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Thursday, July 9th, 2009
3:33 A.M.

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Colorado -Spanish for Color Red
Capital City - Denver
Area - 104,100 square miles
Population - 4,301,261 [approx.]
Nickname - Centennial State
State Bird - Lark Bunting
State Flower - Columbine

More Facts

Last week I did the state Texas, so I will do the state I lived in for over 4 decades...Colorado.

Odd Names for towns in Colorado

1] Holy Moses, Colorado
    In 1880, Nicholas Creede discovered a high-grade silver vein on Willow Creek. The great silver rush had begun and small mining communities began popping up such as Holy Moses, which I assume is what people were saying when they found high-grade silver.
2] Hygiene, Colorado (pop. unknown)
    The unusual name is due to the fact that the town used to have a sanitarium for patients who had tuberculosis (TB). The sanitarium was founded by Reverend Jacob S. Flory and his Church of Brethren. The church was actually part of the sanitarium and is still standing in the town.
3] Bonanza, Colorado (pop. 14)
    In 1880, the town of Bonanza popped up that fall. The name originates from the optimistically named Bonanza mine when one of the prospectors told his friends, "It’s a Bonanza, boys!" and the name stuck.
4] Last Chance, Colorado (pop. unknown)
    Last Chance is situated at the intersection of U.S. Highway 36 and State Highway 71 in a sparsely populated area of eastern Colorado. The town was supposedly so named because it was once the only place for travelers to secure fuel and provisions for many miles in any direction.
5] Wide Awake, Colorado (pop. unknown)
    Miners with picks, shovels and dreams struck gold here in the 1860's, and by the turn of the century, more than 500 people lived in Wide Awake, about 50 miles west of Denver. According to legend, the miners had been struggling to come up with a name for the town. As they tossed out possible names late into the night, one sleepy miner supposedly said to another, "Let's just wait until morning, when we're more wide awake." One of the miners responded: "That's it! We'll name it Wide Awake."
6] Tin Cup [or Tincup], Colorado (pop. unknown)
    The first placer gold was found in the Tin Cup area in 1859, and the first big strike in 1879. Tin Cup got its name from one of the prospectors that carried out his gold dust in a tin cup. The underworld ruled Tin Cup and there never really was any law. Every time an honest sheriff would arrive, he would be told what to do by the leaders of the underworld. If he didn't comply, he was killed. And so the cemetery at Tin Cup is filled with honest sheriffs and other good people that did not comply with the underworlds demands.
7] Parachute, Colorado (pop. 1,006)
    The name comes from the appearance on a map of several streams converging on the town as do the shroud lines of a parachute combined with the arc of the ridge line above the streams which resembles the canopy of a parachute. The town was previously named Grand Valley.
8] Climax, Colorado (pop. unknown)
    Climax is now an uninhabited ghost town, located along the Continental Divide at an elevation of about 11,360 feet (3465 meters). It was the highest human settlement in the United States, and it holds the record for having had the country's highest Post Office and the highest railroad station. Hence, climax.
9] Gill, Colorado (pop. unknown)
    in Weld County, Colorado, United States. The Gill Post Office has the ZIP Code 80624
10] Joes, Colorado (pop. unknown)
    Joes is in Yuma County. So named because three of the first settlers were called Joe. [In 1929 the Joes High School basketball team won the Colorado state basketball championship, defeating teams from much larger Colorado towns such as Fort Collins and Denver. The Joes team then traveled to Chicago to participate in a national championship. The smallest school in the tournament, the "Wonder Boys" advanced to the semifinals before losing to Classen High School of Oklahoma City. The success was notable given the small size of the school. Author Nell Propst, in The Boys From Joes (1988) noted that the ten-man basketball team represented half of the male enrollment in the school, which in 1929 numbered 20 boys and 16 girls. Their 1921 high school lacked a gymnasium, forcing the team to practice on a gravel court outside.]
11] Rifle, Colorado (pop. 6,784)
    During the U. S. Geological survey of 1876, A. C. Peale wrote the word "rifle" on his map to mark the location of a misplaced firearm. The gun was never found, but the name stuck. Founded in 1882, Rifle attracted a steady flow of settlers seeking good land and convenient railroad access.
12] Steamboat Springs, Colorado (pop. 9,815)
    The name Steamboat Springs is said to have originated in the late 1820’s when three French Trappers, traveling along the Yampa River, heard a ‘chug chug’ sound. Thinking they had reached a major river, one yelled, “a Steamboat, by gar!” Upon further investigation, they discovered the sound came from a natural mineral spring, to be named Steamboat Springs. The Steamboat Spring still sits at the far end of town; however, it ceased to ‘chug’ when the railroad bed was laid above it in 1908. -odd name because of its location
13] Silver Plume, Colorado (pop. est. was 201)
    The community was named for the Silver Plume Mine, which was named for feathery streaks of silver found there.

