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Bud and I took a short 'round trip' from Corpus over to Padre Island then, headed north to Mustang Island over to Port A -- from there we took the ferry to Aransas Pass and over to Ingleside, Texas then to Gregory and Portland....back to Corpus Christi. It was only around 70 miles or so from point A and back...but it was a nice drive. Trust me when I tell you I am not too keen on taking the car on the ferry and crossing water. And to top it off, as luck would have it, I was driving and the ferry guides had me park on the END of the ferry!!!! As the ferry jerked and sputtered from the Port A landing...the car jerked too! I thought my life had ended. LOL ---Then, when the ferry got into a good rhythm, I got out and watched the land slowly recede and all water lay before me. This is always something I'm not really fond of, but I survived to tell the story once again.....

Once across and driving through Aransas Pass your cross the causeway [one of many throughout the coastal region] and you can view the NORTH end of Corpus Christi Bay! Here, on the north side, is Ingleside, Texas. I think sometime real soon, if nothing or no one does anything, it will become near a ghost town. Why? Well, there is and soon will be a CLOSED naval station. Ingleside Naval Station. With the Bush era, some of the military bases were given the 'heave-ho'...and given orders that they will close. Ingleside was one of them. Tho, without papers or special privileges, we could NOT go on the grounds. Here is a photo of the minewsweepers. They too will soon be deported to San Diego I believe.

Sometime soon, I will post more photos of the dome on the south side of the Harbor's Ship Channel and a bit of its history. For years I've seen this dome along the Interstate, heading toward San Antonio but never drove to it....the other day, taking this little day trip, I made a special effort to drive off the beaten path and find it. I did, and we got up close and personal with it. Well, as much as we were allowed. Stay tuned....

Posted: August 7th, 2009
7:00 A.M.


  1. Putting a "mime" in your "meme"...who would have thunk? Beautiful! (But who--of us mimes--could say?)

  2. Anni,

    I've only been on a ferry in Disney and that is a very short trip. It didn't bother me though and I'm not fond of being on water or in the air. I like my feet on solid ground. lol

    You got some nice shots. I had never seen a minesweeper. Very interesting that they will close the naval station and send all the ships to San Diego. That seems like a rather drastic move. Don't you need one on the Gulf coast?

    Enjoyed your Flash Fiction. You always do a great job with it.

    Nice day here again today. Be sure to keep cool.


  3. Corpus is calling my name, more and more. It is just hard to leave our breezy and balmy Michigan summer and our friends. Damn decisions!

    Clever 55, one of my favorites!

  4. what a great 55!! awesome agatha christi type mystery!! love the pics too.

  5. Let the mime ac it out. It should drive the police crazy.
    Great 55

    Ours is posted

  6. A clever 55. Enjoyed that.

  7. loved your 55. just what does it take to make a mime talk, i wonder, heee heee heeee.

    nice piccies you posted too. believe it or not, i have never been on a ferry before...

  8. Good Morning Sweel Annie!
    Oh my, I have driven a vehicle onto a ferry and road anywhere like you did. I would be absolutely terrified. You were brave to get out of the car, but I don't think I would've even driven my car onto the ferry to begin with. I did like seeing the minesweepers though, that was really something. I have never seen one. It is ashame that so many bases will have to close. Once again we are just leaving borders wide open for anyone at all to come in. Go figure? Jamie (MiMi's Corner) and I are off to Sedona this morning. I have lived here 24 years and never been so I am excited. I will be posting pictures soon, so keep watching. Have a wonderful day honey. Country Hugs and Love, Sherry

  9. I feel sorry for the police. I say lock up the mime until he talks.

  10. Anni, I loved the photos. We took that ferry years ago when heading to Galveston and the Padre Islands. I love being on the water. Sorry, I been such a bad respondent, but the family is still here. They leave next Wednesday.

  11. He's going to have to pantomime it. ;)

  12. I sure liked your pictures! Sounds like you two had a good time except for the water being rough at places.

    I love the Day Trips around the area where you live!! Because of our health we do this a lot and always have more fun. I have never been up to Jamesport MO where a large settlement of Amish live. So one of these days I would like to visit up there way!
    I know the Senior citizens from the Baptist church went up there not to long ago.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures!! Hugs, Grams

  13. Anonymous8/07/2009

    Your life had ended. LOL. That is just too funny. Loved the pictures and the story. It was great. And your 55 is awesome. How funny...we both did mimes this week LOL. There's a little something for you on my blog :) Aloha

  14. Oh those pictures are so beautiful. I have never been on a fary myself lol I probably would've been screamin for my life. It looked like a marvelous day to remember.

    Thank you for stopping by this morning, I will see what my dad can do for me, maybe he can make one for me, I am not a painter but if I can create one, I will surely have to blog it :0) You have a blessed Friday.

    Oh that naval ship was so huge, it's must have been a site to see.


  15. I've only been on a ferry once and that was in 1989 when I was visiting my two older brothers in Vancouver, BC. We had taken the ferry to cross onto Vancouver Island. I thought it was the neatest thing and loved it:-) I lied...I did go on another ferry but it was just a people ferry, no cars! lol That was last summer when we crossed from Toronto to Centre Island. Just remembered that! lol Beautiful pictures, Anni. Such a shame so many of these naval ports are being shut down. I'd never seen minesweepers before, they're awesome!!!! xoxo

  16. Hours later now...I read your comment, came over to read your post and wanted to comment. I got an error message. This was about 2 PM. I had to download spyware, run a scan, clean the sucker up, etc. Now its Happy Hour and I am just now getting back here. Brother! Apparently my regular virus protection was not doing its job.

    I forgot Kelli wasn't doing Show&Tell so I did mine anyway. It has become part of my life I guess and gives me an automatic Friday post.

    The blue in my kitchen is wallpaper. i can't take credit for it. It was here when we bought the house last August. I love it all.

    I could never have driven onto a ferry. The few times I've ridden on one, I'v been green. I don't do anything with motion well. I get motion sick on dry land. Anyway, it looks like a fun trip. Not much you can do when it is sweltering outside so a drive in an AC car is a good thing.
    Mama Bear

  17. Your trip sounds lovely, Anni. But I would have freaked at having to drive the end of the ferry! No thanks, I'd have got someone else to do it...

  18. Enjoy your weekend sweetie, love you.

  19. A mime as a witness, oh no! I never thought about it but LOL.

    I loved reading about your trip-- we take the ferry to France once a year (cheap wine and beer on the other end, with a day at the beach thrown in!) Thank heavens, all the cars are inside and we don't have to worry about end-parking and falling off!

    Your photos are lovely, and the minesweepers, WOW. This was a super summer post!

  20. Hi Anni, I love ferrys and that sounded like so much fun... Loved the pictures!