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Thursday, May 28th, 2009
5:30 A.M.

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We got some more rain! The clouds rolled, got dark and ominous. Thunder clapped, lightning resounded over a long was wonderful. It's funny, living in the subtropics and we're in a deep drought, and the rain is wanted so badly....everything was perfect yesterday afternoon. The morning began very still, hot and humid. We'd walk out the door and break out in a sweat; doing nothing....I knew it was coming. This area needs it!!

And the weather forecast for today is more of the same. Let 'er rip!! There is nothing like rainstorms on such parched land. We, in our area of the city, got about an hour and half of steady precipitation. The county on a whole is about 8 inches below normal of moisture. So, all we can get is much appreciated. Which made me think, during the storm yesterday, it's nearing that time of year again...hurricane season starts June 1st. I added my hurricane watch link on my sidebar. Bud and I will need to 'stock up' on essentials soon.


[if you enlarge the photos you can see the multitude of raindrops, falling]


  1. Hello ms. Anni, even here is cloudy too...

  2. Hopefully you wont be strike with hurricane this year.. Its scary..

  3. Anni, If you need an ark send an SOS. Your photograph of the pink morning sky is a stunner. Don't you love the way the air smells after a rainstorm?

  4. oh, those pictures of the storm. i LOVE storms... and you're right. it's just past 2.30pm here, just collected the bean from school and made him some lunch, now settling in to.... mmm, what? read some blogs, write a few words, disappear into the world of jonathan kellerman. yeah. that sounds right. have a good day anni!

  5. Wish one could bottle up rain clouds and send them off to where needed most... we have ones to spare here in the UK.

    Love Granny

  6. Those are neat photos, we got a little bit of rain yesterday. It was nice

  7. Glad you guys are getting the much needed rain. We got a little here yesterday too, but like you could use more and more and more. Houston has gotten some good rains, but they seem to be missing good old Bay City.

    Hurricane season is upon us. I guess Robert and I should make better plans than we did last year and have stuff just in case we come home to a hurricane like we did last year. The kids are all worried and I think a little hopeful that one blows up while we are on the cruise ship. Silly Texas Panhanle children I have!

  8. Ahh yes a storm. So energizing. Glad you got some rain. Hey! Maybe that's where our's went. We've been enjoying some nice sunny days in the low to mid 70's. Very nice change from the clouds we've had. Should be about 80 today. I plan to have some deck time with a new book I bought yesterday. :) ... Have a great day!

  9. Such amazing pictures.

  10. we had a few storms my way as well.I hope that you are having a good day today.

  11. I'm sad to admit I'm jealous of your stormy weather ... but NOT the hurricanes you're in for later on in the season.
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. Anonymous5/28/2009

    I love the morning after photo. They all are wonderful :)

  13. What a cool storm. Nice pictures. You have the coolest blogs. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Whenever we see a hurricane out in the Gulf (Naples, FL) we pray it will go the other way...ya think our prayers cancel out each other? -grin!

    Annie, you ARE a 'hoot' and you resemble your very pretty mother, BTW

  15. Wish I could send you some of our rain. It's rained for three days and I am going to start building an ark pretty soon! Haven't used our sprinlker system in three years as it's been so wet. I'm not complaining though, we have had years where the lawn was parched and dry and that's when we put in the system. I did get stuck on my riding lawn mower last week in the mud, had to have my father get the tractor and pull me out. How humiliating! lol! Great sunrise picture. I hope the hurricanes go around you!!!

  16. We have had 3 days of thunderstorms, and yesterday the power was out for 45 minutes. It was dreadful! I actually went to work early just to have coffee..

  17. After 4 days of clouds and some rain, it was a beautiful sunny morning. Mid-afternoon it clouded up again and poured. Good news for the farmers and the grass. I hate watering!

    I hope you don't get hit with a hurricane. But you'll be prepared, I know.

  18. What a beautiful last picture! God is good to us.