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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Sit down....think real hard about these:

Thursday's 13 & Thursday Thunks

1] In a department window bound to attract men from the sidewalk...."Ladies' Dresses 1/2 off"
2] A commercial for Southw*st Airlines: "Grab Your Bag" ---Bags Fly Free" [Bud and I love that one. He thinks he can get me aboard their planes for free!] Definition #10 here
3] Along the road in town, there's a Vet hospital...right next door? "Tasty, Unique, Cuisine"!!
4] "DONT'T Drink and Drive"
5] "Ho-made soups"
6] On the side of the bait shop it reads: "Master Bait & Tackle"
7] A Chinese Restaurant..."Poo Ping Thai - Chinese Food"
8] "A" Street Downtown [highway sign with exit arrow]
9] A special tribute for a 50th anniversary marquee on a billboard: "After all these years, Lisa still loves Dick!"
10] Pizza Parlor [the letter "s" fell off] ----"Mega _lice Pizza & drink $3.99"
11] At a Days Inn --sign like above - "Heated Poo_"
12] Another restaurant sign: "Tonight, All can eat you Buffet".
13] And the last one, I took while walking the beach Wednesday morning...

[it just made me laugh ---Guess the seagull had its own opinion of the sign!!]

Now, my question is - "Did you REALLY pay attention to #4?"


Thursday Thunks
took a bit of thunking, don't you think?

1. You are in an enclosed space with a group of friends. Elevator, auto, small room, etc.. You fart and it really stinks. Do you take credit for it or do you play along with the questioning of who did it? Actually, I'm now a Southern gal...we in the South don't do such it's like "Who on earth could be so crass in such an enclosed area? My word, hunny chil'l, that musta been one awful 'possum stew." All said while bringing out my ironed, freshly laundered, hankie, from my white lace gloves...swooning in disgust. Okay, so I ad-libbed a little.

2. You are locked in a room sitting at a desk with just a piece of paper and a purple crayon. What do you draw? It'd be either a purple pansy or a one-eyed one horned flying purple people eater. It depends on what I had for lunch.

3. Do you ever pee in the shower? Uhhhhh, here comes the Southern charm again...NO dahling.

4. Have you bought, sold or got rid of something on Craigslist? No, but I have searched for a cheap instrument now and then. Piano that is. Get your mind out of the gutter. I think after doing the Thursday 13 above, I HAVE my mind in the gutter. Geez!!!

5. You are in a convenience store. In the line in front of you is a drunk guy trying to purchase more alcohol. The cashier tells him they cannot sell it to him because he is obviously already intoxicated. He gets belligerent. The cashier is scared. What do you do? Crime is high...I'd leave. Who knows what is REALLY in that crumpled paper bag in the drunk's pocket!!

6. While shopping for produce, do you "sample" before you buy (i.e. grapes)? Always. So, sue me.

7. You are walking down the street and there is a toddler sitting on a bench by themselves in front of a store - do you just keep walking? Yes, it's a trap! I watch movies...I know they're trying to ensnare me into some kinda wrong doing...who knows anyway, the undercover cop could be in the back room of the video store but can see the child. through his high powered scope. Nope, nope...I wouldn't touch this scene for any kinda $$!

8. Have you looked up an old friend and/or lover online? No, no need. I have access to all by keeping in contact with emails.

9. You are nearly in a car/auto accident. Do you freak out, follow the person who nearly caused it & talk to them or just keep going? Well, let's put it this way...after my heart rate would settle...I'd sure do a lot of finger jiving and talking to myself! I wouldn't be crazy enough to follow them and talk to them....who knows, like #5 above, what is in that driver's crumpled brown paper bag sliding around on his dashboard!!!

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  1. I love you my friend.

  2. I like all those Q & A's but just cannot stay up to DO them...some day! But I like to READ yours!!!

  3. good post Anni!
    Mine is posted...LOL
    Bloggin in a fog

  4. Hi Anni, This was Great fun... I always enjoy your answers... I was reminded that there is a vet down the road and right next to it is an Italian Restaurant. I would not eat there because I just had weird thoughts if you get my drift. Have a super day!


  5. brilliant answers to the thunks :) mine's posted here!
    Hope to see you there too.


  6. So funny Anni... love your humour.
    Once we were at a seaside resort in the south of England and on the walkway was a sign 'No Smoking on the Promenade' .... in the open air?

