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Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
3:20 A.M.

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TAILS - "Brave"

Tell about a time when you felt brave or showed bravery.
(This is TAILS so it needs to be a true/real post from your own life.)

According to, the definition of bravery is this:
    courage: a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear

BIRTH DAYS --Well, that means I have to come up with something that I showed a bit of bravery...without fear? That's very difficult, since having bravery of any kind would entail fear of the unknown, right? The "what ifs". I remember my first pregnancy. I was glowing. I was proud. I was confident. Yet, I was questioning, just "how will I know when the time comes?" kinda attitude once I was in my 9th month. I asked my mom. She smiled and said "Don't worry, you'll know when." That's all. I didn't read any books available to me, nor did I watch any movies of 'self help' which would explain anything. Naive I guess. But, having grandparents on a farm, I did know what to expect. A least the "HOW". Y'know?

Around ten in the evening, my water broke. I was in labor from about 10 PM the night prior to delivering by natural childbirth...Irene. But, the pain involved was not a thing I realized until the actual birthing. I wanted drugs. Pain killers. The OBGYN was there with me....telling me to relax and push. Okay...I pushed. And pushed, and pushed, and pushed!!! She was born at 4 a.m.ish the next morning.

Fast forward three years later. I was an 'old hand at birthing' by now, right? And thing is, I remembered the pain involved. People say, 'Awwwww, once the labor is over and your child is born, you forget the pain'. I say B.S.!!!! I did NOT forget the pain. And I made the delivery worse, I know I did. Because I tensed up as soon as the water broke on the 2nd pregnancy. And I also was told by many, that the 2nd birth is easier than the 1st. Again, I made it more difficult. I surely was showing bravery at this point, but hiding the fear of the pain involved. And I didn't relax during the birth of our son. Tho, the labor time was quicker than the was more painful, because of ME.

I call that bravery in the highest sense. But thing is, the fear of pain remained. I was elated to see the "little weed whacker" attached to the groin area...a son!!! I knew then and there, that a 3rd child wasn't in store for me...we had the best family ever. A daughter and now a son. My bravery of labor and childbearing was over. I only wanted the perfect family...a girl and a boy. Bravery for me paid off handsomely....

Speaking of HANDSOME. Our 2nd born, our son Erik, celebrates his 37th birthday today! Happy birthday wishes to you my dear.


And with that, bravery of motherhood stays. And it never goes away. There is bravery of:
    Sending your child to school for the very first time
    Allowing them to date their first date
    Allowing them to play a dangerous sport
    Allowing them to go off and leave the nest
    Allowing them to join the military
    Allowing them to start a life of their own
    Allowing them to marry [like I could stop that even if I wanted to]
    Allowing them to drive for the first time
    Allowing them to BUY a car of their own
    Allowing without my nurturing and protection once they're adult -in other words, not butting in-

    ...and most of all not worrying about them

Many many things in our lives entailed bravery. Teaching my daughter to drive a car was a cinch. But my son? I tried to teach him to drive with a manual transmission...lordy. Big Mistake! I helped Irene pack to move out and start a life in Florida [which didn't last long]. Facing without fear, Irene's first pregnancy with a Downs' baby. She marrying a nice guy to boot...and then facing the circumstances of her life with an abusive husband. Fear and bravery taking care of my aged parents. Fear and bravery sending off our grown son to the Gulf a Marine in Infantry. Why, even bravery of driving in a large city with unrelenting traffic at speeds of 50 to 75 miles an hour on the freeways....b r a v e r y!!!! Life is filled with it.

~...end Heads or Tails
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Hazel at Delineating Des made my past Sunday a great day! The sweet blogger passed on a most adorable award. A super comment award entitled "You Don't Say". I love it, I've never ever received such an honor! Thank you so much. Hazel has on her blog this:
    "Bloggers whose comments I appreciate may have received this award already. Nevertheless I want to mention them here. They are beautiful people who practice blogging etiquette by visiting or visiting back, and leaving nice comments. Their observations are apt and (in Black Cat's case) helpful. It's a pleasure to have them as commentors on my posts...."

Here is the award. It's so cute!!! [I ♥love♥ Pandas]

and since it's such a unique award, I would like to continue passing this on. I appreciate ALL my commentors, but since the rules state pass it on to FIVE I wanted to reciprocate and do the same....hoping that THOSE five would pass it on to another group of five to keep it an active blog award....

My five are my top commentors, bloggers who visit nearly each and every day. They are:

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You ladies are truly followers of my blog, and to be honest, I miss the days you don't stop by. It's like tea without sugar if you don't talk with me on a daily basis. And I am not saying this just to keep you coming over for blog's just that I've grown attached to reading your views on so many different subjects, within my comment box, y'know? :o) Just click on the award to enlarge it and open in a new window, then save!!!


  1. Anonymous5/19/2009

    Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. And Hau`oli Lā Hānau to Erik :)

  2. happy birthday erik!!! and girlie girl, you've said it, deciding to become a mother is brave. more than just the immediate, but also all that follows on with it... mmmm, i've already told the bean to marry an orphan so that i won't loose a son, heee heee heee.

    and thank you anni for the award. this HAS to come right back to you too, for a day without an anni comment, feels kinda bare and imcomplete. love and hugs!!!

