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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Mariposa is hosting Fun Monday this week. I missed all the week's memes last week with my break in blogging. This week's theme tho, is gonna be fun.
    Have you ever had tears of laughter and tears of joy? When was the last time you had tears of joy? Tears of laughter? Tell us about it!
Thing is, with my story, you really had to be there to get the whole gist of things. Hopefully, I can describe it so you can really get 'the picture'....

You see, it all started like this:

We were finished with our evening dinner. Bud had done the dishes from my cooking. We settled down to watch a ball game. Naturally, when we're home, just the two of us, we tend to really relax and get comfy. I was stretched out flat with my huge over-sized pillow bought just for that purpose...lounging on the floor in front of the tube. I was in my shorts and t-shirt. Barefooted. The remote was laying beside me on the floor. Bud came in from the kitchen and stretched out on the chair to have a night of a ballgame on the TV set. He too was in shorts, a t-shirt and, believe it or not, he was barefooted [Bud rarely goes without socks on his feet]. But, tonight --barefoot and all, we were set!

Now, at this point...the National Anthem was being played and the players were making their way onto the outfield, ready for the 1st pitch. Lo and behold.....a commercial. By this time, Tahoe had joined us. She was sitting by Bud's bare feet, turned toward Bud, looking at him. While the commercials played on and on, Bud started talking with Tahoe. I say "with" because she'll talk back to him. Sometimes they have quite a conversation with his jabber and her meowing backat'im. this particular night, the two talked...and Bud finally said to Tahoe "LICK MY FEET, WINSTON LICKS MY FEET AND HIS ROUGH TONGUE FEELS GOOD ON MY TIRED FEET....." as he stretched his feet and toes toward Tahoe's face; closer. Well, no sooner than his last word was spoken, Tahoe rolled over to a elongated pose!!! You should have seen the graceful fall....she passed out from the stench, I know she did!! Like she was trying to tell Bud his feet stink! Like I said, you HAD to be there to appreciate it all. It was so darned funny, I laughed 'til I cried. Bud too. Tahoe didn't get it - we were literally rolling on the floor, with her, laughing...or perhaps she did!! Was she trying to tell him something? I honestly think she was just wanting her belly rubbed...but it was so like her passing out from the stench.



Saturday evening, I finished the long anticipated new novel, "Etta" by Gerald Kolpan. It was quite disappointing to say the least. As is quoted by the author's notes in the back of the book when I finished it..."It was true. Etta Place was the very definition of a mystery woman.----I read tales of her being a schoolmarm or a prostitute or both....Some theorized that she later lived under other names." "To give Etta a past, I went with what little was known......" Well, to me he was quite a lot in the line of writing a fiction that was way too far fetched!! Just plain and simply...not believable most times. Yes, history does keep the love of the Sundance Kid elusive. But I tell you, I never even thought of what this author concocted. After reading the book I couldn't agree with his nonsensical style of depicting the woman. As history tells us, she disappeared after her love; her man...was allegedly killed in South America. In my mind through the decades after seeing the movie and reading little bits and pieces about her here and there, I think she lived a life perhaps as a recluse. And maybe in a godforsaken small town in the desert of Arizona or possibly in a mining town in Colorado...who knows. But I certainly don't [and haven't] pictured her as Mr. Kolpan has; even after this novel of the 'old west tales' as he has written in the book as his characterization of Etta. For me, it didn't get me into living her life; actually feeling as I was experiencing the history as I read it. Even tho it was fiction....I oftentimes thought as I read his composition, that he really took the wrong turn somewhere. In fact, very often!! Out of a 5 being an excellent and possibly, a believable epic was quite obviously a fabrication...this book just has to be a 1, if not less.

To read a bit of what is known in history about Etta Place, here's a link.

Posted, July 20th, 2009
4:42 A.M.

[comic has copyright shown & Etta Place photo of Google Search result]


40 years ago today, man set foot on our moon! Do you remember what you were doing at the time those infamous words were spoken by Neil Armstrong? I do. I was at a savings and loan opening an account for our then, 3 month old daughter Irene. The bank had tv sets set up all over the place...and the volume was up on all of I filled out forms and took care of Irene in her baby carrier...I listened and watched history being made.

