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Sunday, May 24th, 2009
5:30 A.M.

I made a YouTube slide show of the Disney on Ice photos from last Thursday evening. The few that are at the end are not very clear because of the spotlights that were in my eyes/camera lens...
Turn up the volume if you have speakers. It's a favorite piece of music from Disney that I especially like!!!

Other intersts:

Jiminy Cricket history

Voice behind Jiminy...Cliff Edwards



  1. Hiya Annie.
    I'm with ya on the undisciplined children. I was definitely tested with my own but, I never let them get away with crud in public.
    Take care

  2. Good answers, Anni. Happy Sunday!

  3. this make me giggle...What's your one wish? I wish this was letter "Z"

    and i'm not gonna share your view on aquarius with the bean, he may just get an even bigger head, heee heee heeee

  4. wow for your age you are the chirpiest i know :D
    and that motivates me!

    Aquarians are the sort I believe!
    and yes to an extent i believe in stars and personality traits :D

    Have a great Sunday!

  5. That was a long mem - good for finishing it!

    We were at the zoo lat week-end - pictures are up.

    We're having a cool holiday week-end. Great for the Boulder runners, but not so good for picnics!

    Have a great one.

  6. That was a lot of answers! I am annoyed by undisciplined children too. It is the parents fault but the kids end up with the repurcussions!

  7. LOL Love your wish!!! :)

    Have a great weekend ...

  8. I'm with you on the undisciplined children annoyance. Have a happy Sunday :)

  9. You gave me a good chuckle this morning, Anni. He is a very handsome guy. Too bad his son is such a loser!

    I have college friends in Victoria - he's a chaplain in the army, air force?? Don't remember which. How far is that from you?

  10. I love Blue Bell's Vanilla and Fresh Peach. Whenever I visit the family in Texas, they always make sure to have some for me. Mmmmm....good!

    Happy SS to ya.

  11. That is about the longest meme that ask about a person I think I've read. It is great!

    I'll have a post again soon. Seems life keeps getting the way of my writing. But family does need to come first.

  12. Anonymous5/24/2009


  13. Anni,

    Your slide show of Disney on Ice is absolutely fantastic. What a great time you must have had. I would love to go to a show like this and yes, they do come here, but never seem to get the opportunity.

    Loved reading your Sunday Stealing. Have a great day.


  14. Great answers! Mm, Big Red gum is my favorite, too!

  15. I am a huge NatGeo watcher, too, And Animal Planet. Great job today!

  16. Anonymous5/24/2009

    I really enjoyed the Disney...excellent. Your wish was the bomb. This was way to long this week :) Zo...crack me up. Wonderful Sunday Stealing even if it was too long. Dr. John posted on mine that he couldn't remember what he read at the beginning when he got to the end....So True. Have a great Memorial Day :)

  17. Hope you enjoyed your Sunday.

  18. I just LOVE Blue Bell ice cream! Their birthday cake ROCKS. :) Have a great week!

  19. eeewww.... Can I change my worst vegatable to Okra. I forgot about that want. Probabl because I try to mentally block it out! Loved reading your answers!

  20. Anonymous5/26/2009

    I looooove okra! And Blue Bell ice cream!!


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