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Thursday, July 2nd, 2009
4:40 A.M.

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Texas Population - Over 20,850,000
Area - 268,601 square miles
Capital City - Austin
Admitted as the 28th state
Nickname - Lonestar State
State Bird - Mockingbird
State Flower - Bluebonnet
State Tree - Pecan

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13 of Texas' Odd Named Towns

1] Uncertain, Texas (pop. 196)
    Steamboat captains often had trouble mooring their vessels in the area, thus ‘Uncertain.’” When Carter’s father and others filed a town charter with the state, it was returned unaccepted. “You have to put in a name for the town,” the paperwork read, concluding incorrectly that the inserted name, Uncertain, meant that the good townsfolk couldn’t agree upon a name for their fair hamlet.

2] Dime Box (pop. 381)
    The town’s name originated from the practice of leaving a dime in a box at Brown’s Mill to get a letter delivered to nearby Giddings, before a post office opened in 1877.

3] Point Blank, Texas (pop. 559 people)
    The name originated with Florence Dissiway, a Frenchwoman who moved to the area during the 1850s to be a governess for the R. T. and Henry Robinson families. Dissiway called the spot Blanc Point. [meaning white point...but locals began calling it Point Blank having nothing to do with color in the translation]

4] Gasoline, Texas [now a ghost town, population only exists with the cemetery's residents]
    The unusual name dates from 1907, the date when they got the first post office. How they decided on this unusual name is lost to history, but the Handbook of Texas suggests that the town's cotton gin ran on gasoline and gasoline was still regarded "as a novelty" in the Panhandle.

5] Bug Tussle, Texas [between Bagby & Bartley Woods] (pop. 15)
    an argument between two old-time residents who wanted to change the name of the town. Their attention was diverted by the spectacle of two tumblebugs fighting. "Look at those bugs tussle," one reportedly remarked, thus settling the argument and rechristening the town. Once named, Truss Texas

6] Cut and Shoot, Texas (pop. 1244)
    Believed to be named after a 1912 community confrontation that almost led to violence. A dispute erupted over the issue of who should be allowed to preach in the community, according to Thompson. A small boy at the scene who wanted to stay clear of the argument reportedly declared, "I’m going to cut around the corner and shoot through the bushes in a minute!"

7] Telephone, Texas (pop. 210)
    It's name comes from the community's pride in having a telephone. (Located in the general store.) In an old familiar story, the storekeeper's applications for a post office (under a variety of names) met with rejections because the names were "already taken" by some other community. The name Telephone was submitted and the telephone post office opened in 1886.

    Ps...In case you're interested in living in such an aptly named community...check this piece of real estate out --going for over $3 million!
    [photo courtesy of Real Estate]

8] Turkey, Texas (pop. 492)
    It started as a place called Turkey Roost on Turkey Creek,” relates Robert W. Brown, a writer for the area’s Valley Tribune newspaper. “This creek was pretty well overrun with wild turkeys. Later, when they made it into a post office, in 1893, they dropped the ‘Roost’ and called it Turkey.

9] Earth, Texas (pop. 1077)
    "Welcome to Earth, established 1924" the sign on a downtown building says. Green Earth was it's origin, and the state shortened it to "Earth".

10] Jolly, Texas (pop. 188)
    Named after William Jolly, a resident rancher of the area

11] Happy, Texas (pop. 615)
    The town got its name from nearby Happy Draw, a welcome sight to late 19th-century cowboys seeking water for their cattle.
    Just about an hour's drive from "Earth" -Texas, that is. And Earth Texas is the 3rd planetary from Muleshoe, Texas -named for the Muleshoe Ranch

12] Alligator School House, Texas (pop: unknown)
    Sometime shortly after 1900, a town grew up around the schoolhouse. The origin of the school's name has been lost to history, but it had to have been a colorful story. Alligator School House was a rural community on State Highway 309 two miles north of Round Prairie in southeastern Navarro County. It grew up around a school of that name built after 1900. E.A. Limmer. Limmer, 85, was born there, though he never saw any alligators---he has been known to say: "I enjoy telling people that I was born at Alligator in Bell County".

13] Texas doesn't play favorites either...with planetary town names...there are Mercury, Venus, and Saturn (formerly Possum Trot), Texas.

If you'd like to do more research than I did, click on this link: Texas Town Names


I received this wonderful, thoughtful, gift from Thom!!! Thom, you made my day with your kindness and thoughtfulness. Thank you, very much!


11. Why do you do the Thursday Thunks meme? I enjoy reading other bloggers' answers and I love to see just how 'whacky' the questions are to have some fun of my own when answering them.


  1. Anonymous7/02/2009

    You are most welcome my friend. I enjoy your blog tremendously and thank you for always stopping by my playground. Love the 13 Texas Odd Named Towns. Alligator School House...wonderful. Never heard of Butternut Squash. Interesting. LOL...I don't do Starbucks either. Great post my friend. Happy Thursday :) Aloha

  2. I loved your list of funny town names. I've heard of Bug Tussle but not the others.

  3. Hi Anni. I love the 13 unusually named places in Texas. A couple of our more memorable ones are Black Butt (honest) and Dunny Doo, much to my grandson's delight when he found them on the map.

    Yes, your answers are somewhat whacky, aren't they? A psychologist would have a wonderful time with those...smirk.

  4. Great answers. Now I know why butternut squash.

  5. I always learn some very interesting things on your blog, thanks sweetie.

  6. Can't believe they are actual names of real towns LOL Hilarious. Happy T13!

  7. Hi Annie!
    Wow you went all out.

    I can't believe that I have never been to Texas!

