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Saturday, May 23rd, 2009
4:40 A.M.

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Truthfully? I almost took a photo of our plastic recycle container that we set out at curbside bi-monthly. LOL It's filled with plastic items. But, it was too hot [near 90 degrees -Farenheit, I didn't want to go back outside]. Besides, who really wants to look at someone's garbage, right? The A C was on, so I took a trip around the house in much comfort, and found these two. Plastic toys.

Top one is from the movie, SHREK....Donkey. It's an action figure. The bottom one is the face of one of my Cabbage Patch Dolls.

~...end PHOTO HUNT
COMMENT HERE if you'd prefer to skip a tag I did, below.


Thom at Thom's Place.... tagged me.

Here is the gist of it all. You name the person that tagged you, which I did...see? Thom, above this. So far, so good. This blond was able to follow for that. The next thing to do is to list six things that are unimportant, but make me happy. Easy 'nough. [I've been called a cheap date before....errrr, um. Well, I think you understand that. Get your mind out of the gutter now, y'hear?] Then, when that's done, tag 6 bloggers. So on with the show...Here, are my list of sixes [6 things, and 6 bloggers]:
    1. A day filled with sunshine and cool breezes
    2. My sweet cheeks' cheek dimples!! He still has his youthful grin
    3. Making lists [may not be important, but having a list made out to not forget sure makes me happy]
    4. A clothes brush handy ---wearing black and holding Winston. White, long-haired Winston.
    5. Inspirational idea for a watercolor project on paper
    6. The Gulf of Mexico at 'my back door'. Seriously, it's unimportant--I could reside anywhere, but it's gonna make me happy none the less

      Normally, I don't tag specifically. I always post that if you'd like to do the tag; go ahead. But....
      I'm TAGGING this time.

      You'll know who you are. Just look here:
- - -

Tomorrow, I hope to post some of the Disney on Ice that we went to see Thursday evening.


  1. Great list! I love dimples too and having the Gulf of Mexico at your back door has to make you smile!
    I'll try to do this next week. ;)

  2. Great choice, love the cabbage patch doll!! thanks for stoppin by, have a nice week end.

  3. Love the dimples on the cabbage patch doll. So cute! Enjoy your weekend ;-)

  4. Yes, plastic toys...as a kid I used to crave them :)

  5. Bim I think since I rarely had a toy of my own when I was a kid, growing up, I want 'em all now. A lost childhood maybe. LOL

  6. Nice photos...and enjoyed your 6 things!

    Have a great weekend Anni!

  7. I did a toy too!!! :-) happy hunting! till next week!

  8. Aloha Anni!
    Very nice photos. Love the second shot.
    Have a superb weekend!
    Stop by & visit.
    Cindy O

  9. Fun pix for this week's theme.

    I didn't realize until today that we are sort of neighbors. I live on Florida's Gulf Coast, we're just a stone's throw across the water from you.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  10. loved the toys. Have friends who have extensive Cabbage Patch collections still.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Plastic wasn't my favorite photo theme - but thank goodness for toys, right?

    Have a blessed weekend, Anni!

  12. I had a tough time with this one, too. Love your choices!

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Garbagde might be very interesting, I saw that in crime stories, lol ! But of course that's nicer !

  14. What a great choice for this week! You cabbage patch is quite adorable!

  15. Mornin' Anni, I loved your list of things that made you happy. The recipe for chocolate turtles can be found here...http://candy.about.com/od/kidfriendlytreats/r/turtles.htm

  16. So we had 90s for two days, then back down agsin - very cool and overcast this moning and forecast all week-end. Of course, for the holiday. It'll be good for those crazy Boulder runners, though!

  17. Dear Anni ~~ Thank you so much for the birthday greetings and it is on Sunday, tomorrow, So I am looking forward to seeing some of my family
    the boys, as the girls live too far away. We should have a lovely day.
    I liked your toys, never liked cabbage patch dolls, but yours is cute. Take care, Love, Merle.

  18. it must b wonderful living at the edge of the gulf of Mexico.

  19. My first thought when I opened up your blog was BEAUTIFUL! It's always unique and interesting and opened OK for me, but I really like the new look.
    It's a fun thing you tagged me for. It'll take a little thought but not too much. lol
    Have a great weekend.

    BTW our recycle barrel is picked up every Monday. I've thought about photographing them all lined up down the street on pickup day for Blue Monday. (They're blue of course)


  20. Love the cabbage patch doll. Thanks for visiting the IE Mommy, hope to see you again soon!

    The IE Mommy

  21. Love your choices for plastic, particularly love the cabbage patch doll! so sweet.
    Enjoyed your list too :)
    Happy weekend, Anni!

  22. If it's any consolation, it's pretty hot here too -- and humid (and very wet, actually) to boot. So yeah, I've been not that into going out too! :S

  23. Very cool pictures :) Have a wonderful day!

  24. Thanks for stopping by...
    I forgot about the cabbages... can I ask how many you have?
    I started collecting them before my daughter was born... about 25 years ago, when the plastic faces smelled like baby powder. My very first CPK still smells like baby powder. Who could forget the craziness and the lines in front of Target and other stores!

  25. Plastic toys can be cleaned again and again. I remember doing that all the time when my son was little.

  26. Donkey is great. I like all the Shrek films

  27. Anonymous5/23/2009

    I so loved Shrek. Excellent movie. And your unimportant things that make you happy were excellent. Have a happy Memorial Day Weekend :)

  28. Anonymous5/23/2009

    I love your illustrations this week, so much better than rubbish. Who wants to look at plastic about to go for recycling? Nobody. Very true!! :)

    Thanks for dropping by earlier. :)

  29. Thanks for tagging me sweetie, will post this shortly, love your answers.

  30. You have an interesting entries...happy weekend. Thanks for the visit.

  31. My tag is posted sweetie.

  32. Love the cabbage patch dolls, I always wanted one as a kid.

  33. I haven't seen a Cabbage Patch doll in a long time. Was the creator Xavier Roberts? It seems that the first name was Xavier anyway.
    Nice post.

    I'm up at http://blondesherry.blogspot.com/2009/05/photohunt-plastic.html

    Sherry at EX Marks the Spot

  34. Plastic was a hard one! Can you dress the Cabbage Patch dollie in different outfits?

  35. I certainly wouldn't mind having the Gulf at my back door!

  36. Great choice for this week's PH theme!

  37. Anni,

    I am so late getting over here. It's been quite a day.

    Enjoyed the photos of "plastic." Donkey is one of my favorite characters.

    Thanks for tagging me. I had already posted the photos of the iris, so will do the tag later. Enjoyed your answers.

    Looking forward to the Disney on Ice photos.


  38. what a cute doll, anni!

  39. PERFECT! I love what you came up with. So clever. Great photo.

    I played too! I’m just running behind in visiting others. Come on over.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  40. Where have all the Cabbage Patch kids gone? Seems not so long ago that they were everywhere!

  41. Mary tagged me so I'll be doing this soon.
    Mama Bear


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