! [---it's the cave-woman issue again!] When the yak meat is cooking over the open fire, I save the rendered fat--oil, in a goat's stomach bag and it's hanging near the rock outcropping over near the animal hide bed! Yes, by the bed....afterall, it's just a one-'room' condom-inium!!!

9. If someone takes an unflattering picture of you and posts it online, do you beg them to take it down or do you laugh at yourself with everyone else? First off...the picture of me would be PAINTED ON the LINE drawn especially to keep records for those who will find the cave in the future and put our story on NAT GEO---all on the inside of my cave walls....and I'D be the one that would 'post it'!! And think about it....have you ever SEEN a 'flattering' cave woman? I don't think so!!

10. What brand of dishwashing soap do you use? Yak fat and sand from the cave floor!! That fat/oil is multi purpose y'know!!!

POSTED: August 20th, 2009 [forward in time]
5:10 A.M.


  1. Fascinating 13 as starsa and space and all always are to me !!sandy

  2. cool facts about space! And I loved the view point from back in the cave days!

  3. What a cute name -- the ocean pictures were wonderful! Glad I found your blog!

  4. Out-of-this-world Thursday Thirteen.

  5. Hmm science list...Thanks for coming to my site Anni.TAke care...

  6. Did anybody ever tell you that your mind is a fascinating thing?? And a bit crazy (in a good way!)???

  7. Thanks for sharing these interesting and amazing facts. I like learning new things.

  8. I'm into "light years"...REALLY!! Mind boggling for me...mind blogging for you! thank.

  9. Hey Anni, just popped over here to your "cave" to tell you that the sign up is posted for August 24 Fun Monday, which I'm hosting. The topic is "Back to School" in honor of this time of the year. Twist is that I'm asking you to share what you may be learning these days. Taking a class? Teaching yourself new computer tricks? Getting coached on improving your golf game? You get the idea. Also, what are your thoughts on the value of lifelong learning--the old use it or lose it applies to brain as well, I'm sure.

    Well, have a good day and hope to learn something new from you on Monday!

  10. Great TT! Thanks for going to my site. I love the new format of your blog and the news pics are great! I love the one of you and your kids 30+ years ago!! Adorable!

  11. I loved the information about space. Another great post, Anni.

  12. OMGosh #5 cracked me up! That would be utterly hilarious!

  13. so many numbers! large ones :-) i got lost in no. 3, but i enjoyed reading your list.

  14. Dawn is right, you do have a fascinating mind. I enjoy your post and all the info you post about. I am intrigued by space also. Did you ever see our flag on the moon? Hope your week has been a good one.

  15. I watched the same program! Well, a couple nights ago, actually, and I was doing stuff like dishes at the time.

  16. Hey, Anni - come over and see the hummers on my last post! You'll love 'em.

  17. Anonymous8/20/2009

    ROFLMAO...that is the best my friend. I loved the referral to your rant yesterday. cave woman you. Crazy is as crazy does LOL. Great answers my friend. Have a great Thrusday :)

  18. The space math boggles the mind! Which coastal town are you near? I'm in Clear Lake not far from Galveston. Just wondered. I'm sure you've mentioned it, but I can't remember!

  19. I was dying reading your thunks... I may have to get some glow in the dark condoms now.... Can't picture Bud killing the yak - can see him staying behind to "protect" the females though!

  20. Thanks for sharing all the light space facts. I've had my head immersed in a sci-fi romance for the last couple of days and feel the urge to write one now.

  21. I loved all the info - particularly laughed at Light month, that meant something entirely different to me once upon a time, lol! It wasn't astronomical but might have been considered astrological!

    If you're contemplating a diet don't visit my TT, it's all about comfort food this week: Thirteen Favorite Things I Ordered at the Corner Lunch Counter

  22. Anonymous8/20/2009

    Are you a Troglodyte?

  23. i love space. i wish i could be an astronaut sometimes just so i could see earth from the viewpoint of space.
    thanks for the fascinating post. happy tt. :)

  24. Damn Anni , I laughed all the way through. Funny how Bud always ends up in someones answers but I cannot imagine him running around with a spear! Too Funny!

  25. Wow! We went to the same kindergarten class! I would rather have starved then drink that radiator milk. But remember we had to drink it before they would let us go outside? So then we'd gulp it down, charge out the door, hang upside down on the monkey bars then throw up cottage cheese? Great memories!

  26. Anni,

    What an interesting and informative post on our galaxie and what lies beyond it. I learned a few things while reading this. Would love to have a powerful telescope to look at the night sky. Have you ever seen the Aurora Borealis...a great phenomena and breathtaking in its beauty.

    Loved your Thursday Thunk. Absolutely hilarious. You always brighten my day.

    I read your post from yesterday and I'm with you on the government thing. Basically they are all the same...out for what they can get for themselves.

    Not sure about the Health Reform question. At first I thought it would be a good idea, but the more I think about it, the more inclined I am to change my mind. Not sure where that's going, but the Bill will probably be passed regardless of the wishes of the People.


  27. Whoaaa!! This information goes wayyyyyy over my head! I'm terrible at science stuff! =(

  28. I wish you could come to our yard and show us all the pretty wonders through your telescope. I marvel on clear nights how beautiful it all is. But my favorite is looking at it over an ocean - two big wonders too big for me to fathom.

  29. now that's a great thursday 13!

    i remember stargazing wayback in highschool and from that moment on, i saw a world that is larger than mine!!

    i always feel great after I visit your blog!

  30. I've always said that we're silly if we think we're the only ones...there is so much in space that we will never know about and there just has to be other beings out there. I have a telescope as well and although not a huge one, it's still fascinating to look up in the sky with it:-) That must have been so awesome to see the space shuttle with your telescope!!

    Loved your Thursday Thunks...girl, you had me laughing out loud! hehe xoxo

  31. you are too funny today, dear cave woman... got a spare yak or two lying around there, my rocks are a bit bare, what with the weekend coming up, heee heee heeee

  32. Where to begin? You never cease to amaze! Loved the astronomy lesson ... enjoyed your 'thunks' ... glad I dropped by ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  33. #1 was too funny.

    #3 is right on.

  34. Do you want to kill me with these calculations ! Please note that I always slept during maths courses !

  35. this is the best thursday 13 so far :) and i have visited 30 already :D

    you rock!

    13 goals in 13 days

  36. This is for the previous post about the economy and politics in general:

    I have a very dumb nephew and niece-in-law. They are both in their mid-20's. They have a baby almost 2 years old. She is a RN, and he is a truck driver, who loses his job routinely over stupid stuff, like not knowing when to keep his mouth shut. She hasn't worked since the baby was born, because 'she wants to stay home with the baby'. Well, wouldn't we all have liked to stay home with the baby?

    Instead of her getting a job when they can't afford things, we found out they have been borrowing from my 80 something year old mother. Mama has been borrowing against her house on an equity line of credit to bankroll this idiotic couple. I am furious! as are the rest of the family. And my dumb-butt niece: she says "Granny is NOT borrowing the money to give us, she is writing a check." Duh, a check written against a line a credit is borrowing!!! They also say that their finances are nobody's business but their own. I disagree, when you are borrowing (oh, pulease, to say you borrowed it implies you intend to pay it back) money from my elderly mother, your finances are the entire family's business.