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Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
4:20 A.M.

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We're celebrating a birthday today.
20 years ago...
Our daughter had our first grandson.

I shipped his birthday gift to him early last week, and he received it Saturday. But, as per instructions, I gave him on the phone, he wasn't to open it until today. Which he's good about...I know he won't open it until he has his cake. He is high functioning. You see-
Clint was born with Down Syndrome, had open heart surgery at the age of 5 months, and was given a prognosis of not living to see 5 years. Well, just look at 'im now! This is Clint, and his love interest [also with Downs], Shauna. They've been together now for nearly 3 years. They attended a Spring BALL.

Ball \Ball\, n. [F. bal, fr. OF. baler to dance, fr. LL.
ballare. Of uncertain origin; cf. Gr. ba`llein to toss or
throw, or pa`llein, pa`llesqai, to leap, bound, balli`zein to
dance, jump about; or cf. 1st {Ball}, n.]
1. A social assembly for the purpose of dancing; -- usually
applied to an occasion lavish or formal.
[1913 Webster +PJC]
2. A very enjoyable time;

- - -

I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful wishes left in my comment box, for our 41st wedding anniversary. You truly gave us a day filled with more joy than you'll ever know. You're all, each and everyone....awesome!!! Thanks. From the bottom of our hearts.

We went out to dinner, but neither of us drank anything. I think this is the first time in our lives we didn't consume alcohol. Champagne was mentioned, so was wine....but of course, having to take my newer blood pressure medication [which isn't supposed to be mixed with alcoholic beverages], I guess Bud thought neither of us would drink. It felt odd, but in all, it was probably the best thing. I had grilled salmon with a lemon sauce and Bud had steak.

I also had completely forgotten I had an eye exam scheduled for yesterday. Around 8 in the morning, I got a reminder call that I was to see the optometrist in the afternoon... So, I went. I admit that this is the first appointment since ten years ago. I knew I needed it. My glasses, which I use for driving, wasn't improving my vision any longer. With a new prescription in my hand, I left the examining room, came home and we got ready to go out. I will go pick out new frames, and get fitted with new glasses today sometime. I've had wire rimmed frames since about ...well, forever it seems. It's time for a radical change. I've only had two styles in my life [I've been wearing prescription lenses for driving since 17] frames with the 'cat-eye' style and my 'John Lennon' round wire frames. I honestly, can't wait to see what they have these days from which I'll choose. Maybe something wild, like purple [kidding].


  1. God bless your precious grandson on his birthday and always. I loved the pictures of him at the ball.

  2. He looks like an amazing young man and his girl is very pretty! Thanks for sharing the photos.


  3. Happy Birthday to your grandson. The pictures are cute! Can't wait to see a picture of you in your new "purple" glasses!

  4. Happy Birthday wishes to you Grandson! Loved the pics :) Thanks for the visit Anni and happy HOT!

  5. oh, i love shopping for frames. can't wait to see what you picked, gonna show us???

    and a happy 20th to your grandson. he sure looked like he had a ball. hey, he did!!!!

  6. The one medication that defies all medical predictions is LOVE!

    "Whose report shall we believe?"

    It's amazing what LOVE can do. I can only wish your grandson the happiest of all birthdays cos he's a proof of what love what love can do!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. What a lovely couple your grandson and with the girl ! He looks so happy as if he would start to purr like a cat ! New frames ? I am curious to see !

  8. Send our wishes as well.

  9. Happy Happy Birthday to your handsome grandson!!!

    You're not old enough to have a grandson this old, Anni!!!!

    Don't they look a handsome couple too!
    Also, must mention the new page layout, it is lovely.
    I too have had to give up the vino, after 8 months, I no longer miss it. Yet I still miss occasionally that I don't smoke anymore, and really fancy one even after 10 years! but I know I won't.

    Love Granny

  11. What a gorgeous new layout you have going on here today!

    Happy birthday to Clint. :) The handsome guys get the pretty girls, don't they? Thanks for sharing the photos of the ball.

