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Thursday, May 14th, 2009
12:39 A.M.

"English for Dummies" [13 lessons] CLICK HERE

Out with the old... with the new

From gold wire frames to lightweight plastic, multi-colored rainbow frames that have a much larger lens area. And, I can see clearly now. From a distance, and for reading!! Whoopee! I think I'm gonna like the progressive lenses too. Much, much better than the lined bifocals. My eyes adjust quickly...but, I still need to test them going down stairs. rofl

- - -

If you were viewing my Wednesday blog yesterday you would have seen this photo, and hopefully you tried to guess what it was.

As I promised, here is the original photo. An insect antenna!!! It's a little creepy. In fact a whole lotta of creepy!!! I don't know what they are. They look like some kind o' ant, but still not even close. Whatever they are, they're gonna be gone if I have my say in this!!!!!! Nature, like this, is NOT pretty. Necessary I know, but still..... [it's a macro setting of the bird of paradise blossom, in our yard] with some out of this world looking creepy creatures.


  1. I love your new glasses sweetie.

  2. your glasses are NEAT!

    and an interesting photo it is indeed...

    how did english end up being the internationally accepted language considering?

  3. Anonymous5/14/2009

    I love your new spectales...Excellent. I can't believe that was a Bird of Paradise with ants. Boy was I way off. Ain't English grand? LOL Aloha :)

  4. I love the mini grammar lesson! I don't like teaching grammar, especially to college students who should have learned the rules in elementary school, but this goofy explanation of how things do or should work puts it all into perspective. :)

  5. I would never have thought about that being an insect part!
    I like the glasses - we need a picture of you wearing them!

  6. The photo of the ants is creepy but cool. I like your new glasses too.

  7. My bird of paradise hasn't ever bloomed -- it's in the humid bathroom for 6 years... More & more leaves, but never a flower. Does that make me a bloomin' idiot?

  8. Kewl glasses and GREAT post on the English language. Loved it.
    Happy T13!

  9. I think we manage to master English because we are too young to be able to legitimately argue it ;)

  10. You'll love the progressive no-lines! Well worth the $$$$.

    Enjoyed your #13.

  11. Progessive bifocals are the best invention ever. They make it bearable, at least.

    I didn't even see the antenna - I was trying to figure out the leaf! Amazing shot.

    The English language - what can we say? My sis has taught ESL for 20 years and had her retirement party last night at school. I can't even imagine dealing with that amazing silliness with English learners! Shadow's comment was point on.

  12. :) Love the English language poem...

    Thanks for commenting on my TT and Happy TT!

    BTW loved ur new glasses :)


  13. "The better to see you with my dear!"
    Love you new glasses and the grammar lesson is one to remember :).

  14. Great post! As a former elementary school teacher, this explains alot about how difficult it can sometimes be to teach children reading and English grammar!

  15. Glasses are cuuuute! As for the english lesson, haha, no wonder our poor kids are all kindsa confused when it comes to learning this stuff! Poor babies.

  16. Dear Anni ~~ English sure is a hard language to learn
    unless you speak it initially

    Thank you so much for the Mother's Day wishes. I had a good one and hope you did as well. I am much better lately and back to my normal
    self. Take care, my friend.
    Love, Merle.

  17. Anni,

    You sure had everyone fooled with that photo. My guess was way out in left field. LOL I have never see ants? like those before. Good luck ridding your garden of them.

    Your glasses are awesome. I agree with Mari...we need a photo of you wearing them. I'm glad you can manage the transition lenses. I had to go back to regular bifocals.

    What an English lesson you've given us this morning. English is one of the most difficult languages to master.

    It's raining here. Glad I got out yesterday. It's a gentle rain that will give my garden a boost.

    Have a wonderful day, my friend.

  18. That was a great TT. A strange language, to be sure.

  19. That photo IS creepy! yikes! I would have never guessed that it was a bug!

    Love the new glasses, very chic! Grear choice!

    The English for Dummies is a hoot! No wonder it's one of the hardest languages to learn!

