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Wednesday, July 1st, 2009
12:44 A.M.


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Back in March, I had posted about a huge section of our front yard tree splitting during a windstorm...and how I then saw that it was getting dangerously damaged by insects. I noticed this 'cause the bark...all of a sudden turned a white 'ashy' gray on certain sections of the tree. Where on one side, by the base of the trunk going upward, there was a path of exposed section of the 'inside' of the tree, and I also noticed that insects were actively crawling up and down their chewed pathway. I knew there was no saving it. I called around town for estimates, got the estimates. Was planning of having it taken out [or saved, I was really hoping, if possible...but to no avail, it's far too damaged at the base.]. When you live in a 'danger zone' of broken trees/power lines/and property damage during the annual hurricane feel compelled to save property as a priority. Thing is, long about the time it was to be torn out completely, the birds started nesting!!! I could NOT have the work done until the fledglings left. So, I had to cancel. Still, the longer we waited, the more large branches broke...we've had several be blown out of the tree since then. Now, after we got back from Leah's memorial, I began calling around again. We finally rounded up someone to come to the yard this past Friday. BEFORE---


Enlarge the one photo if you can't focus on it can see his foot as he climbs the tree! Would you do that? Not me!

Then, look high in the tree...he's just gotta be part monkey. I swear..."How can the do that so gracefully?"


You really can't see it in the photo, but the tree stump is loaded with ant/insect was like War of the Worlds when they were sawing this....ants everywhere. It was badly infested. The company will come back to remove the stump. Then, Bud and I will add some landscaping again to 'beautify' the yard a bit. I know I will miss the tree. We'll replace it with living plants/bushes that will be easier to contain at a certain height and ones that will grow and perhaps flower...but remain within our clipper's reach! Losing the tree is heartbreaking....but having it gone gives me a peace of mind between June and November. Once I knew it was damaged, I had visions of it falling over from the root onto our neighbor's beautiful home or their vehicles...or be blown over on OUR porch...through windows and who knows what all. Y'know?


  1. WoW...what a great story :) Sad to see the tree had to go, but hopefully the beautiful bugs/ants go away soon! Good luck filling the space in!

  2. Sorry about your tree :(
    But now you have such wonderful plans to beautify that spot!!"within clipper's reach", that's clever!!

  3. So sorry you lost your tree. We just went thru the same..had a 40 ft. tree in our backyard that was sick and dying. Too afraid it would fall on the house and the tree doctor said it couldn't be saved. Down it came and now my patio is so dang hot, you can't stand to be out there. Too windy in West Texas for an umbrella...hmmm...not sure what we will do..A pergola is working itself into a huge MAYBE in my mind right now. I love those things...
    You have a beautiful home, by the way..:)

  4. Anonymous7/01/2009

    There's no doubt there's that empty feeling once the tree was cut down. You always see it everyday and then one morning you don't. But i guess it has to be done for the better. Kinda like life, don't you think? :-)

    happy outdoor Wednesday!

  5. We had to have a huge pine taken down too. It was getting hollow inside down near the base from bugs and animals digging in there. If it had come down it would've landed right on my house! I miss it as it always was full of squirrels and birds but knew it had to be done. You'll put something pretty in it's place and enjoy that. Post pictures when you get it planted!! :o)

  6. Sorry to see your was in such bad shape. We had to have 2 severly trimmed back, but we were able to keep. Hope to see your transformation of the area.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and my outdoor post.
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


  7. Anni, Thanks so much for coming by...I understand the feeling about trees, Roy gets upset if we lose a tree. I do envy you living on the coast, which is where I lived (Crystal Beach) when I met Roy. I also like to find another Texas blogger, I am getting quite a list and think I may make one just for us Texans.

    Happy Wednedday...come back soon.

  8. So sorry it had to come down--it is amazing the kind of damage a storm can do~


  9. Anonymous7/01/2009

    It is always a shame to have to cut down a tree. In my case it was my fault in planting a tree too close to the sidewalk and driveway. It had to come down or the 5 grand just paid for the drive way and sidewalk would be ruined as the roots grew under it. I think you probably did the right thing.

    My neighbor lost all of his trees to Hurricane Ike that came all the way up to Ohio where we live. I lost my old faithful Cherry Tree in that wind storm.

  10. You should think about planting a crape myrtle like Susan has in her post today; they come in varying heights and are easy to take care of.

    We had to take down two trees that were damaged during hurricane season here a few years ago. One of them housed our woodpeckers and I miss seeing the babies every Spring.

    Now I understand what your comment meant! Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  11. It is very sad to lose a tree - and especially the shade! But I can imagine the fear of having it land on your house or your neighbor's. We planted everything in our yard 30+ years ago (we moved in here 31 years ago today, as a matter of fact)and they are like family members, ya know? So far we've been fortunate that they've all stayed healthy.

    I'll be posting about a scary experience DC had while trimming one the other day. Stay tuned!

