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Friday, July 10th, 2009
3:31 A.M.

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ALSO - below this post is another post I added regarding the new JS-Kit...a more detailed/graphic blog to explain it more for those who asked me about it in my comments/email.

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I have this frosted crystal mermaid atop some blue colored glass rocks and my black-ebony apache tears pebbles, [that I showed & told before; the link will take you to that post if you missed it]. Also in the container are a few small shell pieces and what appears to be small sea rocks and/or sea fossils. She is sitting in a clear glass round, undecorated non-etched bowl surrounded by more small nautical items and pieces of blue glass, blue bottles, and blue decanters.

She has been in our family for decades. Purchased overseas and shipped to us as a gift. We've had her for pro'lly 35 years. She came from the "North Sea", Baltic Sea, during military days of a family member. It reminds me [since it came from that area of the world] of the replica of Andersen's Little Mermaid you'd see near Denmark. Tho the pose is somewhat different than the one near Copenhagen, it still makes me think of it.

    The Little Mermaid statue is only a 10-minute walk
    from the cruise ship pier in Copenhagen.
    At less than five feet tall, the statue is
    much smaller than most people expect, and she
    sits on a rock near the shore, not in the middle
    of the harbor. Hans Christian Andersen
    wrote "The Little Mermaid" fairy tale in 1837,
    and in 1909 the founder of
    Carlsberg Breweries, who was fascinated
    by the story, had the statue built.

~...End Show n Tell
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  1. Men--silly creatures! Can't keep themselves on task...

    (Anni, I'm Corpus dreamin')

  2. I believe men keep themselves on task very well, very focused.

    Depends on which task.


  3. Yep, those mermaids were certainly slippery and treacherous.
    Great words.

  4. I love the mermaid fairy tale. We also have the same Malaysian version. Thanks for sharing.

  5. your 55 is superb dear anni!

    and your crystals, beautiful!

    have a super weekend!!!

  6. Where in Nebraska were you born? I'm from Schuyler!

  7. Once again, very clever poetry -

    I tried to read your info on Javascript, but once again, it was like reading a foreign language to me - I am just so non techno savvy!!

    I finished the trip to the prairie today. I'm glad it has taken you on such a pleasant visit down memory lane.

  8. Mermaids have something misterious, Yours looks very pretty !

  9. O! yes! the mermaids that have sent many a good seaman to the bottom of the ocean..............your beautiful mermaid is a true treasure.


  10. I love those little mementos that remind us of happy memories :D

  11. Maybe the mermaid wanted her chocolate back. She'll have to settle for nuts. (See! I'm as bad as you!)

  12. choked me up!!!! ROFLMBO

  13. sweet post, I'm seeing a lot of blue today, makes me think it's blue monday LOL thanks for stopping by my blog

  14. Somehow I missed the post yesterday about odd Colorado names - thanks for sending me there. I know Nunn, Hygiene, Steamboat Springs, Rifle, and Parachute, but the rest were news to me!

    My brother lived in Rifle for awhile during the boom days - rough town!!

    I hadn't noticed the heart shape of that group of flowers - sharp eye you have!!

  15. She is very lovely, Anni. I can see why you treasure her. It's hard to beat grace and beauty.

  16. Oh I just love mermaids! Great 55 topic and very sexy!

  17. Yep...On dry land or on the bounding main.
    Chicks are TROUBLE!!!
    Excellent 55 Anni...
    Thanks for visiting me and so many others...You ROCK!!
    have a GREAT Week-End...G

  18. That's a fishy tail! (Sorry couldn't resist and the tail spelling is deliberate)

    Joking apart I loved it. :)

  19. Annie, I just love the Mermaid among the pebbles and stones! How I wish I could paint as you, but I shall one day give it a try, for I want to paint a Mermaid above the bath. One day! Just to let you know, been to Doc this week, one of my tumors that was bigger than a walnut, has shrunk. I begged to get a few more months off, yes begged! lol I am scheduled to go to surgery mid September. It will be a major major surgery, which will take a long time to recover. Since the begging to wait, I want to do so so so so much! lol Before they put me down again! Then I shall have several more surgeries, depending on how I do, what comes next! I shall always remember you as my friend! Katherine

  20. What a treasure, thanks for sharing.

  21. What a lovely seascape. Thanks for sharing!

  22. She is beautiful...... love how she is among the stones and pebbles.... You have a touch!

  23. First, thanks for stopping by today, I enjoy visitors and their sweet comments.

    I love what you did with your mermaid. She looks wonderful among the many pebbles and stones.


  24. Oh My Dear Friend Annie!
    I always get so excited when I come to your blog, as I never know where you are going to take me. I love mermaids. Thanks so much for enlightening me as usual. I love my history lessons. I think you must have been a teacher in a previous life. Please stop by and say hi. I have left something on my blog for you. I love everything you share, includig your passions and heart. You are such a blessing to me. Country love and hugs, Sherry

  25. I loved the mermaid in the blue rocks.
    Your 55 was very enjoyable also.
    Have a great weekend.
    God bless

  26. Beautiful and thank you.


  27. Nice little creation that brings happy memories.


  28. But is she a good or a bad mermaid?
    Nice 55

  29. So lovely, you are so awesome.

  30. Howdy Hootin' Anni,

    Love your mermaid. Love your blog. Thanks for stopping by the mansion today. I am from "coastal Texas." In fact, we visited Galveston last week. It was a wonderful time. Have a great weekend. Laura

  31. They deserve to go down if they cannot resist the siren.

    I love the Little mermaid story!

  32. She's beautiful, Anni. I love mermaids and used to wish I was one when I was little...

  33. Anonymous7/10/2009

    What a wonderful 55. I enjoyed it a great deal. Well written my friend. Also that crystal mermaid you have is just spectacular. Aloha :)

  34. Love your 55!! and thanks for your tips on that comment-kit on your prior posts!!

  35. Great entry to Flash 55. I liked the first line "a spiteful little siren'"---I knew it was going to turn out badly for those sailors.