    Love Granny

  7. "Ho-made Soups" I love it. And I can so picture you saying your answer to number 3. It's awesome. And no. 6 well I do every once in a while...yeah right...all the time LOL. Great answers :)

  8. your 13's are hilarious. do people not read what they write before putting it up???????? methinks!

    and strangely enough, just lately, i've been noticing people eating their groceries while they're still in the store, or while waiting in the cue. just an observation.

  9. nos. 7 and 11 seem to have a thing in common. lisa still loves dick - wahahahaha! i guess she always will.

    my T13 is also up. happy thursday.

  10. Hi Anni.
    Loved all your answers from both memes and of course, the bird was funny!
    Happy Thursday!

  11. You never disappoint!!! I love each and everyone...but #6 caused a snort with my laugh.

  12. Thanks for the hilarious signs ... gotta LUV the last one especially. Reminds me of one I took and shared a while back with a bird sitting on a No Parking sign. Have a wonderful day ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. What a difference on letter can make.

  14. Great and fun answers. I love your accent southern belle.

  15. Love your answers!!

  16. I am still laughing about your TT ! They are all good !

  17. 1 and 3 only apply to southern women. I have found that southern men (like my boyfriend and his brother)have no shame. lol

  18. Anni,

    You always make me laugh. Like you, though I'm not southern, I was brought up to have southern charm. lol Loved all your answsers. Now, off to watch those boys.


  19. Those were terrific! So funny. I love finding signs that have mistakes or unintentional meanings!

    Here's a video you might like from one of my blogs. It's FUNNY!

  20. Yes, I stuttered on #4. :)

  21. Oh Annie
    I can just see you with a little white hankie fanning. How sweet is that? You are a doll. And anyone brave enough to park where that No Parking sign deserve the dish that is served there. Stop by and say hi. I have a good post today. It will make you smile. Country Hugs, Sherry

  22. Great T13! Thanks for the laugh :)

  23. There is a vacancy in our job market for sign QA. Think of how many embarassing moments could have been avoided if people would just read their own signs!

  24. for me, 6 & 7 are the winners! LOL!

  25. heehee, love the southern gal charm

  26. My favorite signs were buried in the middle of your TT. #4 and #5 made me smile and I wished I'd seen them myself.

  27. Gre list for Thursday's 13! Ad yes, I DIDD catch number 4, how hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

  28. Great Thursday Thirteen. I alwasy get a kick out of misspelled signs!

  29. Loved the 13. Reminded me of the signe near here that says "Stop here for food and gas."

  30. I loved the TT. I couldn't decide on my favorite.

  31. Laughed my butt off! Great post

  32. Heated Poo and Ho-Made Soups! Kinda yuck, but still funny!

  33. Bud, has a quick sense of humoe. As always, Anni, well done.

  34. As a former Georgia Peach, I must say you answered the questions with SUCH style and dignity! ROFL

  35. Love the very first one: '....Ladies' Dresses 1/2 off'

  36. MamaJosephine stole my thunder.... but yes, I ddided.

    Do you by chance have Lisa's phone num.... oh, forget that.

    My first time here and I AM trying to behave, really.

    Got here via your over 50's comment on Weather Vane, as I am, I figured it might be a good place to check out.

    13's and Thunks, never heard of them, although I have been know to Meme... ah in the shower too, saves water; I try to be green, although avoiding it around the gills.

    Enjoyed what I have read so far, but my keyboard has taken a bashing today, second lot of coffee slopping around in the bilges, Lisa was to blame for that, just wait till I get a hold of her.

    I'm off to find a follow thingy, I'll also link you on my Blogger's Cafe, click on my name and you'll find it.

    Thanks for a nice way to end a day.


  37. Those are mostly all fun, Anni. But why are they sooooooo long? I am doing some out of the Sunday thing but I just do a few I like so it doesn't matter. And I do the one for the week just past because I don't have time on Sunday to work it all out.

  38. Great post..I had a good laugh..thanks for sharing..!

  39. Your T13 really got me laughing hard, especially the Master Bait and Lisa still loves Dick. My mind is really green. ; )

  40. Heehee, Anni, love your Thursday thunks...all of them.

    A friend of my brother's was awful when we were all young. He would stand by the prettiest looking girl, let one drop, then turn to her with look of disgust and stalk off. Charming!