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Tuesday, June 30th, 2009
12:01 A.M.

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Long long time ago, I had one of these. Not quite a 'fancy smanchy' one like this tho. Thing is, I've always enjoyed looking for unusual rocks as I go walking. I found a really NEAT 'rock' on Corpus' North Shore when we vacationed here years ago. Yes, I packed it in my suitcase [it is medium sized -about the size of a small cantaloupe...and VERY heavy] and it came back home with me. It was long before airport security. LOL Anyway, I always knew it was a piece of some kind of petrified wood. It still has the 'bark'. And I still have it! Yep, you got that right...I moved it with me. The rock/wood is back home again. LOL Perhaps, in its native land. Okay, so thing is, I began getting curious about the petrified wood that I so lovingly packed a few times. It's been outdoors in our yard. And I see it as I do yard work. Now the curiosity got the better of me. I have access to internet these days [duh! Well, I didn't have access long long ago when I found the wood] and I started searching around. For what, I didn't really have a clue. Then, doing some Texas research, I came upon a site that talked/told about petrified PALMwood being Texas' State Stone. [Louisiana has the petrified wood as their state fossil]. I clicked on the link. Yessiree...that is what I had. At least, I think so. It's called petrified palmwood. It's found along the eastern shores of the state...and also along the borders of the two states inland. Hmmmmm. The more I researched the more I found that it's actually found throughout most of the lower counties of the state. One county in particular...the county seat, George West, is just a few miles north of us here in our part of Texas. When it gets to be winter time again, I'm gonna take a day's jaunt up there and drive along the country roads....see if I can find more.

Okay. So, enough gab. Why I want another rock polisher/tumbler? We have landscaping rock around the back foundation of the house...along the patio and between the patio and one of our elevated rose gardens. It's sized between pea gravel and river rock. Anyway, many times I've pulled weeds from the rock. And I've noticed small pieces of what appears to be petrified wood in the landscape rock. Now that I found out about it being Texas' state stone and a fossil....I'm in their like a bitin' sow!! I've picked up many, many pieces that I've found and hoarded. Now I want the TOOL to clean 'em properly!!

Stay tuned...I've photographed some of the pieces and will blog about it. Someday this week. Hopefully, Show N Tell Friday. I just yesterday emailed a geologist here in town. He emailed me back, and asked that I send some pictures to him. And I just forwarded some photos of the 'rock' I found. Maybe he can identify them through the photos. Hopefully. I'll perhaps know if I have the just 'wood' or in fact have found Palmwood! Or perhaps, not EVEN wood. It sure looks like wood to me! LOLOLOL


  1. What a great selection for Ruby Tuesday. Actually you could have used the tumbler as well. Have a great day Anni.

  2. I didn't know about petrified wood, how interesting!!
    Your "pride" sticker looks wonderful.
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. I loved this post!! It brings me back to my childhood. My 2nd grade teacher had a tumbler and she'd give us polished rocks/wood when we scored 100% on our tests. To this day, I still have them!!

    I hope you're doing well. Sorry, it's been forever since I've stopped by!! I aim to do better! I just fell away from the blogging world for a bit as I was just too too busy!

  4. Great choice for Ruby Tuesday. How cool that you found petrified wood, too.

  5. Anonymous6/30/2009

    What an excellent RT. And the story that goes with it...awesome. I never knew. I have something for you on my blog :) Aloha

  6. wow, neat tag, you have every right to be proud!

    and a rock polisher? who'd have thought. nice to have i'm sure! happy collecting!

  7. i like the motto: once a marine always a marine.
    The spirit of patriotism must always be there.. and that sticker looks really cool :)

  8. Hoo-wah! Thanks to your son for his service. My brother in law, a former Marine says the only ex-Marines are the ones the Corps kicked out. Anyone else is a 'former'...and boy did he 'form' some young men when he was on active duty!

  9. SouthLakesMom Yes...I would have to agree about the 'ex Marine'...the Corps would not recognize them. Oooorah indeed. I take it your B I L was a drill sergeant then?

  10. I sure wish you could get some of that crazy rain they're getting up in the northeast - Kev is just soaked every day in Maine. He hasn't really been able to enjoy the beauty of the state yet since he's been there - it's rained almost every day. That would get really old! I hope when you do get some that it's not lashing sideways in a hurricane!

    I can't wait to see a picture of your big rock and to know what the geologist says.

    Also would have liked to see a picture of your whole red car - love the sticker. My nephew, the West Point cadet is about as patriotic as they come - I love it.

    Have a great day - stay cool!

  11. Anni, yes he was a DI and then later a Nuke Security guy. He still has that "Marine" look which means that punks that come into his business take one look and leave...good because his business isn't in such a great area of town!

  12. I love to visit here.
    Mama Bear

  13. Hi...thanks so much for stopping by my place. I do appreciate the sweet words you left and love when I see you've been there.!
    My daughter always loved picking up rocks and usually when we were on vacation, she came home with a whole, little bag full. Her daddy bought her a tumbler once and she loved it.
    I, too, am proud of anyone who has served their country. You have the right to be proud of your son doing this!
    Have a blessed week..

