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Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
5:26 A.M.


After capturing this photo near Bob Hall Pier the other day while walking the shore....I started wondering all sorts of things. I sat on the sand and just watched 'him' for a long spell...thinking. Of course living where I do, I love to watch the seagulls soar directly above me. I like watching them on the Gulf Shore. I love having the opportune moment when I can photograph one and the photo actually shows the bird in defined accuracy. I don't think I ever saw a seagull in the arid lands of the Sonoran Desert when we lived there...if I did, I never documented them. We used to see seagulls in Colorado; mostly scavenging along the road to the landfill, and flying high around the refuse. Or near shorelines of the many many lakes and reservoirs in the state. But here, they are a continual instance in parking lots, and on the ground, and in the sky overhead. And I love watching them, listening to their calls...and viewing the graceful antics. Have you ever really watched them land on water? On the moving currents of the sea? AmAZing. Grace and beauty. And yet, their walk can be quite comical...they wiggle and waddle, reminding me of a young toddler learning their first steps. [the photo above shows the bird has one foot in the water while lifting the other for his next 'waddle' ...enlarge it] Their call can be loud. And their 'laughing' can be quite gregarious. Yet, they're a species of bird that has been around for eons. I've oftentimes found myself looking at the gulls of today [all birds actually] and wondering if science is correct in the assumption of birds actually being a distant relative of some ancient fossil...perhaps a dinosaur of its own kind...just what they looked like back then before evolution of the certain 'breed' I'm looking at today.

As with a seagull. Did they have deep saltwater activities? Did they soar with other like kinds? Did they consume crustaceans? Were there crustaceans of likeness from today? Were they scavengers back then in the distant past? Eating scraps left from the killing fields of survival conflicts? Were they much larger? How did they evolve, how did they continue to exist and others didn't? From trial and error, when man came along and became hunters also...then boats-----how did the seagulls learn to follow them? Did the men of the past feed them? And if they did, for what purpose?....for trapping them so they could consume....or maybe having them near campsites to keep the surroundings cleaned of garbage?

Then, the 'big bang' theory. Where nothing then, ----:::shrug::: it's all beyond my realm of conception sometimes.... From one site I read:
    That fact that some muddling up occurs isn't remarkable. Should you go to the right bit of beach at Lyme Regis, England, you could find bits of Lower Jurassic ammonites lying among the stones next to seagull feathers. You might be tempted to conclude that indicates ammonites and birds lived together in the ancient sea.
Yet another research result shows:
    The Laridae are known from fossil evidence since the Early Oligocene, some 30-33 mya. A fossil gull from the Middle to Late Miocene of Cherry County, USA is placed in the prehistoric genus Gaviota; apart from this and the undescribed Early Oligocene fossil, all prehistoric species were tentatively assigned to the modern genus Larus.
....and further readings tell me that the "Oligoncene" is is a geologic epoch of the Paleogene period and extends from about 33.9 million to 23 million years before the present. So, gull fossils have been found in the earth's crust layers.

They're bright...very intelligent. [some of you would say, they know a black car that's just been washed from a dirty car and make target!]. My goal is to someday find where they nest...I hear they are ground nestors, laying eggs in large colonies, but I'm not sure I want to wade around the dunes amongst the rattlesnakes either. Besides, the dunes around here are 'off limits' to keep the eco-system unharmed. But.........while watching the lone seagull the other day, my thoughts wondered to all the above and I came home and typed away.


For those that would like a little bit more...The Bob Hall Pier was severely damaged during last September's Hurricane that hit Galveston and Houston....yes, the storm was here also, ....making the pier unsafe and quite a bit of destruction to the pier's house....It's now been fully repaired and safe once again. But, in order for you to get some of the great ambiance of the area where we were ...when capturing the photo above, here is a link to a FABULOUS video of Bob Hall Pier!!! This area is about 20 minutes' drive from our home!! Turn up the volume...[should open in a new window]



  1. how i love gulls. they feelings and emotions they evoke, of rainy beaches and fireplaces, of carefree childhood days, most of all my favourite: deserted stretches of beaches as far as the eyes can see... that's seagulls for me...

  2. Sounds like a lovely spot to take a stroll :)

  3. Hi Annie!
    My minds drifts like that too.
    take care

  4. Great post Anni. I love watching gulls

  5. Anni,

    I had never seen a black headed seagull until you posted photos. There are a lot of them in the video of the pier. What a beautiful site for us that live inland. I have seen the Atlantic many times from Canada's Maritime Provinces and I love it. The tides are amazing.

    Your photo of the gull reminds me more of the type of gulls we have here and it's a terrific shot.

    Have a beautiful day, my friend.


  6. What a thoughtful way to begin the day. Your photo is almost zen-like in its simplicity. Have a wondeful day, Anni.

  7. Lovely video., and I loved the accompanying song to it by Hyde Myran.
    I am afraid seagulls in the coastal towns of the UK are seen as pests by most people. It is nice to appreciate they have as much right of a place in the world as any creature.
    As a coincidence we watched a TV programme last night on Hurricane Ike that hit Galveston some time back.
    Small world... as they say.

    Love Granny

  8. what a beautiful place to take a stroll, lucky you.

  9. what a wonderful post - so sweet your thoughts!

  10. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Anni! I could watch sea gulls all day...every day! It would be fun to follow one around for a day! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  11. What a nice post!!

    Plus, I love beach pictures too!!

  12. I love seagulls although they can be very naughty ! They remind me my holidays each year at the east coast of England. My friend Anne with whom I am staying hates them and chases them away with a broom when they fly over her garden, lol !

  13. I love your photo Annie. I can transport myself to the beach with it! :-)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!

  14. The sea gulls are beautiful! Interesting post!! hugs Carolyn

  15. Can't see the sea gulls without thinking of the sea gulls in Nemo.

  16. Wonderful post and relaxin pictures. Thank you for a wonderful start to my day!! Jen

  17. Omigosh, how amazing is that video?! I can't get over the steady pounding of the waves, it must be awesome to be on the pier and experience it all...even fishing! This was my first time seeing black headed seagulls, the ones we have here are all white and light grey. I always see them in the fields scavenging for food and oh yes...the chip stands! You can bet there's always some flying around there hoping for a french fry! lol Wonderful post, dear Anni, and like you, I often wonder if they have always been around, from the time life began. xoxo

  18. hes definently on the look out for something isnt he!

  19. Now that was some deep thought. I think they walk funny because they are really more at home in the water. What a peaceful and beautiful place to have so close to home.
    I also read the post below. Very interesting. I get by with a little help from my friends. Sure wouldn't want to live without any.
    Mama Bear

  20. Seagulls seem to try to attack me whenever they see me. So I do stay away...

  21. Whenever we take the ferry at Galveston, we always bring goodies to feed the seagulls. They are amazingly quick at grabbing a cracker or a piece of bread straight out of a hand while they are in flight and the ferry is moving. Truly wondrous creatures, those seagulls!

  22. All i could think of when reading your most interesting post was...Johnathan Livingston Seagull.



  23. I knew where that photo was taken right away. We moved from Galveston, Texas to Arkansas in 2005 due to the hurricanes. I had no idea you were near there. Beautiful shots.

    Happy WW from Sara @ the Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

  24. Such a beautiful picture sweetie.