    Have a great 4th!

  8. Harriet You know what they say about Texas/Texans...everything is bigger. So, naturally, I go all out. LOLOLOL

    Come visit. I'll be here, in Texas to show you around my neck of the a BIG way.

  9. You put a lot of thought into that shopping trip! LMAO

  10. Those are really some wacky names - Arizona has some doozies, too!

    And what goofy questions, with equally any answers!

    I think it would be tough waiting for hurricanes and hoping for the best every year!

  11. Can't wait to show the town name list to my kiddos! What a hoot! We've been through a few of these places~


  12. I've come across Point Blank somewhere in the news. Uncertain is really odd, and Gasoline. I like Jolly and Happy :-) Great list! Happy Thursday.

  13. No way. Did you make some of those up? LOL What a great list!

    My T13 is here

  14. Neat list - I was born in Texas but my famiy only lived there for about a year. I have visited once very briefly and would love to visit again - maybe even some of these towns! :)

  15. Annie , you're a HOOT! I lived in Texas for only 9 months and picked up a good ole Texan drawl. Not an all-out lip-crawl but enough that those I meet ask me what part of Texas I live in! We're sisters, sweetling!

  16. Anni,

    What an interesting post about odd names in Texas. I always enjoy a bit of history.

    Like you, butternut squash is my favorite and available year round here as well.

    Hope you have a great day. No swimming today for the boys. 64 degrees and rain predicted for this afternoon.

    Poutine, so I've heard, is delicious. I've never tasted it.

    Enjoy your day.

  17. and you make me wanna visit every one of them :)

  18. I'm with you Annie, when the train derails there would be two of us barefootin away. I too, hate shoes. (And being an insulin diabetic that is a bad thing for me, as I have no feeling left in the bottoms of my feet) I think I would like the town Dime Box. Someday on my way to Oklahoma I am going to drive there where it may be and check it out. Thanks for sharing. So happy you loved the cactus all finished. I too just loved him. I will post the backyard tonight as I begin to work on it. Lots to do. Have a great day. "Country Hugs", Sherry

  19. a butternut squash, eh! curvy. yep. that's it - curvy.


  20. Mary I didn't say butternut was a favorite...the question asks: What kind of squash would you BE.

  21. My M&M tree would have red blooms. I'm barefoot right now, also. I'll put on sandals to go to the grocery then kick those off when I get home. I did once start a conversation with a wrong number, I'm ashamed to say, we talked several more times. Wicked! Never revealed our names, though.
    I don't follow directions on bottles too well either, but I do have to lather twice to get my hair clean.
    Loved your answer about the money and the towns with funny names. I've been to Dumas and others.
    Mama Bear

  22. so much fun and educational !!1Hhaha

  23. I will be deshoed too! I love that word!

  24. i luuuuv those town's name, give them character!

    as for doors... mmmm, i'm usually in a hurry and just kinda softly 'slam' door so they close themselves? and am always told to stop banging doors. yes, ever at 43...

  25. It's hard to keep up with you my friend. It's never boring here :-).
    I loved the town names and I think I'd be unshod. Blessings...Mary

  26. Great T13, Anni! Having two towns named Jolly and Happy has got to say something for Texas...

  27. Telephone Texas - how funny! They ran out of names. Can't you just picture it? - "Let's close our eyes and name the town after the first thing we see." Good thing there were no dead flies or mange dogs around. haha

  28. Greetings from Jamaica Beach!

  29. What a Hoot. I loved reading all of your questions and answers.
    Your Texas names are unbelievable
    I love the name Telephone,Tx and Uncertain.
    Have a safe 4th

  30. wow thanks for the lesson on butter nut squash! whew :-)
    Great answers!

  31. What a neat TX list. I believe I have only heard of a couple of those.
    I think the strangest I have come across is Baby Head, Texas.
    Have a great day!

  32. Very kewl T-13 Topic ... I love the name 'Uncertain' ;--)
    Kewl Thunks too. Perhaps one of these days I'll decide to play ... once I decide I want to focus on words again.
    Hugs and blessings,

  33. Hubby and I haven't visited Texas yet, but we're making our way through the states.

  34. Those are indeed some interesting town names in your state! Happy 4th!

  35. I actually think they came out with light purple in the Easter m&m bag.

  36. LOL! I'm curious...what color nail polish do you have on?

  37. I want to live in Happy, Texas! lol - Happy TT

  38. Thanks for your comment and adding me to the over 50 crowd and I'm proud to be a member of this group.
    Enjoyed the Texas town names. I've been to Texas a few times, but never heard of any of these.

  39. Re: TT -- I'd heard of Cut and Shoot, but all the others were news to me, and mostly quite charming. I feel so bad for poor Gasoline, though, populated only by dead folks (though, as legend has it, we refer to them as "registered voters" here in Cook County, IL).

  40. Thanks for stopping by on Outdoor Wednesday! I've never visited your blog before and it's so much fun! Love your little owls and your Thursday posts are so interesting!

    Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

  41. I like how you'd spend the money. I've read Wicked, but not seen it yet.
    First time to your blog... I like it.

  42. I so enjoyed reading how those towns got their names...too funny! I didn't even know they existed but now I know:-) The only funny name I can think of for around here is the name of our main highway....Highway 69! lol You can imagine the jokes we get about that one! hehe

    Congratulations on your award, dear Anni:-)

    I'm barefoot most of the time too!! That's why I hate winters when I have to wear socks and shoes to go out! lol I don't care for squash at all, any kind. Mom made me eat it when I was a little girl and it made me gag...I guess that's always stayed with me.

    Take care my dear:-) xoxo