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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009
5:50 A.M.

RUBY TUESDAY post below Heads or Tails....

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TAILS - "Summertime memory"

Since this is TAILS your summertime memory needs to be a real memory of yours. It can be from last week, five years ago, a childhood memory, etc.

- - -

Each and every summer when my parents were alive and our kids were young, they'd make a special effort to have a summertime evening of making homemade ice cream.....

We'd have the real heavy cream, rock salt, the ice cream maker [hand held crank], table salt for flavoring, sugar, along with tons of vanilla, eggs. Mom had spent all day cooking and preparing fresh strawberry syrup from the strawberries in their garden, and dad would make his famous homemade hot fudge. From the freezer there'd be broken bits of black walnuts from their tree the season prior. As our kids grew, each summer they'd look forward to having that special evening with my parents and that homemade ice cream. It was a fun time....oh to go back to the 'good ol' days'!!! The photo is Bud holding the maker while Irene took her turn at turning the crank/handle. The whole process took hours, and the anticipation for our kids was like watching a dog sitting with all the attention of a bone...and the mouths drooling!!! All the time, during the churning and cranking of the ice cream maker, once it began to get thickened, it was my mom's privilege of 'sample tasting'. She'd bring out her plastic spoon cache for just that purpose and taste test...we'd all watch in contemplating the next step...whether it'd be chow down time, or more cranking....she'd say "More vanilla"...out came the bottle of vanilla. Or "More salt"...then someone would sprinkle in more table salt. Or she'd say "Just a few more cranks and it'll be perfect!"...Boy oh boy, the smiles then!!! By the time it was finished and ready to serve and eat, it would be dark and the patio would be lit up with japanese lanterns....out came the bowls and spoons .....pig out feast ahead!!!!


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This is my very first time participating in Ruby Tuesday. And I wanted to show the shadow box of some Oriental Trinkets. Some of the pieces are red soap stone. A couple of red crocheted doilies. But the main feature is the red beaded, heart chain....a close up below---

- - -

PS...well, we have our first tropical storm of the season, Andres [the "A" is for Pacific Ocean...not an "A" as yet for the Atlantic]. But, for us here in the Gulf, no worries. It's on the Pacific side of Old Mexico,.....heading toward the resort town of Cabo San Lucas!!! Predicted to go in to hurricane forces before it's over and out to sea.


  1. Such a precious memory, thanks for sharing. I love you my friend.

  2. that one beautiful summertime memory. which led me to a visit to an aunt in germany, first visit, since we were living in sa by then. and she had a cellar. and a huuuuge freezer. stocked with ice-cream. only ice cream. and she would take my brother and me down there every day, open the freezer and let us pick one. only one each. every day... i don't know if i loved her or hated her for not letting us have more, heee heee heee

  3. A very yummy memory!! I would love a scoop or two :) Happy HOT day Anni and thank you for the visit!

  4. Thanks for sharing this precious memory. . .and your photo is very interesting. It invited me to look closer. Then out popped those red hearts. Very nicely done!

  5. Those memories of homemade ice cream will never be replaced with the newer electric ice cream makers. At least not by people from our generation.

  6. We had summer evenings like this too... only, it was getting the watermelon cooled down in the ice before cutting it open. Dad tells of life on the farm when they would get a melon from the field and leave it in the creek until noon... break from the farming for lunch and a swim in the creek... then splitting the melon open and breaking it into pieces for all the brothers.. no forks or spoons, just a face full of juicy goodness.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. hey, Anni, I'm delighted you're participating in Ruby Tuesday! WELCOME! Love shelves of Asian trinkets. I have a little Buddha made of deep maroon soapstone... Thanks for joining us! :)

  8. That is a memory of mine too and it was so delicious .. Oh the simpler times !!sandy

  9. Anni,

    Oh, the memories you drummed up with the story about the homemade ice cream. Grandma used to get the old wooden ice cream maker ready to go and then we kids took turns cranking it. It seemed to take forever for the ice cream to be ready and like your mother, she would taste it and add whatever ingredients were lacking.

    Your Oriental shelf is fabulous. I love the red-bearded heart chain.

    Thanks so much for the memories, my friend. I wish you and Bud a great day.

    If you have time, stop by my blog. I have photos of Brandon's graduation.


  10. What a fun memory - there's nothing like creating memories for our kids and grandkids that they'll always have with them.

    We had a corker of a storm last night, which was a real surprise - tornato warnings and flood watches close by. All is well and sunny this morning. We don't have to water the grass -- YAY!!

  11. A great memory. We have little ritual celebrations like this in my family, and no matter how old the kids get, they still like it.

  12. Gday Anni. Beautiful Memories, My mouth is watering at the thought of homemade Icecream, I remember as a kid Mum would send us up the to the butchers to get butchers salt if we wanted icecream then we all had a turn at cranking the handle ohhh so yummy..
    Love your red beads..

  13. Very nice stuff on your shelf. The red bead chain is perfect for RT. And I enjoyed your summer memory...I could almost taste that ice cream.

  14. Oh yes! I forgot about making homemade ice cream. Nothing tastes better. One time we forgot to put the paddles in the maker and wondered what on earth was taking the ice cream so long to set up. LOL My hubby still gets teased for that.

