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Tuesday, July 7th, 2009
2:45 A.M.

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SPIN [a little acrostic ditty]

ome bloggers
Prefer to go all wet and sobby, while others post
Interesting features that'll make you laugh.
Not to impugn any blogging...

Style tho. It's all a matter of
Personal preference
In fact, for me personally, I still like visiting others...
Not just the funny, and lighthearted. Continue to

Spin your yarns, & keep on bloggin'!
Perhaps you'll discover that we're all
In this together,
No matter WHAT you blog!

So, today, I'm doing a SPIN on dumb things. With that in mind, keep your mind open and thoughts of just how politically correct these seem to be these days. Are we dumb as dumb can get or what? You decide:

On a windshield sunscreen I read this:
    'Warning: Do Not Drive With Sun Shield in Place'.
When at the San Diego Wild Animal Park the sign warns:
Christmas Lights' label:
    Warning: For indoor or outdoor use only. Ummmm, where ELSE is there?
Here's one that is the 'sign of the times' for sure:
On a new Rain Gauge package:
    Suitable for outdoor use.
Hershey’s Almond Bar:
    Warning: May contain traces of nuts
Nytol sleep aid:
    Warning - may cause drowsiness.
Infant’s bathtub:
    Seriously, this is what is says - Do not throw baby out with bath water.
Can of self-defense pepper spray:
    May irritate eyes.
Stamped on the metal barrel of a .22 calibre rifle
    Warning - Misuse may cause injury or death.
Wrapper of a Fruit Roll-Up snack:
    Remove plastic before eating.
DVD box label:
    Instructional disk on hooking up DVD player included.
On the list of ingredients of a fruit bar box:
    Artificially bleached flour, sugar, vegetable fat, yeast, salt, gluten, soya flour, emulsifier 472 (E) & 481, flour treatment agents, enzymes, water. May contain fruit.
Frozen Dinner:
    Serving suggestion - Defrost.


  1. What an interesting blog. I particularly liked the very cleverly constructed acrostic and the red red rose.

  2. Love your spin.

    Love your new layout.

  3. what a lovely spin poem you've got here.

    and those signs? makes me wonder sometimes just who they are meant for... mmmm, lemme not be nasty...

  4. loved the acrostic spins cool sandy

  5. Ah yes, a rose by any other name. Nice touch of red among the silver and purple. Happy RT.

  6. Love your spin!
    And the Don Juan rose is simply gorgeous! didn't know about this kind :)
    Happy RT!

  7. Your list of spin brings to mind the one on the lawn mower...not a hedge trimmer. Unfortunately there are those that required these helpful suggestions. Me? I think the survival of the fittest should reign.

    Love the stop of red amongst the purple sage, which shows signs of rain. Me need water sooooo bad.

    Nice RT,

  8. i enjoyed your spin. and the lavender sage is simply eye-catching!

  9. The spin colors was really cool. And so were the words.. about how we bloggers being different in our own ways, yet all the same, too.

    Warning labels just make me shake my head. You know they have to put those on there because someone sued them for "not knowing." Sheesh.

  10. A great list there - the UK has its own variety of such stupidity :-)
    Yes, we bloggers are all part of something special.

  11. I love your Ruby Tuesday photos. That rose is amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Looks like fun here. I hope to return!

  12. Your ruby red roses look so pretty mixed in with the other.
    I like your SPIN...I, too, wonder sometimes if "they" think we're stupid.

  13. Great "spin" on the spin theme this week :) I always find your posts very creative though :)

    Thank you for stopping by, and your comment. Happy HOT day :)

  14. Love your spin list. What's really sad is that someone must have either questioned or hurt themselves in some way in the past in order for the manufacturers to justify the warning label.

  15. Looks beautiful at your fence, what a nice color !
    The list of signs is too funny. I want so see the elephants staying in the car, lol
    If you want to see the pictures of Venice (not the traditional once) go here :

  16. Wow! Roses and sage. It must smell lovely...:)

  17. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! It is an adventure every day to see what you have come up with. It is so true that we're all just as different as our personalities, which is what makes blogging so much fun. I often wish I could write as well as some of the others, or think of different things as you do. But I'm just me - Grandma Dawn!

    The red rose is stunning - has it rained?? I hope so!

    The warning labels are just an indication of the pathetic state we are in as a society, aren't they?

  18. Anni, your rose is gorgeous, but your Texas sage bush is fascinating.
    Thanks for sharing and visiting my Ruby Tuesday. :))

  19. Ahhhh! I'm dying laughing here! I'm going to forward this link to friends! Too funny:)

  20. That must smell heavenly in your garden!
    That rose is simply gorgeous!

  21. Love the Spin!

    Beautiful photos!

