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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

With the Photo Hunt them this week, I may be considered a 'cheater' to some....According to Webster, UTENSIL is also defined as: an implement for practical use (especially in a household.} Now when I read the word 'utensil' I immediately think of something used in the kitchen mostly, perhaps in the dining room such as spoons, forks, knives, cooking implements such as spatulas, or maybe a hand held can opener. Things like that. But since Mr. Webster was kind enough to make the definition so vague, I thought I'd play a little game.

If you visit my blog much, a couple of Friday's ago, I had posted about a lamp that I found at the thrift shop when I was taking in a donation after I took a blogging break to get some much needed but neglected chores...done. I found this lamp for $3!! And it's something I've been wanting to for a craft project. Actually, a Halloween project that's been in the back of my mind for years now, but never forgotten. I just never found the perfect lamp at a good, inexpensive initial cost to me.

Now, follow me while I share some taken steps to show y'all what I did. And perhaps you can spy a few 'utensils' that would fit the category's definition above......

I see eight objects [three different kinds] in the two photos below that may be utilized to make practical use of the household implements [perhaps in a round-about way, considered crafting 'utensils']:

This concludes my Photo Hunt Utensils. Did you find them? If you want to leave now, before you go....say 'howdy' in my COMMENTS [link] to let me know you were here, visiting.

But if you're interested, I did finish the project last week. And I'll continue to post more photos below to show you the progress and the finished booger! I say booger, 'cause at times it became quite nasty. Stuff like the fringe and pom poms, etc. didn't cooperate. We had a tough battle, but I came out the victor! So, on with the show...

First, I painted shade & pedestal with Halloween colors-purple, orange and black, then, added black leather fringe.

I then painted a witch silhouette, added purple pom poms and then black lace and orange sequins...

Finished!! And all this for under $10.

Saturday, July 25th, 2009
2:05 A.M.

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[by the way: 4 straight pins...a pair of scissors...and 3 paint brushes are my utensils]


  1. What a great lamp, Anni. I love all its various shades, it's one of "my" colours. Now, I'm going to look forward to seeing where you put your lamp at Halloween.

  2. Your lamp turned out great! I only found 6 of your "utensils"!

  3. I love your lamp sweetie.

  4. that's a lovely entry you got there.

    mine is up too

  5. That is a funky lamp - you did a wonderful job of giving it a renewed life!

    Have a great weekend.

  6. I only saw the pins.
    The lamp is great. I thought, in the beginning, that the shade was going to be the witch's hat and the base her body.
    Mama Bear

  7. I had fun, Annie! I just found the pins and the scissor :) Clever play on this week's theme... more! more! more!

    Sreisaat Adventures

  8. A very creative lamp for Halloween! Love that deep purple! And of course utensils were needed!

  9. now this is an interesting twist to this week's theme! but i suck. i can only see pins and scissors. :)

  10. I also fpund six. Anyway, that lamp turned out great!

  11. Oh, paint brushes are one of my favorite utensils! I like scissors, too, but I am Not Allowed to use them.

    I like how your project came out!

  12. What a cute idea for a Halloween lamp! You come up with the neatest things!

  13. Note to the hunters The EIGHTH is partially's a 3rd paint brush 'behind the sink'...behind the other two...all you can see is the wooden handle.

  14. Nice twist on the theme! I love the purples!

    I played too :)

  15. a lovely take on the theme!

  16. I say again, you are sooo creative. My last post on both my blogs is about our AZ bloggers meeting. We had a great time. Wish you could have been there as an ex AZ blogger.

  17. A very creative post, and I definitely spotted the pins and scissors. I sort of enlarged on the theme of utensils for this one myself.

  18. Great take on the theme and a lovely lamp.

  19. Anni,

    Awesome! I want one. lol It is fantastic and can't wait to see it all set up for Halloween.

    Glad you enjoyed the photos of the boys, but if you sent me an email, I didn't receive it. Even though I haven't been able to blog, I have been checking email. Could you please resend?

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  20. That is a unique take on the theme. I liked your hunt within a hunt too :-)

  21. very clever, and nice lampshade! my photo hunt is here Thanks

  22. You are so creative and industrious! I got the straight pins, but that was all I could see.

    BTW, I have not been with you long enough, evidently, to know that Bud was from CS. Beautiful place, but getting way too crowded with houses. As everyplace along the Front Range.

  23. Anni, Hi! I left the blog way up at the top. But...if you were making a violin I'd spend the whole day on this blog. You ARE so thorough.

  24. Your lamp is remarkable. I did badly with the implement search. We won't talk about how badly :-).

  25. Wonderful, fun post. The lamp is so cleverly done! And your utensils are unique - I LIKE that!

  26. Great job there Anni. I can't believe you are so well organized this far in advance.

    Happy weekend to you.

  27. Anonymous7/25/2009

    That lamp is really really awesome!

  28. I was one of those who looked up the definition also, but ended up doing something a bit different with my weekly post. It was an "explanation."
    YOU are SO creative! I am always so impressed with your "doings."

  29. Uh oh.. couldn't find 8 objects but I believe you that they're all utensils! ;b

  30. Lovely color! Great take on today's themes. I did Photo Hunters today, too. I hope you get a chance to visit.

    Mrs. Mecomber
    New York Photo Hunt!

  31. Hey Anni not only did I get the utensils correct I am just wild about your Halloween Lamp. How original... I want one!!! Have a fun day...


  32. Oh My Gosh Annie, You have been holding out on me girl. You have many talents of your own here. I am lovin that lamp and with all the little ones they would be too. I am going to have to take a closer look on this one. I am so thrilled. You are an educator, a decorator, a writer, a cook, oh my are we multi-tasking?? I just love ya. Thanks for sharing you cute thing you. Have a wonderful blessed day today. Country Hugs, Sherry

    FIRST....I wanted to take this time to "thank you" for the prayers for my daughter Amy when Sherry, my sister, posted..."Calling All Angels To Pray"....we needed and felt every prayer...... are far to funny and would soooo much hootin' fun to craft with...thus you got the name and it stuck like glue...which techinally could be a is at my house....makes the meal go farther and the curtains stay kidding
    beautiful...awesome job with your lamp
    angel hugs

  34. I really found them Anni. By the way your lamp is beautiful.

  35. A wonderful take on the theme Anni!

  36. Mine is late... and, for a change, decidedly less wordy. AND only 1 photo!

  37. You are real creative!

  38. This was the most creative take on the week's subject, cool indeed.

    Thanks for visiting and have a great week!