  14. oops...meant to add that we like a lot of the same songs...Old Time Rock and Roll, Bob Segar is playing on my spot, even as we speak!! :O)

  15. I like to pick up rocks too, and I have a small collection. It will be interesting to see what the expert says on your piece of petrified wood. That is so cool! Thanks for stopping by Anni and happy HOT day :)

  16. Anni,

    The boys have a tumbler and have quite a few rocks in their collection. As you know, we go to the Rock & Gem Show every April. They are both rock hounds. Which gives me an day this summer we will go rock hunting.

    Looking forward to the photos of your rocks and what the geologist had to say.

    Enjoy your day.

    An awesome Ruby Tuesday. It's perfect.

  17. Nifty REDS! Congrats on the new car. May it take you safely wherever you travel ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. Good HOTs... mine is up now.
    You have the internet as your tool too. Can't wait to hear what the geologist says.

    Nice tribute to the Marines.

  19. We have a completely different opinion about militaries here, but I understand that you must be very proud.
    Tomorrow we are going home !

  20. You have got to be one of the coolest chicks in the world! I love your attitude and STYLE! Many thanks to your son!

  21. That was interesting. Hope you find a suitable polisher.

  22. Ah yes, the rock tumbler...many a days I would hear that thing working hard at polishing stones that Corey had found! lol He was really into rock collecting as a youngster and still has his collection here. I should take a picture of it all one day:-) How very fascinating about that rock you had found! Hopefully it IS Palmwood and you'll soon get an answer from that geologist. I can just picture you checking your email every few minutes! hehe xoxo

  23. Yes, Anni, if I had a Marine son I would carry a logo like you have. It works good for Ruby Tuesday also. Happy RT!

    I like rocks, except when I get home I don't mark them so a lot of times I don't know where they came from. One of these days I may make a rock collection post.
    Trouble is that they are scattered here and there except for my special ones. And I won't identify some because a secret agent from their country may come abduct me for taking something precious--to them--out of their country. :-)

    Thanks for peeking in. Did you see just below that I had done a 'Sunday Stealing on Monday' post and pulled it?

  24. Anni, on my other blog-PHOTO AND POEM PLACE--I am helping Rebecca do a 'MidWeek Blues' meme. She has just started it and it may not make it.
    So far only she and I are doing it although last week another said she would and it didn't ever get posted.
    I don't put it on my regular blog because I like to participate in RT and there is a little conflict with me, or with the way I schedule and post things.

  25. Internet is good - I am glad that you so far almost know what it is, MB

  26. Ohhhh! I've always wanted a polisher. I don't know why because I'm not big on rocks, but I suspect I would be if I had one. They are cool!!!!

  27. 'The Few, The Proud, The Marines'-can't get better red than that!
    I once had a neighbor who was a marine colonel.

    Love your header.
    My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

  28. Beautiful, heartfelt post for Ruby Tuesday. Semper Fi!

  29. This is a beautiful entry. Who wouldn't be so proud?

    Happy RT!

    My entries:
    Moms... Check Nyo

  30. Very fun and interesting about the petrified rock.

    I wish I could get another Coast Guard sticker in honor of my daughter being enlisted. Mine bit the dust and she can't seem to remember to get me another.

  31. NICE to be proud of someone who protects us ALL!

  32. when I was a child I had a neighbor who's dad's passion was pollishing rocks. It was nothing fancy...because they were dirt poor...But boy did they have a lot of poliched stone wround their house... I thought that was so cool. I am surprised in a way that I didn't get into to it! Pictures please.

    I also was going to post a picture of my frog tpot that I wanted you to see...but I didn't get that done :-(

  33. Your rock/wood sounds like it's special to you, whether or not it ends up being Palmwood. It would be fun to have a tool like that to polish all the cool rocks up to make them even prettier.

  34. I love your blog title, it sounds so fun! Anyway, thanks for stopping by Midweek Blues. Play along whenever you want to have you when you have time!

  35. I have always wanted a polisher but the cost of the electricity to use one has put me off. I live in a really good area for finding rocks. I think if would be an interesting hobby

  36. Hi Anni! Thanks for commenting on my Heads or Tails post. Love your blog - you're right, you are a hoot! LOL I was also happy to see that I'm not the only Obama Girl in Texas. You might like my other blog ( but don't read yesterday's post. I was in a rant-y mood.

  37. Perfect replacement for those tacky dealership labels. Even if your son is not in active duty... I still offer sincere thanks for his service. I will not forget how much we owe our military and their families.

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by.

  38. Anni, you and I share having a family member (my nephew) who served our country in the Marines. Thanks for posting the Marine symbol for Ruby Tuesday! :)

  39. A beautiful RT image with a great story. TFS!

  40. What a nice tribute. I can feel how proud you are. :)

  41. dear anni,
    i read both of these posts and your one about that stone was so interesting.
    i have always loved stones,
    we have a friend at the church that picks them up on his travels and he cuts them and polishes them and mounts them on seashells and gives them to the sunday school children.
    he always has a story to tell about them.
    a few ruby tuesdays ago, i made a post on his stone and his story about it.
    your yard must look really neat anni.
    it would be a kids dream come true to wander in it!

    i really like the us marines pin too anni.
    so many of the soldier people have given their lives for our freedom and i think that they should be honoured whenever a person has the chance!
    god bless the us marines, the brave troops and america!!
    love terry