BONUS: It was a toss up between Bonanza [above] and Nunn, Colorado (pop 471). Tho the word nun is spelled with one "n"'s still pronounced as such. It is in Eastern Colorado and named after Tom Nunn, homesteader.
Note: Population, for all listed above, is taken from 2000 census. Some are ghost towns or unincorporated...with population count, unknown.



  1. gosh, those town names... the bean loved last week's texas one's i have to say!

  2. Hi Annie!
    Loved your list and your thunks.
    Yes, you are 'right'.

    I had major issues with js kits myself.

    Oh, and the Pickle Barrel changed hands and names around 1980. The people who bought it closed down about 6 years ago. Funny you remembered that. I loved that place :)

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Anonymous7/09/2009

    Great answers and cool Colorado town names :)

    Happy Thursday!

  4. wow used to be proficient in sign language, that's one of the things i'd love to learn.

  5. You're very sarcastic...I like that about you *wink

    Happy T13!

  6. Adelle Thanks for the compliment....I work hard at the task at hand. [snort]

  7. Another great one. Number 5 was my favorite. Happy Thursday 13!!! :)

  8. Harriet Oh yes, the Pickle Barrel was one of my favorite places to eat in Chicago...sad to know it shut down. :o(

  9. I loved reading your TT ! It's so interesting for me to read about these old times of gold rush naming cities, discovering others etc. What an adventure !

  10. You made your answers fun-- I knew lots of grads this year os I am a little broke:) And my sixth grade teacher would say she was always talking:)

  11. Anni, I don't know where you find the time to do your research, but the town name portion of your meme was really a hoot. Thanks for sharin'.

  12. I just reread your post and i love the town names it gives a town something to live up to or to live down:)

  13. Nice Thursday Thirteen - I thought it had stopped. LOL I've bookmarked it and will do it sometime.

    Great answers, my beds a crumbled mess too ;)

  14. Anni,

    Loved the historical town names and information on Colorado. I watched a tv program earlier this year that told about towns in the US with unusual names. Of course they only told about the most common ones, like North Pole, Alaska.

    Enjoyed your post today. I'm a little confused about the JS Kit. I have tried unsuccessfully to post at several blogs in the last week. Maybe that has something to do with it. If you have time, more information would be appreciated.

    Have a wonderful day.

  15. Mary there is a link in my addendum that will take you to the home site....there you'll see what it's about. It's a widget, and if blogs you visit have it'll know. It gives a whole new appearance to the comment section and allows the blog owner or other visitors a chance to leave replies...which hardly anyone reads it's a waste of time if you ask me. Thing is, this widget agreement that you need to will tell you that it takes all your information/ISP, etc...and uses it for their spyware does. Not good!!

    And here I am leaving you a reply. I'll email you when I can to further explain.

  16. Hey Anni... Loved all the names of towns in Colorado... It was fun to read. Your answers to the meme were very interesting... & funny. Have a great day


  17. Anni,

    Thanks for the explanation. Those are the blogs I can't comment on for some reason and thank goodness. I don't want anyone gathering information that is private.

  18. theres a climax, ny too and a christmas, fl - just my 2 cents.

    loved your answer about 6th grade being so long ago. for me too, but i'll never forget those damn nuns!!!! my knuckles still hurt - LOL.

    thanks for the heads up on the posts. you're always thinkin'


  19. Haha #9 and #17 totally made me laugh.

    Thanks so much for visiting me! I look forward to checking out future thunks from you =)

    Hope you have a great day!

