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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Monday, June 22nd, 2009
5:20 A.M.

My Post Today is Long!....It's More Politicking...again

Our hostess this week wants us to choose one entree that, if a dream come true, it'd be without calories/cholesterol/diet points...what would it be? And then, do the same for a dessert. I did protest tho. I could list at least 100 things each. What a dream that would be, huh? Okay, just one. I'll work on it. The dessert would be easy....PIES!! Fruit pies...tart, sweet, fruity, blueberry, cherry, apple, lemon....any fruit pie. Let me at 'em!!!

For the entreé, it would be a toss up. These two are absolute something I could NOT turn away from at any given time....

I've had pizza in just about every large city in the United States...from old deep dish in the greater Chicago area, to the west coast and east coast delis. Even had pizza in Old Mexico made with Goat Cheese. [ewwwwww!] But I swear, I always love going here for take out's got the best cheeses and the saltiest tasting thin pepperoni and wonderful and flavorful freshly ground black pepper. [When I make homemade pizzas anymore, I have to add peppercorns now!] Peter Piper's Thin Crust New York 3 Cheese Pepperoni Pizza.

Blend of mozzarella, cheddar, smoked provolone. Topped with pepperoni and special herbs and spices and lots of crushed peppercorn [fresh black pepper]

- - -

A close runner up [just in case the pepperoni is all recalled for e-coli or something].....

Jason's Deli. Their Sgt. Pepper Sandwich. Roast beef piled so high and thick you can't get your mouth around it gracefully to actually take a decent bite. Added are sweet grilled onions, red bell peppers, yellow bell peppers, and green bell peppers. All toasted crispy with my favorite cheese...provolone. Served with a huge slice of dill pickle, chips and your au juis! Delectable.

~...end Fun Monday

COMMENT HERE if you'd like to skip my political stance on the Health Insurance issue.


I've sat by idly, listening to and reading others who already have their country's healthcare system. I've not commented...but now I take a stand. Granted, the cost of insurance, ANY kind of insurance [tho it's a whole 'nother area I'm feeling the pinch of unfairness targeted to those who live in a hurricane area along any of the coastal states in the too is quite unfair] is a fact of life in America. But, I'll focus only on the proposed healthcare plan today; my opinion. America has the most elite and finest health care in the world. At least that is my view. We have some of the finest hospitals. We have our own insurance plans, as individuals. We also have country-wide Medicare and Medicaid for those non-insured individuals who can't afford insurance. Even derilicts and street people...we ALL have 'insurance' when it comes to health care. [I've been over night in hospitals and I've been there when people off the street have been shot....the hospital staff doesn't take the time to find out if they're insured!!!.....they perform the necessitated duties of saving a matter Who or How they'll pay for it!!!] I guess some just don't realize it. Now, I have others that are online friends that live in other parts of the world who have a national health care system. They have told me over and over again [a gazillion times!] that their national health insurance is a GOOD thing. This is where I strongly disagree. I've heard stories of staph infections, lackidasical performing physicians and medical staff in other countries that boggle my mind! I'm considered a liberal when it comes to politics. But with this issue, I'd be looked upon as a conservative. Again, we are a nation of top it medicine research, hospital staff, doctors, medical facilities, VA, name it. The cost, without insurance, is exorbitant; that I know. Thing is tho, you go to any hospital and you will see that anyone without insurance is never turned's not fact...what you hear about those without insurance are turned away...there is ALWAYS help for those who can't afford. What the media tells you is an untruth. At least that has been my views when I'm in hospitals and doctor's offices. No one has ever been turned away...there are agencies out there that will help in costs. The cost is there, and it's taken in...absorbed by the facility themselves. It's an issue that is brought up during this hype; this push for nation-wide health care. Again, I disagree. Reason is, with nation wide health care you will have within a few years another trillion plus dollars and it'll be increasing year after year; up to some cost that will NEVER be will be a colossal financial burden to our country now and in the future. A huge indebtedness to the medical field. And the cost?--------it will go to ALL the tax payers. Your property tax will skyrocket. [if you look at the 'fine print' of your property tax for property owners, you have fire, police, schools, etc....broken down INCLUSIVE---for those that rent...your rent will go up because the rental landlords will have the extra tax added...and the cost will be extended to you - there will be extra for medical/hospitals with national health care]..your sales tax will skyrocket, your food tax will be instigated again [they're now talking about taxing soda pop because sugar creates obesity -perhaps diabetes, and in turn creates illnesses that brings them to the doctors or hospitals....kinda on the level of cigarette tax being to pay for the huge medical issues that tobacco addiction creates]. Still, another issue I truly believe will happen...when the private doctors are dictated about costs and the caregiving are written as laws by our government, the actual service will be devastating. The excellence will plummet. You'll go into a facility with a broken bone....expect it to be fixed properly....and have to return over and over....why? Because the surgeon, specialists, physicians, nurses, medical staff, need our return visits to help bring in the expected income they need to continue. Or, you'll have a long extended stay in the hospital room [remember the sterile, cleanliness will not be there like it is now!] because the facility will be in need of government kick-backs....and we all know a body heals better and faster if allowed to go home and recoup sooner. The sterile issues will not be as highly regarded. The equipment to perform such modern miracles will become outdated...remember, the government is 'governing' now that a national health care insurance is taken over....the whole system will become just as any other country run scheme works in our nation. It will all be governed. And the taxpayer will pay for the shoddiness!! With your TAXES going up and up and up [Medicare is already part of income tax]. Tho, I'm still not one who likes doctors at all....period, there have been times they have saved my life and my loved ones' lives, and I'd prefer to leave the healthcare as it is today.
    Addendum: 7:45 A.M.
    Sebelius [democrat], interviewed on ABC's "Good Morning America" Monday, said that people must also bear more responsibility for holding costs down by taking better care of themselves. Health care adviser Melody Barnes said the administration's plan would redirect money "so that you are efficiently and effectively using it."

