Tuesday, May 26th, 2009
1:20 A.M.

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HEADS - "Starts With A"

A blog entry starting with "A", I can do. Okay. I did. Mine DID begin with the letter and it's a word too..."A" is a word. Actually, technically, it's an article in the English Grammar...an 'indefinite article' which would and most always be preceding another noun; plural or singular.

And...[another "A" word], yesterday as I mentioned on my Monday post, Bud and I did a little landscaping project. With landscaping timbers and cedar chips. We had this little area in the grass that I planted a couple of small palm trees. We placed our pelican statue there along with the bird bath. The way it was, with nothing there but the grass surrounding it, it made it very difficult to get in and around the trees, statue and stuff with the edger trimmer. We got the timbers Sunday morning, and I brought them out of the garage Monday morning. Bud stretched out the plastic and I cut...for landscaping and we had all the needed tools to begin...


Also, surprisingly [at least to me], it took less than two hours to complete the whole process of measuring the timbers, cutting them, laying plastic, throwing the cedar chips around the area, and replacing the 'livestock' -pelicans and ducks. And then refilling the bird bath. The area covered is 36 square feet [6x6].



All the while, the Neighborhood Grackles and Doves and Sparrows were keeping a close vigil on our progress. Especially the Grackles. In fact, while we were on the ground working laying the plastic and stuff, a couple of the male Grackles would come right down near us. They, I know, were wondering where their bathtub was!! Well, no sooner had we finished, and I went in the house to get the camera for the 'after photos' for my blog, one was taking delight in having their water ---

[if you click on the last photo and enlarge you can see the water spray he's making while bathing!]


  1. I like it very much! I love garden whimsy :-)

    Those grackles are beautiful... but probably not if you have to live with them.

  2. Lovely oasis you have made for the local birds, and I love the rustic look of the log edges.
    Interesting to see Grackles, they look very like our Rook/Jackdaw/ type of bird. We don't have Grackles in the UK. I was wondering if they are from the same family and have the same raucous cry.
    The Pelican statue is gorgeous, we have 5 models of Herons about the garden.
    Love Granny

  3. Anonymous5/26/2009

    What a wonderful post and the pictures are so nice. Thank you for sharing this :)

  4. Wow. You have a green thumb. Me? I have a sore thumb.

    Twitter: AboutParenting
    Photo ideas? 100 Portrait Ideas

  5. That is beautiful Anni :) An oasis in the backyard! Happy HOT and thank you for visiting mine.

  6. You know I hade to come back to see the photos! Kudos to your hubby for helping, great design:)

  7. A is for what you are, awesome.

  8. Nice job on the landscaping! And the English teacher in me loves with you did with "A." My nephew will attend A&M in College Station this fall. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Just noticed your Bombeck quote, I love it.

    What a productive week end. Birds need to take a bath too!

  10. Hello ANNI,
    I am new to your blog...I discovered you through a comment you left on Marty's blog...you said something like you had a follow up to your garden project so naturally I had to check that out.....what a beautiful job. I love it...we have grackles here in Oklahoma in our yard....they are quite interesting to watch and very talkative...they also like to hang out at the mall...but don't we all.
    I LOVE THE HEADING OF YOUR BLOG...I am a cat lover....I enjoyed your blog and I hope you will stop by and visit me
    I'm in the over 50 group by 4 years.
    hugs and giggles

  11. Your yard looks great! I wish we could plant palm trees here...but of course, no such luck...LOL!

  12. Great landscaping. Sadly, I'm not the best of gardeners. One day I may get the hang of it.
    For some reason the Great Wordpress Comment Eater ate your comment on my blog, but I rescued it from its jaws :-) Hopefully it won't happen again. And to answer your question, yes, I loved Skittles' post.

  13. Anni,

    You little oasis is beautiful. I love the statuary...the pelicans and ducks and the bird bath make it a little paradise right in your back yard. And you gave me an idea...lol We'll see what comes out of it.

    Enjoyed the glimpse into your backyard and the photos of the grackle bathing are adorable.


  14. It looks lovely. I'm glad you took before and after photos. I have a project in mind, too. I need to get out there and take photos before I get started. I'm wondering how many stepping stones I can carry in my van without it making the back end drag the ground.
    Mama Bear

  15. oh wow. look at that garden!!! you do have to come visit me and put some of your magic into mine... if only...

  16. Per your comment on my Monday post. My Dad loved yellow roses also but he really enjoyed flowers of any kind. I tried to send him some while he was living.
    I'll post that plaque if I ever find the picture.
    Wonder Boy's Birthday is tomorrow. I asked him if he wanted to go see Night at the Museum and did he want to take his sister or just let it be me and him. He said we could take her too. They had to make up two days of school because of the Swine Flu. I'll check them out at noon tomorrow and we'll have lunch before the movie.
    Two boxes down, better get busy.
    Mama Bear

  17. Ms. Anni, it's safe to say no grass grows under your feet. Yesterday this was a thought, today it's a done deal. Amazing! Have a wonderful day.

  18. It looks so lovely. That is one big bird, that grackle. Don't think we have them here.

    I saw the first pelican on the lake yesterday for the summer - so beautiful.

  19. Oh your garden looks so beautiful after the landscaping! Lovely pictures. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm afraid there's some sad news to report today too. Anyways, have a great week :)

  20. Fascinating pictorial with commentary! Enjoyed it a lot. Thanks!

  21. You and Bud did an awesome job with the landscaping. That looks so nice. And, I love your 'livestock' too.

  22. Love what you did with your landscaping. You guys really work fast.
    I did the meme just now that you tagged me for on Saturday.

  23. I swear girl, I need you to come do my yard. I love what you have done. Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute.

    I go get Heidi tomorrow afternoon. I'm very excited about that.

  24. This is just gorgeous...and the pelicans are a lovely touch!

  25. This is just gorgeous...and the pelicans are a lovely touch!

  26. Gday Dear Anni. I love your Finished back garden with the Pelicans and palms.. Looks like the big blackbird is having a great time...
    Sorry I gave you a scare it is for my routine Colonoscopy. not looking forward to taking the med Yuk!!!But its better to be kept safe. Its 4 years now since my Bowel cancer operation .So gotta keep these things in check....only looking for a good report..

  27. What a beautiful project! My offer of a working vacation in Southern California still stands; we can just add landscaping to painting. ;)

  28. What a delightful area you now have there, I really love what you and Bud did!! The only palm trees I ever see are plastic ones. lol We get a lot of grackles here as well and they sure do make a racket...I always say they sound like squeaky hinges. lol xoxo


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