Today, some say this was all a hoax...Y'all think what you want to think. No matter - to me it was a thrilling, exciting happening and I believe we DID set foot on the moon.

Posted: Monday, July 20th, 2009
6:15 A.M.


  1. So...tell me, what's so funny about a dog lying down at the foot of the master? Huh? What's funny about THAT? Huh?

    Ya think my feet smell? Huh? Have you been spying--and sniffing--in my living room? Huh?

    That was REALLY FUNNY Anni...And well, yes, my feet
    ...well, what can I say?

  2. I love your story - and the cartoon you had to go with it!

  3. so funny! I thought at first the pup was just joining the party, but the stinky feet thing puts it over the top. ha!

  4. I knew just what you meant about Tahoe taling. Smokey and I do that quite often. I thought you were going to say he bit Bud on the toe.

    Don't you hate when a book is disappointing. I like to finish my books once I've started but a couple have just lost me in the middle and I had to abandon them.
    Mama Bear

  5. No, you really didn't have to be there for this to be funny, Anni. Our pets can be such comedians, can't they? Now you have me trying to remember where I was for the moon landing! I remember Kennedy--in the school libray crying with everyone else. But where for the moon landing?

  6. Good Morning Anni and happy relive the moon walk day... I want to believe it, so I do!!! Very funny story about your honey and the cat... It made me smile ear to ear. Also thanks for the great book review... I hate when a book disappoints me but like you I always continue to read and hope for the best... Have a fun filled day.


  7. So funny! Cats really are quite expressive that way.

  8. How could I forget the first man on the moon ! It was just 2 months after I had met my future husband and he called me to tell me that there was a man on the moon and that I should switch on TV ! It was night here ! He worked in the Hilton at that time, night shift.
    I can very well imagine the picture of you both on the floor and poor Tahoe fainting, lol !

  9. Oh Annie! I love coming home to you. I can always rely on you for a laugh. This was so cute today, and I am sure Bud is happy you are sharing. Remind him we are laughing with him and not at him. Critters are just the best, they have personalities all their own. Love the memories of the moon walk. I would have been 12, but couldn't begin to tell you where I might have been. Please stop by and say hi. I am having a manic Monday. Country Love and Hugs, Sherry

  10. Anni,

    LOL The cat story is hilarious. I can see it all through your words.

    I too posted about the moon landing and another historical event in space that took place last week.

    Enjoyed your post as always. Have a great day.


  11. Omigosh, I'm laughing now at the story of the cat and Bud's feet...too funny! I love those type of coincidences that happen at the most unexpected moments! hehe

    I was 11 years old when man landed on the moon for the first time and I really don't remember what I was doing at the time! I remember seeing those clips on the news but don't recall if it was at the time it was happening or when I was a bit older. I agree with you, I say it really did happen. You're always going to get some that don't want to believe anything!!

    Have a wonderful day my friend. Finally the sun is shining here and it's supposed to get up to about 70F so I'm happy:-) xoxo

  12. Hi Annie, You asked about my butterfly wings. Well the butterfly died, so now she's an angel. When I sprouted wings out here I couldn't decide which kind to have. The butterflies out here all die, so I decided I wanted angel wings so I could live forever. Glad you like my new look. You never know what I may come up with next. So glad you liked my manic Monday. I think I am going to start having one every Monday. A continuation of sorts. Talk to you soon. I have a great post for tomorrow regarding the angel I bought and posted in my header. I am going to show everyone where I put her. Country Love and Hugs, Sherry

  13. It was thrilling ~ true or not... you are right about that. I wasn't there but it would be awesome to be a fly on the wall of the shuttle and know the entire story. ;-)

  14. I bet that was hysterical, pets can be so entertaining. Thats for the funny story.

  15. Anonymous7/20/2009

    That was just hilarious. So glad you are back :) Aloha my friend

  16. Anonymous7/20/2009

    ACK...the comment for your 40 ago today doesn't show up so I'll comment here on it. I was glued to the TV for that. I loved it and still do :)

  17. I do indeed remember what I was doing. We canceled our plans for the day to watch the landing. Never regretted it. It was a really special event.

  18. Hahahaha...OMG! I can just imagine...did Bud blush at all?! LOL

  19. I enjoyed this my friend.