  15. Anni, I really loved walking down memory lane with you. It was a wonderful re-telling.

  16. I've never heard of red soapstone before. Interesting!

  17. Anonymous6/23/2009

    Ok Anni, I goofed on this one. I didn't even even think of a summertime memory. I was reading everyone else's posts and they were all talking about the beach and my mind went directly to my favorite beach memory. Which just happened to be in December. Oh well, I was in Florida, it's always summer in Florida!

    BTW: Thanks for getting your summertime memory right. Now I'm hungry for homemade ice cream. Chocolate please!

  18. my hubby has an old ice cream maker in the garage only because he used to do this as a kid too. oh, it never gets used - except by the spiders & flies, but it's there - top shelf.

    me? i'm a child of the 50's. we had ice cream trucks come around. but they always seemed to come around 4-4:30 which was too close to dinner back then. so, we could buy an ice cream, but it had to go in the freezer until after dinner!

    and your collection is lovely too.


  19. Such lovely (and delicious!) summertime memory!
    and welcome to Ruby Tuesday! Love the heart chain, I have a wooden one :)

  20. Love your ice cream memory. It sounds wonderful. Glad you participated in Ruby Tuesday, it is only my third week participating so I am a newbie too.

  21. Homemade ice cream is the best!
    We've had it in recent years. I think the last time was just before Mother died but after she was in the hospital bed because we got her up in a wheel chair, took her out to the deck so she could enjoy a little cream. We used an electric freezer then. We have one but I'm not sure it still works. Maybe we'll have to try it out this summer.
    Do you remember going to the ice house to get ice for making ice cream?
    In later years, we froze water in milk jugs to use.
    Love the colors in your shadow box.
    Mama Bear

  22. They're beautiful! I love the heart chain. :)

    Welcome to RT and thanks for visiting. :)

  23. You have a beautiful collection. Happy RT!

    My entries:
    Moms... Check Nyo

  24. Happy RT, Anni! You did good with your first post. Welcome. [I am not doing one this week, I am just doing a little reading and mostly working on my Sunday school lesson which I am scheduled to teach this Sunday.]

    I do like your shadow box. The soap stone beads are neat. I don't know that I've been introduced to them before although I may have seen them not knowing what they were. :-)

  25. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your story, I can actually taste the ice cream.


  26. Anonymous6/23/2009

    What a great memory and your RT is awesome. I love it :) Aloha my friend :)

  27. Must have been lovely times making ice cream all together. Your parents laid some super memories for you to look back on.
    Love your Ruby Tuesday collection.

    Love Granny

  28. what a great memory... I have no memories of family activities like this ....My father wasn't around much.
    My mom often made us homemade fudge while us kids played cards. she never used a know the sugar, cocoa, milk boiled...throw in some vanilla and butter and beat and beat and beat! I never could make it like she did......
    funny how other peoples memories bring memories up for me...that's nice!

  29. What a great memory. We had a night when grandmother made us all banana splits but she bought the ice cream, It was still wonderful

  30. Ah ... I've not made hand cranked ice cream for a LONG time, but I could go for a dish right now ... topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries ;--)

    I'm glad you decided to join the Ruby Tuesday fun and I love the owls in your header. Thanks for dropping by Small Reflections this morning. It's always great to find your comments.
    Hugs and blessings,

  31. I have some of the same memories. I just loved that homemade ice cream. Mother used to make a frozen strawberry ice cream too..really good. Cute picture too.
    I am at work this afternoon at Curves. Still have my parents with us for the summer...

  32. i like the red beaded heart chain. its so beautiful. Welcome to Red Ruby :)

  33. I heard you had ice cream.... yummo... we had one of those hand crank ones and eventually turned it in for an electric one. We made sherbert the most...

  34. Your description brought it all alive in my mind and I could just picture all of you waiting for that ice cream to be ready:-) That's one thing we never had, an ice cream maker, when I was growing up or even when my kids were little. Now I can see I really missed out on something special! In fact, I've never had homemade ice cream in my life!!! That's it....I'm sooooo deprived! lol

    Love your Oriental trinkets. You have such neat things around your home:-)

    Oh dear, seems like you just finished having tropical storms but here they are starting up again for another season. I feel sorry for the people in the resort town it's heading for!!! xoxo

  35. I love the shadow box. I have been gathering my collection of favorite trinkets for a shelf in my bedroom in our new home. I also love making collages with favorite photos which are much like shadow boxes as well!

    Glad to be out of FL, not so much to worry about during hurricane season, but PA has been hit by some hurricanes~ More rain than winds and other violent weather!

    My Ruby Tuesday

  36. oh wow annie...this is your first ruby tuesday!
    how exquisite it is already
    i love those ruby hearts on the necklace.
    so you think the little red car looks like yours?
    it is a 2000 grand am and has been our best car so far.
    sad to say they will not be making them anymore.
    we are planning on taking a canada west trip in july so i hope the old thing holds out!
    thank you for visiting my blog.
    i have seen you several times at my good friend mr.jim's and your comments are always so nice.
    take care and ya' all come back now, eh?
    from terry

    ps..the first time i heard your voice was over at flip flops a couple of years ago.

  37. My family did the same thing - it was a ton of fun. Hadn't done it since my parents passed on, but last year my girls gave me an ice cream maker and we made strawberry sorbet that was spectacular. It brought back a passel of memories. Thanks for the 'scoop'!

  38. So glad to see you joining the Ruby Tuesday fun. I have been a lurker of your blog for a very long time. I have to check back often just to see what design changes you have made if nothing else.

    As a collector of owls I am partial to the current one by the way.

    Also link all the asia trinkets.