  20. We have something else in common: we like to correct grammar. I wrote a post about how texting is contributing to the downfall of the English language, and what I plan to do about that. Feel free to read it when you get a chance:

  21. I couldn't find the place to comment on today's 13. So I'm down here. I love reading town names. I've seen one called "Colleen," my name. During this last trip we passed a "Hometown."

  22. Kitten The one that really gripes me is "Him and me" or "Her and me" went to the store...when all they have to do is take one pronoun away to find if "Him" or "Her" is the correct usage...y'know? It ISN'T Him went to the's He went and it wouldn't be Me it'd be He and I [or she and I] easy yet so oftentimes misused pronouns.

    Oh and another one is "anyways"...there is no such word. It's anyway.

  23. Those town names cracked me up! Oh, the imaginations of our American forefathers.

  24. We have a Tin Cup and a Climax in Montana too. After that it goes to boring stuff like Warm Springs and Dead Horse and stuff.

  25. Gosh Darn, ANNI! I'll say it every time! You...are...a...hoot! Blessings to you and yours!

  26. Great lesson for today Anni. I often marvel at all the strange names some of the towns over there have, once you know the origin, they are all logical.
    Thanks for the warning on JS-kit.

    Love Granny

  27. Anonymous7/09/2009

    Those names are so interesting, I missed Texas last week, so I'll have to scroll back & read them too!

  28. Anonymous7/09/2009

    Those names are so interesting, I missed Texas last week, so I'll have to scroll back & read them too!

  29. Hmm its pretty informative.

    Thanks for stopping by on my TT!

    See you next week!

  30. Cute. In fact, Claudia and I were just talking about place names this morning, as she is researching one CO town for her series.

    I am a little fuzzy on the java script you refer to at the end. Is that the one where it automatically links your latest post?

  31. Anonymous7/09/2009

    I like your answers! MJ is dead? No way! lol

  32. Oh Annie- You never cease to amaze me with your lists. Today I am wondering as I read this list. Holy Moses what did they see that made them decide on that name? And Hygiene, were they having a problem with hygiene and that is why they named it that, thinking maybe some people would get the hint? What about Last Chance, it was their last chance for what? To get out of town? And Wide Awake that one is interesting. Wide awake for what? When do they sleep there if they are always Wide Awake? Now Tin Cup I really like, as that means that town is gonna get you coming and going, they have a tin cup out they want something put in it. Those are my thoughts today Annie. Thanks for making my day. I love to visit with you. Country Hugs sweetie, Sherry

  33. Mutti and Me7/09/2009

    Hi Anni
    Liked your town names a lot-
    Your'e blog is always so enlightening to read-
    thanks for sharing.

    And abolut the grammar?
    About Douglas and ME, him and I went to the store yesterdays??
    Was that right???
    Or am I execused???
    he he he

  34. OMG, you did this to torture me, right? You knew I'd get a hankerin' to round-up & wrassel the kids into the car and go on a road trip to & thru Colorado!

  35. Anonymous7/09/2009

    Your answer on MJ, yes other's have passed on leaving kids and family behind. But few, if any, have done for this world what that man did. The charities he gave to was unprecedented. He changed so much our entertainment industry. He deserved all the coverage he got. And I don't know what news you were watching but I did get all the "worthy" news and not just "sensationalism" What I don't understand is how this was "sensationalism" myself. But to each it own I suppose. Great answers my friend :)

  36. I agree with your #6. Every time I turned on the news it was all about MJ. Great answers!

  37. Thom Sensationalism is a way of using interests of "sensational" matter with methods of writing, journalism with a given subject matter....forms of media.

    With my own opinionated thoughts of his death and the coverage from the moment LA announced that he "may be dead" to the memorial this week...the networks covered his demise with great moguls, making top dollar covering the event. Now there will be MORE with magazines/papers/journalism writing, to sell their works...sensationalism.

    I feel that giving your own life to keep a country free or saving someone from a burning fire and die trying...or a policeman hired to capture criminals in the line of duty being fired upon/and or killed capturing a rapist/murderer/child THAT is charity of the ultimate kind.