    House Republican Whip Eric Cantor said a government-administered plan "will increase costs. It will reduce choices and essentially it will not allow you to keep what you have."

See? My point, exactly. Governed health care isn't all it's cracked up to don't lose the excellent services you have now and lose integrity, money, efficiency and it'll cost you MORE. And I'm a registered Democrat. The Republicans have a valid argument, I think. I want choices, I don't want to be dictated on who, how and why I pay out for services that will soon become governed by the USA. I want the freedom to choose and pay for what I get through my own free will.


  1. Not skipping the rest intentionally my friend - I just want to make sure I get to visit everyone. Fabulous choices! I couldn't decide between pasta and pizza, but eventually I went for pasta. Both are yummy though! And pies? MMMMMM...I'm drooling! Thank you so much for participating this week!

  2. insurance is always a dicey one. have it, you don't need it. cancel it, you need it. what to do. what to do...

    as for pizzas, pies, and that sandwich!!! you do realise it's 9 minutes past 1 here and now i'm past starving..... yummy!

  3. Mmmm... lemon pie!!!

    Excellent choices on the entree - I love pizza, but it doesn't love me - I'm not sure why. And that roast beef sandwich? I am seriously drooling now!

  4. Shadow My post isn't about having or not having insurance, it's the national health plan that is sparking interest across the nation, and I feel it'll cost the taxpayers trillions MORE dollars

  5. You Can't go wrong with pizza, we have it just about every friday. I am still on the fence about the health care. Right now I pay over $500 a month for my plan, that is high for just one person. You do realize that medicare n medicaid are government programs don't you??

  6. I am in total agreement! My British friend Linds has been through the wringer with the "system." My SIL had to wait for weeks for a hysterectomy. Our Canadian friends have to sit in a room waiting for hours to get a prescription filled. Britain's taxes are sky high for their "free" health care, of which they are so proud. It is scary, scary stuff!

  7. Janis Ummmmm, yes I do realize that Medicare/Medicade is government...but it's still part of YOUR tax money. This is to help cover costs for those who don't have insurance [privately issued insurance]

    That's my point...we already HAVE an insurance plan for those that can't's called Medicare and Medicaid...and the taxpayers already pay for that through our income tax.

  8. I am NEVER for big government. Just look how they have bankrupted social security. I am very surprised to see we are in total agreement on a political topic, Annie. I enjoyed reading your post.

