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Wednesday, June 24th, 2009
3:00 A.M.


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In downtown Corpus Christi, on the famed Water Street, there is a section of the city devoted to music celebrities that are in some way, closely associated with South Texas. Here at the Water Street Market there is a South Texas Music "Walk of Fame". Just as Hollywood, California has the Walk of Fame near the historic Mann's Chinese Theater...Los Angeles, we too have something in common with Hollywood. LOL.

Bud and I walked around the area a few days back and I took the cellphone out and shot all the 'stars' I could find. Some are quite hidden. There are, in the area, restaurants, gift shops, and outdoor seating/eating. It's quaint. The metal art sculptures add a special touch [tho, I think some are quite gaudy!] to the ambiance. Personally, I've only heard of just a handful of these music celebs. Kris Kristoffersen [from Brownsville, Texas], Freddy Fender [from San Benito, Texas -died while residing in Corpus Christi], Sam Neely [from Corpus Christi], and Bill Haley [lived in Harlingen, Texas]. Funny thing, there is one....Selena. Let me add my thoughts.... Around here in this city, you'd think she was the angel of all of us. And I never heard of her until we moved here....Selena. She was from Texas; made stardom status at a young age, but was murdered here in the city by her most avid fan. There is a bronze statue of her near the sea....part of the entertainment section of the huge complex downtown is called the Selena Auditorium. Hmmmmmm. I really still don't know who she is, and I'm not sure I've even heard her music.

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  1. dEAR aNNI,
    awesome pictures....
    thank you for sharing them

  2. Great pictures, enjoyed them.

  3. Anonymous6/24/2009

    Great photos and great story. Thanks for sharing this. Enjoyed this a great deal :)

  4. I love Corpus. We are seriously considering moving there in a few years.

  5. loved your story

    great Outdoor Wednesday post


  6. Enjoyed your slides and reading your post. So sad about Selena, though...
    Oh, is there a Wed Meme I didn't know of??? thanks for the link!!
    Happy WW!

  7. murdered by a fan? how sad. but nice piccies all the same!

  8. what a nice stroll along with you. did we stop for coffee? did i enjoy it? i've been to Dallas and I love it, so i'm sure we had a great time!

    Saw the "Selena" movie & still don't think she was anything that hot. just another sad story. so you haven't missed anything - in my opinion.

    but i absolutely LOVE your new banner!!!!!


  9. I love the new header!
    I've heard of Selena and remember when she was killed but I don't think I ever heard her music either.

  10. Anni,

    Love your new look. The owls are so cute. Your blog is always so pretty.

    Glad you and Bud were able to take in the Walk of Fame. I hadn't heard of Selena until she was murdered. It was on the news here back then.

    Thank you for my new look as well. You did a perfect job of representing Canada. It's gorgeous and I love it.

    Have a great day and stay cool. It's going to be hot and humid here again today.


  11. Love your eye--we lived in Corpus for a while and I don't think I ever noticed these! Selena's statue is obviously a key feature downtown, but I hadn't seen the stars--I'll have to look next time we're there!


  12. I had never heard of Selena either until I happened to watch a movie on tv about her. It's always curious how we tend to make a saint or hero out of those that die young. It was a very sad thing to happen but it reminds me of James Dean who had very few movies but is hailed as such a huge star.

    Enjoyed your pictures. What fun to browse around such a lovely area. I would have loved the shops! Thanks for sharing the fun with us all!! xox

  13. what great shots
    enjoyed them and the sculpture

  14. I've heard of Selena, but wouldn't know her voice if I heard it. I have a really hard time with the canonizing of the rich and famous - what's up with these faces you see on the supermarket rags that have done absolutely nothing to even be famous for except to maybe prance around in expensive clothes. I don't get it!!

    Have a great day!

  15. Nice slide show - thanks so much for sharing.
    Thanks for visiting. No, I did not go on the houseboat. Just pics. I took at the marina.

  16. Thanks for taking us along to see these interesting sights!

  17. very interesting


  18. The slide show with your marvelous pictures is great...loved it all...

  19. Hi Anni, I came to you via Fifi's Flowers. I saw that you posted about a heat index of 105 degrees, so I had to see if you were here in Florida with me.

    You're not, but you are experiencing the same hot, hot, hot weather we are. The heat index at Clearwater Beach the other day was 110! I'm inside with the air and a cold glass of sweet tea.

    Enjoyed your slide show, never knew there was a Walk of Fame in Texas. I lived in Hollywood for twenty years and used to be able to tell tourists where to find their favorite. There is also a Rock of Fame in front of the Guitar Store.

    Stay cool!

  20. Love the photos...and I love Selena!

  21. Anni, hello what a cute blog! Your header is so cool! Walk of Fame Stars, now that's an accomplishment,ha? Great thing to share, it's a nice reminder that people do work hard to be where they are now...

  22. Wonderful slide show, Anni. I've never taken the Water Street stroll, but the next time I'm in Corpus Christi I'll make it a point to do so.

  23. Ok, I'm impressed with your cell phone! Those are some great shots. Of course I can't say that I recognized any of the names on the stars, but they were fun to look at (along with the other shots).

    Great WW!

  24. Hi Anni! I l just love the your cute name and your blog dress! Really pretty! That was an interesting story about the stars and what a great idea to put Outdoor Wed. in a slide show! Hope your week is going well...
    ~Really Rainey~

  25. Hi Anni, loved your slide show (great idea) and story, although poor Selina. Water St sounds like a beautiful place to visit, happy outdoor Wednesday, Kathy.

  26. Enjoyed the slideshow. Thanks for sharing the celebrity "stars" with us.


  27. Anni, I went to Serena's "official" website. very interesting and enjoyable. I seem to recall her having 'great potential' when she was 13 or 14.

    However, she was already a star in many ways. I like the Latino beat of her music

  28. Hi Anni, I liked your pictures! But I love your new header!!! I lol when I saw it!! I told Nancy to come and look at it and she thought it was neat too!! Hugs Grams

  29. Anni, The slideshow was great, though I don't know too many Texas music celebs. Funny, I have heard of Selena and remember the news about her, but have never heard her music. Sounds like Corpus Christi has cannonized her as its patron saint!

  30. Love the pictures. There is a really good movie called "Selena" with Jennifer Lopez, I recommend it.


  31. I was madly in love with Kris Kristofferson many years ago. Is he still alive??? I've heard of Selena and heard she was murdered, but have not heard her music, either. Interesting...

  32. We lived in San Antonio for 8 years and we never heard of that Walk of Fame in Corpus. That is really cool.
    Love the new look on your blog!

  33. Looking at your pictures reminded me of the Walk of Fame we have in Toronto and which I got to see a few years ago:-) Of course, our walk of fame represents all Canadian celebrities!! I'll never forget the first time I heard Freddy Fender's Before The Next Teardrop's still a favourite song after all these years. As for Serena, I remember seeing a movie made about her but I don't recall any of her songs. xoxo