  3. Thank you for such an interesting, thoughtful post. Before, during, and after. Hmmmmm.

  4. I enjoyed your post very much, Anni. ...and most of all not worrying about them, it never stops, does it?
    Happy birthday to your son!!

  5. Happy birthday to your son, Ms. Anni!

  6. I can say that Moms are pretty brave!

    Following your blog Ms. Anni..

  7. Happy Birthday to your son. Allowing our children the freedom to become and do whatever they want definitely requires bravery.especially when we're so aware of the possible dangers of their choices.

  8. Being a parent is definitely the bravest thing anyone can ever do! Happy birthday to your son!

  9. Congrats on your award, and thanks so much for passing it on to me. I love and appreciate you, and your blog. Happy Birthday to your dear son Erik.

  10. I am honored that you accepted this award. Thank you. I wish I found the memes that we both are participating in sooner. I do enjoy reading your blog.

  11. In one sense I was very lucky. I had a son without pain. I don't even know what birth giving means. It started the same way as you with the water breaking, but then in the last minute he decided to turn around and present his bottom first. With the result that I had a cesarian and at that time they completely knocked you out. So I gave birth, but saw our son the last one, the next morning when I woke up ! He will be 36 in August !

  12. Happy birthday to your son Erik. I guess the most difficult thing for me to be brave about from your list is allowing my son to join the military. I'm trying to learn more about's nice to read your thoughts on bravery.

  13. Good stuff - and it's so true - parenting is the hardest job ever, beginning with the process and continuing forever - without a text book!

    Happy Birthday to Erik! He is a fine looking young man.

    I know what you mean - I miss you when you don't make it over!

    It's gonna be another hot one today - crazy 93 yesterday - we finally have heat, but it'll go down to the 60s by the end of the week. Crazy place!

  14. Anni, congratulations on your award and my special thanks for passing it on to me. Today's post was lovely and I hope Erik has a most wonderful day.

  15. I thought of many of the same things you did as I thought about bravery and being a mother. You just said it all so much more eloquently than I ever could have.

  16. A lot to feel good about there. My Dearest and I had seven children, and we've been through all you mention - even had two in the forces, one still in - but you certainly don't stop worrying.

  17. Congratulations on the award and Happy Birthday to Erik! I loved your comments on bravery and you are so right. A Mother needs to be brave much of her life!

  18. Hello Anni
    First a great big congratulations on Eric's 37th Birthday
    What a handsome young man he is, he looks a lot like you!!

    Thanks for your interesting post today(as always)
    It was about time that somebody praise and acknowledge
    womens braveness of giving birth to children "S"

    Have a nice Son-bithday.

  19. Being a parent I understand everything you wrote about bravery. What I didn't experience my wife made sure I knew.
    We also decided bravely to have only two children, the boys. But we were brave enough when the third one came along to welcome her as well.

  20. That's a great post. Regular life requires all sorts of bravery from everyone - not just from firemen/soldiers, etc. I really enjoyed your reflections on bravery.

  21. Happy Birthday to Erik!

    Yes, to be a mom, you have to be brave. Not only to go through childbirth after knowing how bad it hurts but to raise children through all the good and bad times. Mom's have to be brave!

  22. I always wondered about the thing where you're supposed to forget labor pains. BS is right.

    Parenthood is sooooo hard and takes a lot of bravery. I guess that's part of life though, huh?

    Happy birthday to your son!!! Were you 12 when you had him? :P

  23. Anni,

    The pain of childbirth is real, though I didn't have much trouble. I was very lucky. I too knew the "How" from growing up on the farm and was scared to death. Never let anyone know that though.

    Happy Birthday to Erik. I hope he has a wonderful day.

    I'm so honored that you passed this award along to me and I will pass it to five others. It is precious and I love Pandas. Thank you so much.

    Days when we don't talk, I miss you. We have a real bond...a friendship I treasure.

    Have a wonderful day, my friend.

  24. Great post

    Love the Erma Bombeck Quote.

  25. I loved reading this about you. Indeed that is a great list of brave moments in parenthood.
    Happy birthday to your son!

  26. Neat post.

    As for bravery, I believe the key to the definition is the term 'not showing fear.' I've know a lot of very brace people and none of them were fearless.

  27. Hello dear Anni:-)

    I'm so sorry for not having been by in a few days but if you read my post from this morning, you'll know why. When I get home I feel too tired to even spend time at the computer!! Today, though, I told mom I wasn't leaving this house! lol

    Happy Birthday to your very handsome son. I loved your take on BRAVE and we sure do have to be brave when giving birth!! A man would wimp right out! hehe

    Congratulations on the award, my friend. You certainly are a super commenter and I always look forward to seeing yours:-) xoxo

  28. Hi Anni,

    Just wanted to stop by and say 'hi' as I have not visited you in a while. I can't relate to child birth as I've never experienced it, but I've heard it is terrible pain. So, I would say you were very brave.

    What a handsome son and Happy Birthday to him today.

  29. Oooh I'm late for the party...Happy Birthday to your "Baby Boy" Erik!
    ...loved your post!

  30. That is a totally adorable award! Congrats>

  31. Happy Birthday to your son! I hope it is a wonderful day for him! I love your list of brave Mommy moments. It is so hard to watch them growing up, isn't it?