    And this, my friend, is rarely covered to the extent of becoming 'money making news'.

    Here is a link that speaks my thoughts better:

    Media Sensationalism

  38. Anonymous7/09/2009

    I totally agree with you on this, but isn't this how our society has worked and operated for, well all my life? Sensationalism sells. It always has and always will. Look at when Princess Di passed away? Or when a natural disaster, Hurricane Katrina, hits. We are bombarded with this for days, months and years to come. It all comes down to the almighty dollar if you ask me. And some tabloids, greedy bastards that they are, go overboard. It makes me sick to see what they do. But that's what sells. People are fickle in that respect and rather have that than the real news.

    My whole point to my first comment was I thought you were saying that you couldn't find any "real" news. I did. Yes, it wasn't where I wanted it because of MJ but it was there. And your real news items, that I think should always get more coverage but never do, are yes the charities that need this more. But they don't make money and sell like other types of journalism.

    Thank you for sharing the article. I do appreciate it but I do think you made and said your thoughts perfectly :)

    Aloha and this is what I love about blogging... :)

  39. Great T-13. I may "borrow" the idea and do my state some time.

    I can't decide which is funnier - a town called Wide Awake or that Climax is a ghost town!

  40. The only Colorado place name I recognized is Steamboat Springs. Loved some of your thunks, too!

    While I grew up with MJ's music, I was not enamoured with him the way some were. There are a lot of songs I loved, but I never went out of my way to see/hear him.

    I did have the MJ memorial service on while I worked, which I thought extremely sedate and tasteful, given the last decade of the man's life, but I don't think his death has been sensationalized. It was no more than that given to other huge celebrities, such as John Lennon. (And before anyone slams me for comparing the two, it's a generation thing--both did equally great things during their lifetimes.) As Thom said, Jackson broke barriers in the entertainment industry and gave millions to worthwhile charities. In fact, they said on Tuesday that he gave more to charity than any other celebrity. That's saying something!

  41. Thom Thanks for coming back to read a bit more of my thoughts. And you definitely hit the nail with the hammer there....your point and my's all about the almighty dollar when it comes to coverage of such an event. Tragic tho it is.

  42. Hoot!! You are a HOOT........ I love coming here but sometimes I have to read it twice....... NOW that does not mean I have no smarts, it means that my mind is crowded! hahahha I so agree with the MJ comments....... I was so tired of the entire thing and wondered if I had slept though the second coming and then (going) He was a wonderful wonderful entertainer and he was brilliant with dance and song...... BUT he was a man of flesh and blood and had many faults as we each do... What in the world is wrong with this country........... Where are we headed...........

    Girl friend have a wonderful summer.. Please pray for Mom... she is just failing so fast.........

  43. Hoot! You touched my heart with your words and made me cry.. Thanks for your understanding and your sweet comment.. Some days I just cannot think.. I am foggy and trying so hard to understand this demon disease... I had no idea how hard it would be to "watch' them loose life.......... I pray a lot and ask The Father God to give me strength and understanding of how to do this....... I so lean on my friends from the blog to just listen.. It is a blessing to have met friends such as you......

  44. Denise I do, dear friend, I do understand what you're going through as I have done the same with both my parents. It's so hard. I recall even praying as I drove to's just way too hard on the ones that will be left behind.

  45. totally agree on the michael jackson funeral one...good answers

  46. Nice Meme Anni..would love to do it one day!! This has been a very busy summer with my parents spending it here with us. We take them back to Illinois on the 18th of this month. I think that we have had a good time..Mother has been able to get her first pedicure and her first massage and celebrate her 85th birthday here..What fun!!
    Miss stopping by here. Sorry but life has been in the way lately.,

  47. Great post sweetie.

  48. Such great information about Colorado. I love to visit blogs and learn new things. Thanks for sharing.

    Sherry at EX Marks the Spot

  49. Anonymous7/10/2009

    Sometimes, well a lot of times, I don't say things correctly the first time. LOL. Think I'm trying to correct a wrong all the time :) LOL. Have a good day :)

  50. Peanut butter cookies?! *drool*

    Applause for #6!