  9. that pizza looks absolutely delicious. i like a good pizza too. fortunately, hubby makes a really good one. but, give me desserts anytime! i am big on desserts which is probably why i'm "big".

    and for your post on insurance. i HATE - really, really HATE what this gov't is doing to us. so don't even get me started.


  10. mm pie! both kinds! hot and cold! gotta love it!

  11. The best pizzas I ever had were when I was in San Fransisco, and I'm very fond of beef :)

  12. Dawn Yes!!! The 'free' isn't really free. That's why everything in other countries are so expensive---to pay for the free stuff. It's like when we go to Las Vegas and they have 'FREE' all you can eat buffets at the hotel/casinos....but people don't realize that the HIGH cost of rooms for a night is paying for the food too. It's amazing how they proclaim that the healthcare system works...ya, it does...for the government, not giving service to the people as USA has now. That is one reason why so many of our neighboring countries come to America for's best!!!

  13. Until the insurance companies start investing in wellness, instead of investing in sickness, our healthcare system will remain a problem. My opinion...if the Government gets involved, it WILL get worse.

  14. Anni,

    As you know, Ontario has OHIP. (Ontario Health Insurance Program) We pay nothing for it out of pocket per month, but do pay for it in taxes. And you're right on one equipment becomes obsolete and it has to be replaced, the cost goes to the taxpayer, though many hospitals take part in fundraisers to help buy equipment. Still, the people have to pay for it one way or another.

    You're also right about the government cutbacks and the decrease in sanitary conditions and staff. Each time the government cuts-back, the people who need care suffer. In some instances the waiting lines in the ER are hours long, or days. Recently, a man died in a hospital waiting room while waiting for care. Yes, he was a street person and when they realized he had died, they just left him sitting in his chair for hours. Horrendous.

    At one time our health care system was the best in the world. No more. It's sad, really but I'm with you on this one.

    Have a great day.

  15. Feed me carbs and I am a happy blogger!!
    I (we) have a private health insurance because the public one in Spain is good for emergencies (only). If your life is not at risk, you have to be very patient... Try booking an appointment with your are lucky if you get one in like 9 months! I suppose it would be sooner should the patient be pregnant...

  16. Anonymous6/22/2009

    You so hit the nail on the head about this. Excellent post my friend :)

  17. Your pizza of choice is pure simple genius, Anni. Will have to give cracked black pepper a go instead of red pepper flakes.

    I'm still trying to figure out what I believe about health insurance. I retired early so am paying for part of mine, but it's really good. Thankfully my health is very good so haven't put much strain on it. And then I see the care my sister gets with Medicaid and wonder would the doctor's be ordering up some of the expensive--and maybe unnecessary treatments--if the government didn't pay?

  18. I'll have to try that sandwich sometime.
    Mama Bear

  19. Bless you for never being afraid to speak your mind, love you.

  20. I too share your passion for pizza! It is one of my all time favorite foods and I could eat it any time of day or night!

  21. I love pizza, especially Hawaiian pizza...Steve & I always order a small one to share when we go away, it's one of our treats:-) I love it cold for breakfast as well! lol

    I was going to comment about the health care system but Mary pretty much said what I was going to say! lol Canada used to have one of the best health care systems but that's been going downhill steadily. Going to emergency and waiting 6 to 8 hours to even get checked out makes no sense to me at all!!! As you say, there is nothing FREE out there, we pay for it one way or another. xoxo

  22. I'd love to try your homemade pizza...

    And I take your stand in the healthcare...I've been to US several times and well just like here people who go to the hospital are always attended to, only that as you said, your healthcare there is more superb than what we have here.

    I have stopped believing the media myself...and I always make sure I examine facts myself...

  23. since pizza is a pie, that covers dessert also? Very clever.

  24. I don't see health care available to all. I see a lot of people who aren't poor enough for medicaid, but can't afford insurance on their own, unless they would like not to eat. I know bunches of people left with medical bills, and no way to pay them. Most people I know are a job loss away from having no health insurance. No way would they be able to pay COBRA, or they would be losing their houses. While I agree there are many problems with government run programs, our present system only works for those of us lucky enough to have insurance.