  12. Ohhhhhhh it is SO sad to lose a big old beautiful tree like that! We have lost a couple of them to lightening.... or wind... we still have two huge oaks in the front yard that scare the bejeebers outta me ... but Dennis won't do anything about them. Of course, we don't WANT to lose them - they are what shad the house and keep it cool... but eventually they are going to HAVE to come down! I hope he comes to his senses before they FALL... HE hopes he dies and never has to deal with it! LOL! OY! MEN! (well... okay... MY man!)

  13. So sad to see a tree go but sometimes, we have no choice. Sorry about your tree....Christine

  14. It looked like it was a lovely tree, at one time. Too bad it was damaged and needed removing. Your front lawn is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the space.

  15. awwww! how sad for the tree. but you can definitely see how beautiful your house is now!


  16. Good Morning Annie!
    You know the tree had served its time. It had sheltered you from the rain, sun, wind and other outdoor elements, and now it's job was complete. He has moved on and left you a wonderful place to form a new garden. You have pics of what used to be, but you will have pics of what is now. That looks like a lovely spot for a garden. Such a beautiful manicured yard. Thanks for sharing and stopping by this morning. "Country Hugs", Sherry

  17. What a shame, I hate to see a tree cut down but can see that this one would have been coming down one way or another.

  18. Sorry you had to have it removed, but sounds like you made the right decision.

  19. You've chronicled the sad removal of your tree! The pictures are great. I'd love to see that corner again when it's been planted out. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  20. It is sad to see trees go and I understand your sorrow, your frontyard and home are so lovely and I too cannot wait to see what you decide to plant there,happy summer days and 4th July, Kathy.

  21. I have never considered my self a "tree hugger" ... but every time i see anyone pulling out or cutting down a tree it makes me sad.

    It is hard to loose such beauty but you obviously are a kind thoughtful person to worry about your neighbors...sounds to me like they are blessed.

    Thanks for sharing a great story.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  22. Sorry about your tree, but probably a good thing since it was damaged and infested with bugs and ants! Happy WW!

  23. we had a similar thing with a tree in december here, it just cracked right in half. and as sad as it is to see a tree go, sometimes its necessary....

  24. Sad to see such a tree die, but so much safer for life and homes nearby. I am sure your yard will soon look pretty with fresh shrubs.
    Love Granny

  25. Anni,

    I can see where losing that beautiful tree would be heartbreaking. I would have left the stump and planted clematis or another flowering vine around it, but I'm sure the shrubs you plan on planting will beautify the area and you won't have to worry about the tree doing any damage.

    Thanks for the Canada Day well wishes. Very quiet day today. Everything is closed up tight as a drum. We might go to the park to the festivities but from the look of the sky, it will be rained out.

    Have a great day, my friend.

  26. It is sad to lost a tree,but it sounds like for safety sake it was for the best.
    You will plant something in that place that will give you beauty once again.
    Your home is beautiful.
    God bless

  27. so sad, we have lost trees due to winds, i still miss mine

  28. Anonymous7/01/2009

    We too have had to take down ghuge trees. It is always hard and looks so bare after. It's a noisy job isn't it. Stay away from the ants.

    Kathy b

  29. At least it didn't blow over and cause damage. We need a couple trees cut down and we are putting it off. I know it will be replaced with something more practical and beautiful.

  30. Wonderful picture-story about the tree. I love trees, but I live in hurricane territory also, and I've had a tree crash onto the roof and into the house. You were wise to move it.

    Sherry at EX Marks the Spot

  31. Anonymous7/01/2009

    Wow...great story I'm sure it was sorta sad to see your tree go but it was for the better :) Aloha

    Rabbit, rabbit

  32. It is always heartbreaking to have to have a tree felled. Coming from a part of the country were trees are a premium I understand your feeling of loss.

    I'm glad you took the before pictures.

  33. Oh that is sad that you lost your tree, but hopefully you will have fun picking out something new for that area. You are a good neighbor to get the tree removed before it could cause any danger or damage. :)

  34. Trees are just one of my MOST favorite thing here on this wonderful earth. I hate to see them come down too but you know the danger was far greater than keeping that tree. All around our house are tall tall pine trees. They sway in the breeze and well scare me..I would love to have one taken down but could not find that amount of money to have it done..Ours are from 75-80 high!! Whew.

  35. So sorry to hear about your tree. That would keep you busy beautifying your yard.

  36. It does look different.

    Coffee is on.

  37. Hi-
    This is my first visit and I am so glad to find another wonderful Texas blogger.

    I have had 'tree men' in my yard several times this spring.

    It is an ongoing battle.

    Enjoyed visiting,

  38. Sorry you lost your tree sweetie.

  39. I hate to loose a tree...... We lost two beautiful tress this spring in a terrible wind storm... BUT we have planted 5 more this spring so I feel good about that...... Hope you have a fun 4th...... Be safe!

  40. A sad loss of a tree, but hopefully you can replant and enjoy new renewed growth. Have a great weekend.