    We are still in Miami but go home tomorrow. It's been a busy but fun week. Lots of pictures to download when I get home. Temps in the 90's! YIKES!

  20. excellent Thursday 13, I enjoyed it!
    Thanks for visiting

  21. It took me forever to get used to my progressive lenses. In fact, I still think about it now and then and it's been over a year. But I didn't have bifocals first.

    The English for Dummies poem sounds familiar, but I can't place it.

  22. I need new glasses too but I just hate picking them out, lol.

    How do you say "I be piggin' out" properly? Because I'd better get that down since I've been over indulging in My 13 Favorite Sinful Foods lately.

  23. You remind me nightmares when I learned that in school, lol ! mouse and mice, foot and feet terrible ! Today the cats here talk about mousies ! Your new glasses look very chic !
    Would never have guessed you picture !

  24. We had fun reading that ("I take it you already know...") aloud in the English Department office of the Institute where I teach :) I must be weird but I like your old glasses better, I mean the look. It's nice that your eyes adjust quickly. A nice day to you, and happy reading with your new glasses.

  25. What a fun lesson. Happy TT!

  26. It's really a wonder anyone ever learns English, isn't it? :)

  27. Just 13 more reasons I'm thankful that English is my Mother Tongue! :)

  28. LOVE the post on English! Nice new glasses, too -- that's something I really need to take care of this year. *sigh*

  29. Anonymous5/14/2009

    Great poem, I'd heard some of it before, but not all of it.

  30. I'm going to try to work "shis" and "shim" into my daily conversation ...

  31. Hi Anni!

    Been a while since I stopped by.

    Glad you got some new spectacles :o)

    I was told a week ago I would have to wear correction for the rest of my days...grrr!
    Got contacts & glasses.
    The contacts sure help, though!
    My frames should be back in the morning.

    The bug...
    Ewwww! That is creepy! What is that?

    Gone for now...have a great day :o)

  32. Hello Anni
    Thank you so much for the 'English Grammar lessons'
    Now you can see why I so often have(has?) to ask, and I know you of all people can understand that it is indeed hard to write your language properly "S"

    PS_ very very smart glasses, when will we see you with them on?

    Your Danish friend

  33. Well...if I would have looked at your post yesterday, of course I would have guessed what that picture was...NOT! lol I always wonder why God made bugs, they all creep me out! I've never seen those before so let us know if you ever find out.

    It's no wonder they say English is the hardest language to learn...sheesh! I was raised speaking French and went to all French schools so it was through English speaking neighbours and friends that I learned how to speak it. Of course, we had one English class and that's how I learned to spell it:-)

    Love your new glasses but what a fiasco you had to go through gettin the right RX for them!!! Glad it all turned out:-) xoxo

  34. I like your new glasses, the colored Of course the bug lash was correct but I didn't know that was the subject and not the brown bud. :-)

    You are a busy lady and may not have realized that I was absent. We are BACK NOW and I'm blogging about our European Holiday on both blogs!
    Your newer blog page comes up pretty slow and I had time to read your bio.
    What was the podunk town in Nebraska where you were born? I didn't know there were any podunk towns in Nebraska. :-)
    I was born in the country out from Herman, Nebraska, which is about 35 miles north of Omaha. I lived there until I was drafted and went into the Army.

  35. Great new glasses and T13. Now I'm wondering why we have one "sheep" and the plural is...sheep.


  36. Ah, yes, English is so much fun. I pity those who try to learn it as adults. Very cute poem. Happy T-13.

  37. That English bit sounded like Dr. Seuss to me! But it would make Noah Webster proud.

  38. From what I hear of English compared to other languages, I'm glad I learned it first! It's supposed to be hard, but I never noticed ;)

  39. Hi Anni! Thanks for visiting me today! Interesting list. Thanks for sharing.

  40. That bug is DEFINITELY creepy! It looks like something that likes warmer climates; makes me not mind the -20° in January so much! If I saw something like that on MY flowers, I'd get out the Diazinon, and quick!