  12. Happy birthday to your grandson, and also belated congrats on your anniversary.

  13. Clint and his girl looked great for their BALL! Hope he has a great birthday.

    About the glasses, I have to have mine for reading -- If I'm driving or not doing things that require reading something smaller than the print on a stop sign I'm fine. (actually it can be smaller than that -- stop sign just came to mind so that is what I wrote)
    Styles are about the same. You can get black frames (even in a modified cat-eyes style) or the same wire frames and be *in style*. The good, the bad, and the ugly stay around. :)

  14. Hello Anni
    Congratulations on Clints birthday.
    Aren't he and Shauna just the sweetest couple?
    It is clear to see that they love one another on that loveable picture
    where they sit together at the table

    So you are going to pick some frame for your new glasses?
    what about having a good look at "Dame Edna's collections"?
    I'm sure you'll find some that suits you, -he he.
    Lovely posting today, and the picture of you and Bud on your weddingday
    Wow, you sure look like a moviestar-couple,so beautiful, both of you.
    A sight for sore eyes !! "S"
    Have a nice day my dear

  15. Your GS and his girl make a cute couple. I love hearing about those that defy the medical odds and make it! We will so be waiting to see what eyeglass style you picked out.

  16. They make a very sweet couple. I hope he has a wonderful day.

  17. Anonymous5/12/2009

    Hau`oli Lā Hānau to Clint. He's a better man than I am...I would open the package immediately LOL. What wonderful pictures Anni. A wonderful couple they make. Glad you had a great Anniversary dinner and I can't wait to see the new glasses...Go purple or maybe go green LOL. best wishes to a remarkable young man and a very Happy Birthday to him. :) Aloha

  18. A very Happy Birthday to Clint, you have such a precious grandson there! They make a darling couple and that smile on his face in the last picture says it all:-)

    I really need to make an appointment to see my optometrist, as I haven't gone in a few years and am still wearing my old glasses for driving. They still help me a lot but I know there's room for improvement! Also, the style of glasses I have are wayyyy out of date!!! lol

    Hope you take a picture of you wearing your new glasses:-) xoxo

  19. Happy Birthday to Clint and Happy Late Anniversary to you! :)

  20. oh God bless them! ♥ I find it so encouraging to hear stories of little lives that prove modern medicine WRONG because God's will trumps them ALL.

    Thank you for sharing this delightful story! ♥

  21. Anni,

    Be sure to wish Clint a Happy Birthday from me. What a handsome couple. I certainly enjoyed the photos.

    When you get your glasses, be sure to post a photo. I would love to find out what you choose.

    Wishing you a relaxing evening. I'm glad you had a wonderful anniversary.

    PS. Love your new look.

  22. What beautiful photos of your grandson and his lady. Isn't it wonderful that he has done so well when the prognosis was so poor. Congratulations to Clint, too.

    As for purple glasses, my daughter has just bought some. Probably not purple, more a maroon, but they look really cool. So go for it!

  23. I can't wait to see what you choose for glasses - rectangle with really fat bows seems to be the latest fad. I need to get my prescription filled SOON.

    Love love love the pix of your grandson. Our pastor's DS daughter turned 40 last month - she always is so excited about her birthday and we have a big party for her at church. She is such a teddy bear and is so loved.

    Does your grandson live at home?

  24. Many happy birthday wishes to your grandson. Clint is a very handsome young man.
    Scott has to go get new frames this week. This is the first time he has gone civilian and not worn military issue glasses. He's nervous about it and wants me to go along. He keeps giving me lists of things that I have to remember when he is trying on the frames. Not too heavy. Not too trendy. Verify that they are mens' frames. Not too weird. Etc. You would think he was picking out a second wife he is so nervous.

  25. Isn't it amazing? What man says is impossible God says is possible and HE said it was possible with your Grandson. Happy Bday to Him! As for the glasses, I say GO FOR IT and get that purple!It would make you smile everytime you put them on LOL
    All the best!

  26. I hope he had a great day - what a cute couple!

  27. Anonymous5/13/2009

    Happy Birthday to Clint!!! Shauna's dress is beautiful!

  28. this happens i think because of the great love your family have been showering him. great take on the theme. thanks for visiting mine.