  22. Hi Anni, each part of your Tuesday blog is wonderful.

    RT first, don't we just love our Texas floral displays! Oregon or California may have more density but ours have more character.

    Your list had an item that is very sensitive to me. I have asked people to put out their cigarettes or shut off their engines at the gas pumps.
    One of my buddies died in a gas station fire. A customer lit a cigarette (I think that is how, for sure started by a customer) where my friend worked and the whole station went poof.
    This buddy had just bought himself a new 1957 Chevy convertible less than a week before. He was single so he could afford it. It was sooooo pretty, we visited when I was home on leave just before the tragedy. I had a new 1956 Ford convertible but had to sell it when I got drafted. BTW I got married two weeks before. That Ford help in our elopement and honeymoon transportation. A different Mrs. Jim than we know now.

    Talking about blogging style, my above reveals a part of me; I try to keep some things for a little mystery surrounding me but my mouth wants to reveal them.)

  23. Love the spin, Anni. I really like your new layout and your photo of the rose is gorgeous.

  24. In the age of law suits somebody thought there was somebody dumb enough to need those warnings.
    I really like remove platic before eating.

  25. Great way to use the letters from the word SPIN. You are so crafty! Your layout is very pretty.

  26. Clever poems. I see the red roses. Beautiful idea. Than ks for the visit...I'll be back.

  27. Beautiful flowers. That is so neat how the roses are growing among the purple flowers.

    Thanks for sharing.

  28. Loved the little spin on your post today... What fun! The flowers are just beautiful... Thanks


  29. Clever acrostic ... BEAUTIFUL red roses amidst the lovely purple blossoms ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  30. I have never heard of this bush. But, love anything purple. What a cleaver idea to use other plantings for the roses to climb. Will have to give that a try in my yard.

    Love your blog and must check in regularly to see what change you have made to your header. Wish I had your talent.

    Thanks for visiting my site as well.

  31. That climbing rose seems to be quite at home amidst the sage brush. The colors together are very vivid and vibrant. Thanks for stopping by at my RT post.

  32. What a beautiful and perfect rose. The rose garden at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens is now on its downward bloom... they have a grandstand of sorts... stone wall with a gorgeous climbing red rose on it... the roses cover the entire wall. I happened upon a bride getting her portraits there and clandestinely took a picture... now I know why the gardens are so popular for weddings.... really cuts down on the flower budget. Thanks for stopping by.

  33. What a wonderufl pic with all that purple and the deep, rich spot of red. Lovely rose. I like looking, but hate taking care of them. They're so fussy! Great blog. Thanks for visiting Astoria, Oregon. I will be back :)


  34. That was fun, I love the spin theme.


  35. I love the fruit bars list - 'May contain fruit.' hahaha

    Nice acrostic as well! I'll have to give the 'spin' topic a little thought. hmm.

  36. Your spin is excellent!!!

  37. Ooo, pretty piccies of flooowers!

    I also commented on one of your troll-posts. You have an amazingly cool collection! I envy you!

    I also love Emily Dickinson. I wrote a paper on her once, and got an A. And a friend of mine once said she thought I was her in a former life. I took that as the greatest compliment of all time. :)

  38. Very interesting take of Tuesday!
    And the rose is gorgeous.
    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  39. Anni,

    I love your new look. So calm and serene.

    Enjoyed your Heads or Tails. I've seen some pretty funny signs and labels as well. I wonder who thinks up these things?

    As for your red rose growing in the Texas sage...just awesome. I love the red and the purple and I learned something today. I never knew that the sage only blossomed after a rain. It's beautiful.

    Hope you had a great day. I sure was late getting over to visit today.


  40. So cute. A few rubies among the so many purple ones.

  41. Enjoyed, as I always do.

  42. The rose is gorgeous. Happy wordless. :)

  43. On my bulletin board I have the front of a frozen package of peas. The picture on the front shows green peas in a lovely china serving bowl with a large wooden serving spoon and fork set on a tablecloth. In tiny print the box says: Package contains peas only. Serving bowl, utensils and tablecloth not included.

    I had to save that for posterity.

  44. The rose stands out among the others, it somehow gets somebody passing by take a second look:)

  45. The red really stands out among the purple.

    I really like the photo on the sidebar - stunning.

    Thank you for stopping and visiting my RT entry, it was appreciated. :-)

  46. Oh wow how beautiful they look all intertwined together! I love the way Sage bushes look and of course Roses! :)