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Thursday, May 21st, 2009
12: 48 A.M.

13+ photos of our Job of Work Completed!!

As most of you already know, this past March, Bud and I tore this out!! [patio covering]. With permanently installed hurricane shutters on all the windows, the patio covering made it even that much darker, indoors. Something had to go. --- which started the whole activity of painting aftewards!!

As you can see with the photos below...
This is now gone. Torn out. Which makes the dining room and living room MUCH brighter and filled with light and sunshine during the day!!!

The house re-do is finished. Some have been wanting to see the 'new' photos. I remembered beforehand to take just a few 'before' pictures to show the difference a paint job can do to a home. The 'old' paint was beige with a darker sepia colored trim with the red brick frame. It was okay. But once the shabby patio covering was torn down this past Spring [above photo], the house showed quite a lot of fading and age. It needed to be spruced up. I must admit, I DO like the patio uncovered. It just makes the yard look larger and less cluttered. Okay..so on with the show.

This is about 6 weeks of painting off and on for just a few hours a day. We started with the back side of the house



When that was finished, we moved to the side of the house. Just the trim and the hurricane shutters repainted. The 'before' trim is the same as the trim in the backside photos-

After those days of painting more shutters [they took two coats, each and every friggin' shutter slat!! --explanation of why the use of 'friggin' later!!!], we moved on to the opposite side of the house. This is one of two areas that was scary --Bud had to get on the deep pitched roof and paint the chimney that juts up about 30 feet from the ground...

...while I, on the other hand, stood on the step ladder to paint the under eave and trim. [This photo , below, if you enlarge it, shows a spot I tried scraping over, thinking it was bird doo doo. But it wasn't...Bud splattered GRAY on my 1st coat of black paint done about 2 hours earlier. Dang. I had to wait to have the mess I made, dry, before touching up with black to hide it all. Geez.]

- - -

We finished that side:

On to the double garage:
[again, two coats of black] You can see at the far right, the old colored eave and trim, the brown and the butterfly, which we made from particle board and hand-painted, was taken down from the patio covering in the backyard and placed by the house numbers on the garage.

Then, with that done, we moved to the front porch. Of course, the shutters and trim before, were brown. The railing was beige [like the siding in the back of the house, and the door was icky white!] --

The last of the series of painting, was naturally saved as 'the hardest for last'. The multiple hurricane shutters that are rowed three in two columns. Again, very high up. It took a 16' foot ladder to reach the top row and eave...


By the way? Each complete shutter [total of 14 ranging in size from 2 feet wide to 6 feet wide-3 feet tall to 8 feet in height] took hours! That's a lot of painting just for the shutters alone [by the time I was done with that painting project, I hated the friggin' hurricane shutters!] Anyway, that totaled 254 slats of painting day after day after day...lololol [with two coats, that's 508 shutters...I know, I counted the suckers!]

siding color: Misty Gray Dawn
trim/shutter/eave and fascia --Coalmine

- - -

ADDED: The day we were painting the side of the house with the chimney, I happen to notice a humming bird going back and forth on the front porch [just above the front entry door]...over and over, back and forth....a constant movement without stopping. I, at first, thought that maybe it was hunting somewhere to make a nest. Then, I thought differently remembering that they make nests in trees mostly. I figured by then, it was trying to figure out how to get out! Seeing the sky reflection in the glass screen door was confusing it....it kept hovering just above...back and forth. I yelled up at Bud that the bird needs us to help it. I moved the step ladder I was using for the eave painting onto the porch just below the hummer....and Bud went to the garage and got a soft bristled broom and the lamb's wool duster. He handed me the duster, and moved the broom nearby the bird....finally after several attempts, the poor thing landed on the lamb's wool and I quickly dipped it below the brick arch at the porch entry...and it flew off. I hope he/she didn't tire itself out, and survived the ordeal. Traumatic. But....I managed to get a picture of it, after many photos of just the ceiling...it flew around so swiftly it was difficult to photograph, before Bud got down off the roof.....[this is before the porch ceiling was painted gray]---doesn't the eyes show fright?!! Poor thing!!!


