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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Our hostess, dear Gattina, for FUN MONDAY asks to see a mess....oh trust me, I got those!! For instance, the closet in our library/computer it is:

But I take pride in having organized messes....may look sloppy....but I know just where everything is. [believe that and I'll sell you some land in the Mariana trench for half the going price!] I'm sure if we tore out the kitchen'd be stuffed in a closet, or attic, too. LOL I have everything from old photo albums that truly need some attention ---loose pages, loose photos [you name it], plaster santas and other misc. santas that don't fit in my storage boxes, fiber optic witches, wrapping paper....why even our huge telescope is in this closet [tied to support it and not let it warp the lenses]. That is WHY THE DOORS REMAIN SHUT!!! Except for an occasional hostess who wants to see messy stuff.........



In the news: Can you believe this? ---


    Moronic or visionary tweets aside, what about national security? In February, CQ Politics reported that Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R-Mich., broke a national security embargo when he tweeted the details of a secret congressional trip to Iraq: "Just landed in Baghdad." From CQ Politics:

    Not only did Hoekstra reveal the existence of the lawmakers’ trip, but included details about their itinerary in updates posted every few hours on his Twitter page.

    Did we mention that Hoesktra is a ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee? Hoekstra's breach also happened to occur just months after the U.S. Army issued a report warning that Twitter was a "potential terrorist tool."

- - -

.....and what do you think of the Racial Slur from our Dear President...calling the Massachusetts' Police Department stupid when a Black man was arrested in his own home? Was he there? To see just what went down? Did he have a right to even 'butt in'...? I don't know, but for me it wasn't something that a president should have even acknowledged at the questioning during a press conference...the question asked: ---he should have gracefully bowed out and replied "No comment"....For me, he was being quite a bit a radical racist in his reply. Then to top it off...he tried to calm the media down and the uproar across the nation by saying that this is out of me, it was, and he just put more coals on the fire with HIS statement!! As a leader of the nation, he should be unbiased in any situation like this and keep [pardon the pun/idiom...not really intentional, but the line comes to mind]...showed his true colors! I didn't like the story one bit. There are all the questions going through my mind of "if it were a white guy and a black cop"...or what if it were actually someone intruding...or perhaps...just where the heck was the 2nd person that the passerby reported when they called the break in? Yes, I wasn't there either....I know that, but to have this media coverage---once again, glorified, I don't know what to think these days. What's happening to this country's population? And yes, I voted for our current leader...but, that doesn't mean I have to agree with his actions. And from the Mass. police report, there was a WHITE officer and a BLACK officer at the scene, and the Black officer backs up the actions of the arresting officer. Hmmmmmmmm. The story was messy to begin with if you ask me!!!! See Gattina?----------I even got a little bit of MESSY news coverage here today.

Posted Monday, July 27th, 2009
4:55 A.M.

[in part: pasted from Yah** News]


  1. That is only a very little mess, lol ! I expected layers and layers of things up to the ceiling in your living room ! (hehehe)

  2. Sorry Ms. G....this is as messy as I show. LOL Don't want to give y'all the wrong impression. I tried. [insert wink]

  3. That little closet is bursting at the seams, Anni. Actually I expected more chaotic storage. You have so many collections and boxed memories that I don't know where you keep them all.

    I had trouble getting this to post, Anni.

  4. Mary? I was editing another post for a "monday memory" just now...maybe that interfered. I hope that it doesn't continue to be a problem with everyone.

  5. Wow,,that was a lot to read...first of the Grand Canyon photo, that is one place on my bucket list to visit. FM messy closet is like my junk closet (we all have one). third...the mess with the President was totaly avoidable..I knew when I heard him say what he said, that that there was going to be trouble. When will the race card ever go away? Maybe never! It's a sad thing! Thanks for sharing and Happy FM

  6. All good stuff today - the pres did goof up, for sure! The messy closet - organized, as you say. I've tried to de-mess my closets in the last year, but they keep getting messy again. And then there's the basement!

    The Grand Canyon - several times there, but never in that perfect lighting situation. One time so foggy it was as if we were in Kansas. But one time, my daughter, who was about 20 at the time, looked at it in awe and said, "Too bad we don't have something like this at home that people come from all over the world to see." We had a good laugh about that! It seems that when you live in the shadow of the Rockies, you become a bit immune to their grandeur.