  1. A job well jobbed, as we say over here!
    What a tedious undertaking; it must have looked insurmountable when you started. I hate painting nowadays, I used to do all the decorating etc around the home, not now! It used to be fun, now it is a painful chore, so we get someone to do it. But the satisfaction of doing a job oneself is not fulfilled.
    Well done to both of you. and I expect the bird is mighty relieved he got out. Great action shot of him, by the way.
    Thanks for letting us see your lovely house make-over.
    Love Granny

  2. Your house looks great! All that work paid off. The hummingbird is beautiful - glad you helped the poor thing out.

  3. The end result looks wonderful. You must feel a great sense of achievement.

    I'm glad I didn't have to paint the shutters.

  4. wow, your home is TRANSFORMED!!!!! now for an opening bbq... you've just made me realise i've never see a real live hummingbird. i wonder if they even live here... gonna have to google that.

  5. Great Job, and something you can be very proud of for years to come. Well done! Have a wonderful T13.

  6. Your house looks incredible You and hubby did a fabulous job!

  7. Wow, that looks awesome. You did a great job. Happy TT!

  8. great changes looking good terrific pictures showing all the work

  9. Your house looks lovely, great job.

  10. Hi Annie.
    Your house looks terrific!
    I'm feeling for that poor bird. Why do birds have to do that?
    Take care

  11. Great job! It looks so good! What a hard job though, I'd rather eat dirt then paint shutters so I tip my hat to you!

    Adorable hummer, so glad you could help him out!

  12. WOW! That's a great piece of work!

  13. So glad you helped the hummingbird out! It's a great picture of something so hard to capture on film, normally.

    Love your before and after shots of your big job. It looks really nice.

  14. Anni,

    Wow! Your house looks terrific and no wonder. You and Bud have done a LOT of work. Just gorgeous. I like the new look.

    Poor hummingbird. Yoou had to be quick to get that photo. It looks very frightened.

    Now it's time for you and Bud to rest. You've done a big job here and you need time to relax and enjoy the patio.

    Have a wonderful day.

  15. OMG! Beautiful, annie, just beautiful!!!

  16. Ohhhh Anni! I'd be sayin' friggin' shutters too I think! But... now it's DONE! YAY! And it's beautiful! And probably won't need to be done again for ... 10 years? 20? NOT IN YOUR LIFETIME??? LOL! It really does look GOOOOD!

  17. Poor little hummingbird! It's good you were able to help it without hurting it.

  18. The house looks wonderful, Anni! All that effort really paid off. I'm so glad you were able to figure out whythe bird was in distress. You have a good day.

  19. wow! That made me tired just reading about all of the work you did. Your house has turned out beautifully. I like the new colors.

  20. That's a lot of work, well done. I hope the bird survived.

  21. What a project!! your home looks fantastic, love the colors! Congrats on a job well done.
    The hummingbird is gorgeous, they don't like our climate :(

  22. Wow ! congratulations it looks like a new house ! what a lot of work you must have had ! but the result is great !

  23. Congratulations a job well done!

    Happy TT!

    And thanks for stopping by.

  24. Holy cow that's a lot of painting. Looks great, though!

  25. Oh, I'm sorry for and about the little bird! But your house looks gorgeous and you should be very proud of all the time and effort and $$ and patience and talent it represents!

  26. Anonymous5/21/2009

    What a transformation. The house looks brand spanking new. Excellent. All the hard work paid off :) Great photo of the hummingbird. I hope he/she is okay

  27. Anni, could I interest you and Bud in a working vacation in sunny, but not humid, Southern California?

    What a fantastic transformation on your home! I'm definitely inspired to light the fire under the Amazing Egyptian Dude's fanny to get our house painted this summer. Thanks from me, but the other half might not be so thrilled, LOL.

  28. Congrats on a great job done Anni! It really looks fabulous!

  29. You've done a marvelous job and now I hope you can relax and ENJOY the fruits of your labors. The last shot is amazing indeed. Hope the little bird survived this ordeal.
    Hugs and blessings,

  30. It looks beautiful, and it must feel so good to be done.

    Thanks for stopping by my TT!

  31. Wow, that a lot of slats! Well done, and now you can just enjoy the view and the feeling of a job completed.

    Poor little hummingbird!

    I'm surprised you have a fireplace!

  32. Gday Anni, your house looks like new.. A job well done,So happy you helped the little bird escape Hope the liitle bird made it home..

  33. Lots of work!! End result looks great!

  34. Your house turned out really nice. Great photo of the hummer.


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