  7. right, never get on an elephant's wrong side. got it!

    what a memory you describe here. i can in a way understand your 'moment'. there is something about the starkness, the solitude, the silence and almost ethereal beauty of a desert region, that put a soul at ease. my sister lives on the edge of the namib desert, with the naukluft mountain range on the other side. and those sight, the colours, sounds comfortingly familiar. i can almost smell the heat... and look at you, your memory brought about one of my own, how nice...

  8. Wow! That story was a bit messy wasn't it? Your closet however, is not so bad! LOL! I also love the picture of the Grand Canyon and the tree! Fantastic!

  9. Anni,

    The photo of the Grand Canyon is awesome. I can see why you just wanted to sit there forever. Breathtaking even from the photo. One day I'm hoping to see it.

    Wow! You closet looks pretty organized. I remember the saying, "Dagwood's Closet," and you aren't even close. lol Organized clutter, yeap. My closet in the comptuer room looks about the same. Everything BUT the kitchen sink.

    They broadcast President Obama's press conference here and I thought his remark was uncalled for. I don't think the reporter should have even asked the question. The press conference was about health reform, not what the police were doing. We all make mistakes and this was a big one for the President.

    Hope you and Bud have a great day. I'll soon be off to watch the boys. At least the sun is shining.


  10. Good Morning Anni, Even your messy closet looks organized to me... Loved your article on the president’s comments. It does make you say hmmmmm. Have a funtastic day!


  11. Oh Annie, Good Morning Honey. You kept me busy today I learned about the turtle that bit the elephant, and I had a wonderful time looking at the exquisite paint job that God did with the Grand Canyon, and I found out about a comment that was made, that I haven't been following to closely. I agree, he should have stayed out of this one. Not a good move at all. Thanks for sharing this fine morning. I can always rely on you to be my cup of Java that gets me moving for the day. Country Hugs Honey, Love Ya, Sherry

  12. Anonymous7/27/2009

    Turtle recall - LOL

    What an awesome scene. I've never been to the grand canyon but I'd really like to see it.

    I wouldn't go so far as to call the president's comment a racial slur. Everyone has their opinion, but I agree he should keep his to himself because the media loves to blow these little comments way out of proportion.

  13. The grand Canyon is a place that kinda spoke to my soul but my kids are like -- how many more stops do we have to make to see the big hole in the ground:) Your organized mess is nice not bad at all. I am playing today too

  14. LOVE the Grand Canyon. SO many memories there. I can't wait to take my own li'l sweet Princess so she can see.

    Your mess? Actually shows some sign of organization. Really. Please drive north a bit to my house! I need your help!!

    And the President? To paraphase Laugh In, "SOCKED" it to himself. Yep.

  15. Oh, not to worry, Anni--this is just your holding tank of good intentions. You'll get to them when the spirit moves. Re Gates kerfuffle--I agree with you. Our normally cool and measured President stirred the pot and gave media and his enemies something to chew on all week. I'm afraid an invitation for a chat over a beer at the White House won't put this to rest as soon as it should.

    About nincompoops twittering--incredible. Have you noticed that when Congress is assembled for presidential addresses, etc. Congress has its head bent blackberrying or twittering? They should have their "toys" confiscated at the door.

  16. Anonymous7/27/2009

    LOL...well that's definitely a mess I must say. So unlike what I picture you being like LOL It must be hidden away someplace deep inside the walls of your abode :)

  17. The Grand Canyon is what my dad wanted to go visit when he retired...unfortunately he died 7 months before he was due to retire! I still remember him talking about his fascination with the Grand Canyon:-) It looks breathtaking in pictures so I can just imagine how even more so it is to see it in person!!!

    My closet looks like yours! lol I clean it out but give it a couple of weeks and it's a mess again! lol xoxo

  18. That is not mess, if I had a closet like that I would consider it quite well organised. LOL

  19. I have been there also at a young age and was bored, now I wish to go back and maybe get to see it as you described.
    Your closet is to well organized. I would have the nerve to show what my hubby calls our closet from He--
    Thanks for sharing.
    God bless.

  20. you want to see mess.........Come take a look at my spare closet! OH MY GOSH!

    Sending rain your way if you still need it..... We are in a very rainy spell and that is unheard of in July in Oklahoma! I really am glad for the rain but it is messing up my pool!!!!


  21. I simply love your photo of the Grand Canyon. I would love to go there one day!

    Your messy closet looks alot like mine, only my photo albums are stored in totes. At least we can close the closet doors and the mess stays inside!

  22. "Turtle recall"...oh, Anni (shakes head in disbelief, then laughs).

    You certainly have a mixed bag in your post today from grand canyon to messes. Keep it up, Anni, it's as interesting as you are...